Latest 50 Reviews

1 . Tomas Maestre

A great marina, Manny’s bar is well worth a visit!

2 . La Manga Dos Mares

Brad at the yacht services was very helpful. The water in the inner sea is a bit murky.

3 . Basse-Pointe

Like a scene out of jurasic park, a beautiful area of the island.

4 . Cartagena

A wonderful marina and a super interesting town with something going on all the time, a great place to stay for a week or more and explore.

5 . Faro

Faro is well known with sailors around the world as a great place to safely anchor while waiting for the right weather to transit down to the Canary Isles or into the Med. It also has a great DIY boatyard and good prices if you need to come out of the water.

6 . Naples / Napoli

We moored up at the marina in the evening and spent the next day exploring the city including a tour of Herculaneum.

7 . Portoferraio

We moored up in the busy capital for a few days and hired a car to explore the southern region and stopped at Villa San Martino and Porto Azzuro.

8 . Bonifacio

We pulled into the breathtaking cliff-top setting and relaxed in a stunning harbour then went off to explore the narrow streets at the historical heart of the town.

9 . L'Ile-Rousse

We arrived in the morning on a glorious sunny day and later took a tour to Calvi where our guide led us through the alleyways and cobbled streets before arriving at the Citadel. We then went on to see the Caserne Sampiero. We enjoyed our visit and were very impressed with Rousse.

10 . Alghero

We explored the medieval city fondly known as 'Barceloneta' and then went to the Nuraghe Palmavera tower which had a dome shaped ceiling that dates back to 1100 years BC. A very interesting and pretty region of Italy.

11 . Trinidad Island

Trinidad has many industrial areas due to the oil and gas industry which spoils much of its natural beauty.

12 . Sainte-Anne

Such a cute little village with all the French goodies you’d find in France.

13 . Rodney Bay

Lovely place to moor up for a few days and explore the island. Incredibly scenic pretty much a perfect spot.

14 . Lanzarote Island

A very windy desert/moon like landscape with wide sandy beaches and a large national park around the volcano.

15 . Bayona/Baiona

A cool old fort to walk around and look out over the beautiful sandy bay views. Stopped off for some goose barnacles. Recommend a stroll around the coastal walks.

16 . A Coruna

Busy with many boats stopping over before heading off to The Canaries via Maderia. Nice place to be for a couple of days. Lots of expensive boats and lots of activity.

17 . San Sebastian/Donostia

Lots of bars, cafes and tapas places. Beautiful coastline, best seen from the super interesting fort, or one of the roof top bars.

18 . Fuenterrabia/Hondarribia

Moored up at the marina and took a walk around the old pretty walled city, very interesting.

19 . Port-Joinville

We anchored in the bay which was a bit rolly and took the dingy over to the town which was busy with activity but the big supermarket was closed.

20 . London

We enjoyed our visit to London, it is a great place to visit on a sunny day, even in winter. We walked around St Catherine's docks and Gretna Green.

21 . Sunlife Charter

I have just booked our second sailing holidays with them. Excellent service, good boat, and perfect sailing area.

22 . Poros

We arrived here after travelling through the corinthian canal and we struggled to find a mooring new the town. We walked into town and it is very pretty fishing village that livens up at night.

23 . Palermo

We moored up to find the marina full of plastic bottles and later explored the city including the catacombs. We enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

24 . Porticello

We took a taxi from Palemero to this great little town and loved exploring it.

25 . Bonifacio

Like stepping back in time to one of the most protected harbours in Europe. A truly stunning place.

26 . Bonifacio

We stopped here before heading south to Sardinia and were stunned at how pretty the town is but also how steep it is up to the castle and old town, which is amazing.

27 . Ajaccio

We headed here to shelter from a forecast front coming in. We found Ajaccio to be a pretty town with lots of history.

28 . Cadaques

A welcome arrival and no problem to get a mooring. A great little gem of a town and bay to visit.

29 . Badalona

A good place to stop for a couple of days and take the fast train into Barcelona.

30 . Cabrera Island

We were unable to get an overnight mooring buoy even though we had booked online. We had to leave at sunset. Unfortunately all the forms were in Spanish.

31 . Punta de Cala Pi

Beautiful location but difficult mooring if you don't get a mooring buoy.

32 . Port de la Grande Motte

A fantastic marina in a great location with good supermarkets and facilities.

33 . Waypoint Yacht Charter

The company gave us a broken boat and when we got back they took our deposit. We were expecting some kind of compensation for all the damages the boat had but insread took our deposit with any chance to dialog and wothout giving us any explanation.

34 . Waypoint Yacht Charter

Worst time ever. We rented a boat with them for a week in Summer. When we got there, they gave us a broken boat without telling us. In the middle of the week, the platform from the back broke hurting some of us that were standing there at the time. When we called them to explain what happened they kept telling us to go to some islands that they had someone that could help us. But no one did. On the check out, they didn't want to gave us the deposit back. Never again. They were rude and liars.

35 . Nafpaktos

Navi Paxtos tonight. a bit tight but a lovely small harbour.

36 . Kiato

Not a pleasant harbour.

37 . Kiriacoulis Sailing

We rented a sailing boat with Kiriacoulis in the south of France. The boat was in a poor shape, and many parts had to be replaced (upon our demand) at check in. We had an issue at see on day 4 (Genoa topped broke due to over usage!) and maintenance / support of the crew was poor (actually inexistant). Following our trip, no one dares or cares providing an answer to our complaints... avoid this company by any means! In 15 years of charting with other companies I’ve never had such a bad experience

38 . East Cowes

A well maintained clean busy marina with a great modern pub ‘Lifeboat’ on the eastern side of the river Medina.

39 . Folly Reach

A pleasant meander up the creek and a friendly welcome to the Folly Inn with taxi service from mooring pontoons.

40 . Haslar

A pleasant marina, good parking, nice cafe and friendly staff. Lots of well signed mooring berths in a sheltered position just off the solent.

41 . Frikes

moored in inside face side on to mole. Lots of hull water slap noise in nigh due to Westerlies coming down the valley. Seems there is no good place to tie up in westerlies as all affected. ate at Remenzzo , very good, would recommend highly.

42 . Kioni

best place we stayed in a week of cruising. moored on town key ( right side of harbor). Quiet and good protection. get there by 1-2 pm or you will not get a place but can shore line / anchor later. Ate at Lizzys ,on raised terrace . Worth a visit. ( also Mills is a good place to eat)

43 . Lefkas

marina is large, and with good facilities ( although fuel and supermarkets are expensive). If you can shop in town to provision. Lots of bars with free wifi in marina. good-ish showers (50 cents from marina office for token). -ve: many people coming and going on change over days all night long with wheeled cabin bags on walkways= not much sleep. Also marina frees are steep

44 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

chartered bare boat a J36. old but reliable boat. Staff well organised , friendly, no issues. Would use again

45 . Syvota

moored in mid sept in front of Liotrivis bar ( noisy way past midnight) , first on left as you enter port. Free but no services. 5 mins walk to main restaurant area. Recommend Yiannis Family Cafe Stifado to die for. -ve is smell. definite smell of sewage from the bay. very crowded port but pretty

46 . Vathi

stayed here twice in mid September, once overnight on the left side opposite the town quay mole. No services , was water & power sometime ago but has now all fallen into disrepair. 5 mins walk around the harbor to the restaurants. Quiet location, well protected from NW wind Then again for a few hours mid day to charge batteries on the town quay. Power & water is by a key fob purchased from the butchers behind the town key. 10 EU min,plus 20 EU deposit for the key. Key is only usable on Meg.

47 . Kiriacoulis Sailing

Charter was an older boat and rigging was salt encrusted (but we were in the Med, so its to be expected). Hand over despite language problems was thorougher with focus on the important stuff. Loads of spares on board and hand back to fleet manager was smooth and hassle free. Having read some bad reviews I was nervous: but was very happy with my experience with them - hence this review.

48 . Kiriacoulis Sailing

Maybe I am new to sailing world but my 3 years experience with this chartering company it was great.2 times with sail boat and 1 with catamaran

49 . Castletown Bearhaven

We spent a good few days here and really enjoyed the Irish hospitality, food and beer. Unfortunately the weather was grey, wet with strong winds for much of the time. When we did get out and about it was a beautiful area.

50 . Dubrovnik Airport

The airport is under a lot of construction outside. Inside the new building is a nice extension. There’s very little to do airside, one single cafe selling sandwiches. We headed across the road outside to a tiny roadside cafe and grill which served amazing burgers, salads and other options.