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1 . Falmouth Haven

AVOID.- Rip off charges. Paid £117 for two nights (48’ cat) - power excluded! They advertise wifi, but it is beyond useless. Taps for water are a non standard size with no hoses and a sign that says water can’t be used to clean boats. I have sailed halfway around the world and this is the worst value for money marina we have encountered. The next door Pendennis marina is far superior.

2 . Ornos

A large popular anchorage around a Beachy cove with posh beach bars.

3 . Platys Gialos

A crowded beach resort with sun loungers at €120 for two. But if you anchor you can watch the bucket and spade brigade from the pleasure of your teak deck.

4 . Ermoupolis

A pretty lively quayside with a row of taverna's, coffee shops and bars. Town rides up the hillside to two peaks with a church on the top of each.

5 . Mikinos Old

A pretty harbour (no anchoring or mooring for visiting craft, use new harbour and seabus to old harbour) with a parade of taverna's that are generally expensive. Short walk into Mykonos's little Venice and the pretty windy narrow streets filled with bustling shops and bars.

6 . Mikinos New

The new harbour is pretty basic, a couple of nearby shops across the road, and a dusty gravel parking lot around the two pontoons. A very good taverna up the road and a regular seabus into central Mykonos provide some distraction.

7 . Mykonos

We walked into Mykonos old town from a wonderful hotel 15min walk away with spectacular views. The town was bustling with music, bars and eateries twisted into the narrow windy corridor streets. A touch expensive but certainly worth a visit.

8 . Detoni Charter

We hebben van 11/9 tot 18/9 2021 een boot bij Detoni in Trogir gehuurd. De boot een Bavaria 39 cruiser uit 2007 had bij de incheck nogal wat gebreken en de nodige schade, ook de uitrusting was verre van compleet. Bij terugkomst werd met onze feedback niets gedaan en werd de boot met dezelfde gebreken weer aan de volgende verhuurder meegegeven. Ook werden we aansprakelijk gesteld voor een schade die al bij vertrek aanwezig was. Al met al een vervelende ervaring.

9 . Kiriacoulis Sailing

Horrible, horrible. I saw bad reviews before I booked and figured only people who have bad experiences leave reviews. The boats are old and poorly maintained. Let me tell you: the sail TORE IN HALF during our trip. I asked to speak to the Athens manager and he hung up on me when I asked him to help us out. Truly awful. Avoid at all costs.

10 . Euromarine

Check in and out prompt and efficient. No arguments over trivial listing of pre existing faults. Faulty air conditioning took two days to resolve. Outboard motor never worked but we did not request repair and put up with it

11 . Orvas Yachting

Best charter company in Croatia

12 . Kiriacoulis Sailing

Its a trap. We rented two boats in Mykonos. Neither of them was operational. In one damaged engine cooling. In the second, the sail is stuck. If it weren't for an experienced skipper, we would have gone to sea. There, the engine would seize, and the sail, pulled on the capstan, would surely break off. The company would have asked for money for the "damaged" yachts. After a report we waited 3 days for reactions from the company. We finally flew to Athens ourselfs. No more.

13 . Plati Gialos

Plenty tavernas along thin beach strip but a little commercial.

14 . Cheronissos Bay

Good shelter in a quiet bay. Two tavernas (a little pricey) very good, fresh local fish and veg. One small shop.

15 . Kamares Quay

A very pretty village with a wide shallow Sandy bay. Plenty of coming and going to watch from pleasant cafes as the ferries pull in

16 . Zea

A sheltered harbour with many super yachts in the entrance. Pontoons behind security gates. Several great bars overlooking the Marina.

17 . Livadion

Stayed two nights at this pretty and vibrant set of restaurants around the sandy bay from the main ferry port thinking out towards the end.

18 . Orvas Yachting

Best experience ever! I ll be back soon!

19 . Kiparissi Jetty

A lovely quiet night with great food.

20 . Detoni Charter

DeToni Charter Cares... :) ;)

21 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

A flawless service, especially given the current covid conditions and restrictions.

22 . Sunlife Charter

Usually you go to the new place and you are impressed. First time is always the best. Second is worse and third time you change the place. Not with the SUNLIFE. It’s getting better and better prostuff, new boats, friendly and worth of yours trust. Excellent choice for charter company. If there is any problem, they will find fast solution, which will make you more happy on your vacations.

23 . Orvas Yachting

Worst charter experience we had in Croatia. Rude staff at the checkout and never received our deposit back.

24 . Skradin

A pretty town with boat tours up to famous Krka waterfalls. Alternatively there is a 1hour 30min walk or hire a bike for 50 kuna which we did. The breeze from cycling was a saviour. If we’d have walked it would have been so hot. The boat was crowded and not a good idea in Covid times.

25 . ACI Skradin

Totally rude staff working at this marina. It’s big, and looks ok, but the rudeness of the guy we dealt with was shocking. Very rude, and insisted on charging us 400 kuna for a buoy for a couple of hours only (same price for an overnight stop) even when we explained we only needed some groceries. Avoid this place!

26 . ACI Skradin

No welcome. No answer on vhf. Approached main quay to then be told to go other side. Went other side to be told your can’t just take any mooring’. We only wanted to stop 1 hour to get groceries but minimum payment was 540 kuna (£70) for 24 hours. Anchoring not allowed and buoys were 400 kuna. Really bad service.

27 . Rogac

We stopped to refill diesel (as suggested by Sunsail as it’s cheaper on Fridays than Marina Agna), and have been very pleasantly surprised. It’s very pretty. After refilling, we dropped anchor in a pretty Bay, and jumped on our dingy for a tasty lunch. Had a quick swim and off we headed again. Worth a stop!

28 . Krknjas

We stopped for lunch and found the place very pretty but busy with day trippers. Decided to moor a little way out and then scoot around the shallow areas in our dingy.

29 . Sesula Bay

Very pretty secluded bay with anchor and shore lines. Konobo in bay is super clean and nice. Great sunset. Walking distance to Mascalinca nearby.

30 . Maslinica

A great place to stop for the night, if you need to refill water, or need to be in a marina for the night. However, if you just need to anchor, there is a stunning cove just around the corner with a fabulous konobo. Very much worth stopping by! A must see.

31 . Sedmo Nebo Jetty

We took one of the many buoys in the beautiful bay, Handed over 200 kuna to a man in a rib who seemed to own all the buoys in the entire area. The restaurants have none it turns out. We watched the sun set and then joined many of our fellow boats via dinghy to Babalu restaurant/grill and had a delicious evening meal in a fantastic setting. It looked a little ‘shack’ from a distance but is really nice once onshore. Definitely worth a visit. Great service, great food, and fantastic atmosphere.

32 . Zlarin

We arrived in Zlarin town/marina late morning in September. It was fairly quiet, but mainly due to C-19 and far less Brits on the water. It’s pretty, easy to get a slime line. It was hot. We had a quick walk around and beer, and then missed the grocery store that closes between 12.30pm until 6pm. We were able to get rid of our rubbish and refill our water tank all for free. Worth a visit if you have time.

33 . Magarna Cove

We didn’t actually stay here, but our anchorage isn’t on the map as it’s so small. We spent the night at Krbela bay. We were the only boat here for the night. It is beautiful. Nothing but nature around you. However, be aware of the wasps! They were there by the hundreds and actually really ruined our stay. Otherwise lovely.

34 . Sunlife Charter

Sunlife were always very quick to respond. The booking was fast and easy. The staff were almost all very friendly and helpful. The boat was clean and in good condition, but it was from 2020. The extras at Sunlife are more expensive than all the other charter companies we have rented from. We lost a screw handle for the bimini which we had to pay for - €30. This was the first time we have had to pay for something so cheap that got lost or broken.

35 . Sicenica

Small pretty place to spend the night. We picked up one of the local buoys and paid 300 kuna for the night. Only 3 boats overnight. One word of caution is that the local fisherman appear late at night to use the free buoys, and shine their bright lights directly onto you. Not that relaxing or private, to say the least.

36 . Sagiada

Since 10.09.2020 you have to pay in the harbor.

37 . Datca

A very pretty, definitely worth a stop. Lots of ice cream vendors and sea food restaurants. A good friendly vibe.

38 . Nomad Sailing

Joe and Lou from Normad were great to deal with. Always available. We had a small issue with our boat but Joe was readily available to help. Thanks Joe and Lou, we had a great week on our boat.

39 . Keyhaven Lake

Windy and exposed to strong tides with a ledge quickly dropping from 15 to 0m depth at low tide. We anchored briefly for lunch watching the plethora of yachts battling downwind against the tide and others shooting past on close haul.

40 . Lymington Yacht Haven

A buzzing hive of activity with many dingy’s in and out alongside the large ferries and numerous fishing boats and yachts. 15 min walk to town.

41 . Berthon Lymington

A compact marina in a narrow channel shared with large ferries. Large hard standing area. 10 min walk into pretty town centre. Marina itself a little commercial and distinct aroma of diesel.

42 . Lymington

A friendly welcome but pricy and limited availability meant we were displaced down river to Dan Brown pontoon to later learn that there were no facilities due to Covid. But we could walk up to Town Quay facilities (20min). Town quay security non existant but Dan Brown ok. Pretty town.

43 . Studland

Studland bay, or otherwise known as Old Harry Rocks, was a lovely place to drop anchor for the night. Very very pretty with the white rocks and green rolling hills. A great night stay.

44 . Studland

A great anchorage with beautiful views of chalk cliffs and green hills. Irritating jet skis and small power boats early evening but start to disappear as the sun starts to set. Good holding in a consistent 3m over sand. Didn’t venture ashore but pub is supposed to be great. We have line caught mackerel on board for dinner. Nom nom.

45 . Weymouth

Sailing into Weymouth is a treat. In Weymouth harbour we were treated to watching some military ocean training with large destroyers going up and down. We then sailed up the mouth to the entrance of the marina and it’s just so pretty with all the old, multi coloured buildings. It was buzzing. The marina itself is great, and well equipped. The local are very friendly. There are quite a few homeless around and some local yobs make it a little less inviting, so lock your boat up securely.

46 . Weymouth Bay

A large and pleasant wide bay with five cruise liners moored up. A large military navy destroyer running around up and down preparing for an exercise in the nearby firing range. Good holding on sand.

47 . Swanage

We stopped overnight and dropped anchor, so can’t really comment on the town. From our deck, it look pretty and busy. It’s a pretty place to anchor and not too busy.

48 . Haslar

Haslar is a big, but well equipped marina. Lots and lots of moorings and the shower and toilets are very well kept. The cafe/restaurant opposite the marina office is great, highly recommended. The light ship restaurant was closed whilst we were there. The town centre is a close walk, about 10 minutes, and has shops like ASDA and Morrison’s, plus lots of other things like coffee shops and big pubs - the town is slightly run down, so don’t make visiting it a priority.

49 . Yarmouth

A very very pretty little marina, surrounded by an oldie worldie town. Lots of pretty little streets to wander around. The marina is situated right next to the town and has a friendly vibe. We found it very easy to get in and out. The showers and toilets were fine, all well kept. We had a wonderful evening eating and drinking at The George. We would highly recommend stopping in and enjoying Yarmouth for a night or two. We will be going back, for sure.

50 . Swanage

Arrived in July and anchored with plenty of room in the bay. Plenty of paddle boarders and sea gulls keeping us entertained. Didnt make it ashore, preferred the view of the cliffs with dinner on board.