Top 100 Quays

Vathy Quay
1. Vathy Quay

The village of Vathi offers some mooring for visiting yachts and easy access to local taverna's and shops.

Kioni Quay
2. Kioni Quay

The quay is found on the northern shore of a narrowing bay. Shore side mooring options are available for yachts looking for access to taverna's and shops.

Sipanska Quay
3. Sipanska Quay
(Sipanska Luka)

The pretty village on the south-western side of Sipan island offers a couple of options for limited shore-side mooring.

Vira Bay
4. Vira Bay

A small (read tiny) harbour with no breakwater packed with local fishing vessels.

Central Beach
5. Central Beach
(Lytham St Annes)

A small jetty extends into the estuary that is only accessible during high tide.

Poljica Shore
6. Poljica Shore

A long shore with mooring to the east of Poljica.

7. Stobrec

A long double pontoon on the western side of the bay.

Luka Bay
8. Luka Bay

A pretty area at the end of a long bay, offering anchorage and limited restaurant provided fixed mooring on the south side.

Povlja Bay
9. Povlja Bay

A forked bay tucked in around the headland providing fixed shore-side mooring and a collection of shops and restaurants.

Bobovisce Cove
10. Bobovisce Cove

A narrow pretty forked cove; the southern fork offering limited fixed mooring for visiting yachts, with basic facilities and two restaurants.

Donja Krusica
11. Donja Krusica

A small jetty in this small cove, west of Rogac, surrounded by a number of apartments.

Stomorska Quay
12. Stomorska Quay

A beautiful bay narrowing to the south into a set of shore-side moorings surrounded by cafe's and restaurants.

Paradise Bay
13. Paradise Bay

A small area of fixed mooring to the west of the bay.

Podkamenica Bay
14. Podkamenica Bay

A small number of jetties along the northern side of this cove opposite Necujam.

Mala Maslinica
15. Mala Maslinica

A single jetty at the base of this narrow cove.

Jelsa Riva
16. Jelsa Riva

This shore-side mooring is found nestled in the base of the cove close to bars and restaurants.

Gracisce Cove
17. Gracisce Cove
(Stari Grad)

A small pretty cove on the approach to Starigrad provides a nice place for a short stop.

Vela Stiniva Hvar
18. Vela Stiniva Hvar

A pretty cove with a breakwater for shore-side mooring, behind the beach area it is a little built up.

Mala Garska Cove
19. Mala Garska Cove

This small very narrow cove to the west of Hvar town provides some confined shore-side mooring for smaller vessels.

Vis Luka
20. Vis Luka

Vis is a large bay with multiple mooring areas. A large number of buoys, 40 berths in the eastern part of Kut, and a further 60 berths in the main part of the western part.

Vis Kut
21. Vis Kut

Vis is a large bay with multiple mooring areas. A large number of buoys, 40 berths in the eastern part of Kut, and a further 60 berths in the main part of the western part.

Mlaska Cove
22. Mlaska Cove

A large cove and beach north west of Sucuraj. The cove has a jetty to the north. Occasionally the cove is reserved for swimming.

Bristova Cove
23. Bristova Cove

A pretty cove on the northern side of Hvar island home to 'lonely beach' and some apartments.

Ston Stagno
24. Ston Stagno

Mooring on the western bank of the channel is possible. Many local boats use the tiny jetties on the western bank.

Kobas Cove
25. Kobas Cove

This cove on the western edge of the channel is home to three taverna's each providing some basic form of shore-side mooring.

Luka Cove
26. Luka Cove

A busy ferry channel and a jetty for refuelling can be found here, options for anchoring are limited.

Uvala Cove
27. Uvala Cove

South of Korcula town, this cove is full of local boats, but boasts a restaurant and taverna near the narrow end. The western quay offers an opportunity to go ashore only.

Korculanska Bay
28. Korculanska Bay

The bay to the west of the cathedral provides shore-side mooring and easy access to the pretty town of Korcula.

Brna Quay
29. Brna Quay

The shape of the bay provides natural shelter but there is no breakwater, the quay on the northern shore provides an opportunity to go ashore but no space for visiting yachts.

Zavalatica Cove
30. Zavalatica Cove

The jetty provides limited protection to the head of the cove, but has limited space for visiting yachts.

Grscica Cove
31. Grscica Cove

This pretty cove has a series of tiny harbours for local boats. The quay to the southern side may be too shallow for yachts, while the quay to the northern shore near the restaurant is slightly deeper.

Mali Lago Quay
32. Mali Lago Quay

The long quay on the eastern side of the bay provides some shore-side mooring but there is no break-water or shelter from certain winds.

Jurjeva Cove
33. Jurjeva Cove

This cove is well sheltered and has a jetty and two small old quays. Anchoring is also possible.

Pasadur Northern Bay
34. Pasadur Northern Bay

The bay north of Pasadur has moorings to the north-western coast for local boats. Yachts may be able to moor here, or further south near as the bay narrows.

Lucica Quay
35. Lucica Quay

This tiny cove with many apartments has a small quay on the eastern side of the approach.

Lokva Quay
36. Lokva Quay

A tiny quay on the northern edge of the Lokva bay on the western tip of Mljet island.

Pomena Quay
37. Pomena Quay

This small cove opposite the small Pomestak island receives some natural shelter, and has a quay around the bay offering basic services.

Polace Quay
38. Polace Quay

The long entrance to Polace would tend to provides a natural harbour but conditions in the bay can be troublesome. The southern shore around Polace offers a long quay for visiting yachts.

Tatinica Cove
39. Tatinica Cove

This cove on the northern coast of Mljet island overlooks the small Kobrava island. The cove has a small quay and a few buoys.

Sobra Quay
40. Sobra Quay

A small quay is on the most southern corner of the bay next to a Taverna.

Prozurska Quays
41. Prozurska Quays
(Prozurska Luka)

This beautiful bay offers a couple of tiny quays at the restaurants. The bay provides good shelter due to the tiny island and land formation.

Marijina Quay
42. Marijina Quay
(Prozurska Luka)

This tiny quay in shallow water offers limited shore-side mooring for restaurant guests.

Okuklje Quay
43. Okuklje Quay

This village is hidden behind the land from sea and offers a picturesque setting with a number of restaurants quays.

Slano Quay
44. Slano Quay

The quay in the north-western side of the bay offers shore-side moorings.

Sudurad Quay
45. Sudurad Quay

The ferry quay provides overnight shore-side mooring options for this pretty village on the eastern tip of Sipan island.

Celo Bay
46. Celo Bay

The north-eastern side of the bay has a ferry quay which may be used for shore-side mooring for short periods. The rest of the bay offers some options for unsheltered anchorage.

Marina Gruz
47. Marina Gruz

While calling itself a marina this long quay offers shore-side mooring with limited facilities.

Srebreno Quay
48. Srebreno Quay

This quay at the south-western side of the bay offers some opportunity for shore-side mooring.

Molunat Quay
49. Molunat Quay

This pretty cove has a quay to the eastern side. Anchoring on the western side of the bay may be possible.

Cavtat Quay
50. Cavtat Quay

This quay along the parade of restaurants on the eastern side of the bay can be busy.

Luka Grebastica
51. Luka Grebastica

This pretty little village has an array of small boats along the northern side of the bay and a small jetty.

Djelo Quay
52. Djelo Quay

The coastline of Broadarica is scattered with tiny jetties for locals, as you move north there is a small quay with a few restaurants.

Sibenik Quay
53. Sibenik Quay

Most of the Sibenik shore-line is commercial shipping, however further north the shore hosts many local boats and some opportunities for mooring to visit local restaurants.

Mikavica Cove
54. Mikavica Cove

A tiny jetty at the head of the cove provides limited shore-side mooring, behind which is an even smaller harbour for local fishing boats.

Tisno Quay
55. Tisno Quay

The shore line provides shore-side mooring.

Lovisca Quay
56. Lovisca Quay

The quay has about 70 berths for small boats up to 7 metres in length, as well as equipment for lowering and lifting boats out of the water. Not suitable for yachts.

Cigrada Cove
57. Cigrada Cove

This cove is home to two taverna's and a small jetty.

Zminjak Pontoon
58. Zminjak Pontoon

A long pontoon within the cove of the Zminjak islet is also home to a taverna and accommodation.

Lojena Cove
59. Lojena Cove

Two taverna's at the head of this cove provide a jetty and a small quay.

Opat Quay
60. Opat Quay

This cove is home to a single taverna with a dedicated quay for visitors.

Proversa Cove
61. Proversa Cove

This cove on the southern side of the Katina islet overlooks the tip of Kornat island. Within the cove there is a taverna and jetty and a few buoys for visiting guests.

Gustac Cove
62. Gustac Cove

A small jetty a a few buoys in the northern part of the cove over-looking Gustac islet offer limited mooring.

Arta Cove
63. Arta Cove

This large cove on the mainland overlooks Arta islet, and is home to a taverna providing a single jetty.

Ozaz Mira Pontoon
64. Ozaz Mira Pontoon

The two pontoons on the outcrop just south of Drage may offer opportunities for visiting yachts.

Owsik Bay
65. Owsik Bay

This odd shaped cove on the south western tip of Pasman island is home to a taverna that has a small jetty and a buoy for visiting guests.

Gangaro Islet
66. Gangaro Islet

The approach to the northern side of the islet may be too shallow for visiting yachts, however there is a break-water jetty that may provide shore-side mooring should the approach be safe.

Babac Islet
67. Babac Islet

The northern side of the Babac islet has a number os small jetties provided by the local taverna.

Zadar Quay
68. Zadar Quay

The quay follows the coastline, but has protrusion which may also be used for shore-side mooring.

Gospe Snjezne Quay
69. Gospe Snjezne Quay

The commercial quay is for the Zdrelac passage.

Kali Breakwater
70. Kali Breakwater

The tiny harbour is for local boats however the tip of the breakwater may offer some limited shoreside mooring.

Muline Quay
71. Muline Quay

A quay with a jetty provide good options for mooring at the tip of Ugljan island with several taverna's nearby.

72. Brsanj
(Mali Iz)

The ferry harbour in the cove south of Mali Iz has a breakwater creating a harbour and some mooring for visiting yachts.

Rava Quay
73. Rava Quay

This small quay offers some shore-side mooring for visiting yachts.

Veli Rava
74. Veli Rava

The inner harbour of this pretty village is not accessible to yachts, but the outer breakwater and northern quay outside the taverna may offer some mooring options.

Mala Rava Buoys
75. Mala Rava Buoys
(Mala Rava)

The taverna on the northern shore has a small jetty and some buoys for visiting guests. The southern quay may be too shallow for yachts.

Nidri Quay
76. Nidri Quay

This lively tourist town offers a long quay for day trip boats a ferry and some options for visiting yachts to moor up.

Syvota Quay
77. Syvota Quay

This quays to the west of the long curved cove provide shore-side mooring and access to this pretty village on the south of Lefkada island.

Spartakhori Quay
78. Spartakhori Quay

The quay is found to the west of the bay and provides moorings and basic provisions for visiting yachts.

Agrios Quay
79. Agrios Quay

The jetty and quay on the eastern side of the bay provides some shoreside mooring for visiting yachts and guests of the Taverna.

Atheni Quay
80. Atheni Quay

Atheni bay has a long quay on the south western shore offering laid mooring and access to the single taverna.

Ithaki Quay
81. Ithaki Quay

The quay is found on the southern shore of the long cove and provides shore-side mooring for visiting yachts and access to local taverna's and shops.

Pergiali Quay
82. Pergiali Quay

This long quay has a jetty at each end and is found north of Nydri and is home to a yacht charter company.

Argostoli Quay
83. Argostoli Quay

The town quay on the western coast of the bay offers some shelter for shore-side mooring and access to the town.

Fiskardho Quay
84. Fiskardho Quay

The quay on the southern side provides good shore side mooring for visiting yachts. The northern shore may offer some shelter for boats anchored with a line ashore.

Gaios Quay
85. Gaios Quay

The long quay follows the coastline around behind Nikolaos islet providing some natural shelter for shore-side mooring.

Mikros Gialos Quay
86. Mikros Gialos Quay
(Mikros Gialos)

The long quay on the eastern side of the long cove has added shelter from a tiny break-water.

Lazareto Quay
87. Lazareto Quay

The quayside on the south-eastern shore on the approach to Vathi (Ithaki) is scattered with small local boats and overlooks the tiny Lazareto islet.

Ithaki Dockyard
88. Ithaki Dockyard

A small dockyard with lifting equipment and some dry berths.

Asos Quay
89. Asos Quay

A quay is on the eastern side of the cove, on the opposite side shore lines and anchors are often used.

Provation Cove
90. Provation Cove

This cove on Kalamos overlooks the tiny islet at the top of Kastos. The cove is home to many local boats and has a small breakwater to the western side.

Agios Nikolaos Quay
91. Agios Nikolaos Quay

A large unattractive concrete quayside within the bay sheltered by the Nikolaos islet.

92. Planos

A small south facing harbour north of the large sandy beach bay.

Vromi Quay
93. Vromi Quay

A narrowing cove forking at the end with a small quay to the western fork.

Roda Quay
94. Roda Quay

Difficult to describe this, not really a harbour, but nor a traditional breakwater or quay. The arrangement provides some shelter and some mooring.

Imerolia Dock
95. Imerolia Dock

The west side of the Kerkiras bay is home to a dock with a solid concrete quayside.

Mayflower Town Quay
96. Mayflower Town Quay

A large car park garden with a long quayside next to the Red Funnel Ferry port.

Gweek Quay
97. Gweek Quay

A busy dockyard and quayside at the end of Helford River this creek some 4 miles from the sea dries in low tide.

Port Navas Quay
98. Port Navas Quay

This pretty creek hosts a yacht club on the quayside that dries in low tide.

Prince of Wales Pier
99. Prince of Wales Pier

The pier provides shoreside mooring and access to a cluster of mooring buoys in the Penryn River.

Freeman's Wharf
100. Freeman's Wharf

Freemans Wharf Boatyard consists of 45 half tide berths with a further 40 hard standing berths available for yachts up to 15m.