A large town in Devon built around a natural peninsula on the southern coast of England.

"Torquay ( tor-KEE) is a seaside town in Devon, England, part of the unitary authority area of Torbay. It lies 18 miles (29 km) south of the county town of Exeter and 28 miles (45 km) east-north-east of Plymouth, on the north of Tor Bay, adjoining the neighbouring town of Paignton on the west of the bay and across from the fishing port of Brixham.

The town's economy, like Brixham's, was initially based upon fishing and agriculture, but in the early 19th century it began to develop into a fashionable seaside resort, initially frequented by members of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars while the Royal Navy anchored in the bay. Later, as the town's fame spread, it was popular with Victorian society. Renowned for its mild climate, the town earned the nickname the English Riviera.

The writer Agatha Christie was born in the town and lived at Ashfield in Torquay during her early years. There is an "Agatha Christie Mile", a tour with plaques dedicated to her life and work." Wikipedia

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We arrived late on a Friday night after a long cramped train journey from London to find a bustling city with Kareoke and Music bars (half full) with all ages up to and including the retired. In the morning we were treated with a stunning view of the city along the cliff/hillside, a yummy breakfast at 'Below Decks' and set off for Weymouth by 8:30.

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Nearby facilities

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Exeter Airport
1 . Exeter Airport

Exeter airport operates a number of seasonal flights and is found to the east of the city.

Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Torquay Old
1 . Torquay Old

A shallow area behind a lifting footbridge is mostly full of smaller local boats.

2 . Torquay

Torquay Marina is in the north-east corner of Torbay and sheltered from the prevailing south-westerly winds, so it's a safe haven for boats in all weathers. With modern facilities and superb bluewa...

Torquay Dock
3 . Torquay Dock

On the western side of the harbour behind the wave breaker are three pontoons. Visitors are welcome on the inside of the wave-break.

Watcombe Cove
4 . Watcombe Cove

A small beachy cove may provide (very) limited opportunities for anchoring in the right conditions.

5 . Paignton

A small busy, shallow harbour to the north of the cliff outcrop and south of the beach. May not offer much for visiting yachts.

Oxen Cove Moorings
6 . Oxen Cove Moorings

A scattering of swing mooring buoys for local vessels.

7 . Brixham

Brixham Marina is in the heart of Brixham, a picturesque Devon town in the wider area of Torbay. Sheltered from the south-westerly winds and offering safe access in all weathers and at all states o...

Brixham Town Quay
8 . Brixham Town Quay

The inner harbour and town quay is well sheltered but shallows quickly.

Teignmounth Buoys
9 . Teignmounth Buoys

A large number of buoys in the river are reserved for small local boats.

Teignmouth Pontoons
10 . Teignmouth Pontoons

Three floating pontoons on the eastern side of the River Teign provide some mooring options for visitors.

Teignmouth Quays
11 . Teignmouth Quays

There are three quays on the eastern side of the river, the middle one (Eastern Quay) may offer some mooring for visitors.

St Mary's Bay
12 . St Mary's Bay

A large east facing bay south of Brixham with rocky outcrops in the bay.

Dittisham Buoys
13 . Dittisham Buoys

A small village up the river Dart 5 miles north of Dartmouth with a scattering of mooring buoys.

14 . Noss

Set on the sunny eastern bank of the River Dart, in a secluded area of outstanding natural beauty and just minutes from Dartmouth, Noss on Dart Marina offers easy access to some of the most beautif...

Totnes Dock
15 . Totnes Dock

A large dry dock on the river side south of the town, further up the river splits around a large mound and offers a few buoys and a quayside.

16 . Dart

A warm welcome to all boat owners and their crews. Our yacht harbour on the River Dart has a first class position within Dartmouth's spectacular deep-water estuary.Entering between two castles, you...

17 . Darthaven

Darthaven Marina (based at Kingswear directly opposite Dartmouth) has 270 berths in total set over four main pontoons and prides itself in keeping a clean and well maintained environment throughout...

Dartmouth Pontoon & Buoys
18 . Dartmouth Pontoon & Buoys

Dart Harbour is a Trust Port in one of the finest natural harbours in the UK. The River Dart whose source is high on Dartmoor flows through the towns of Totnes and Dartmouth, South Devon, England. ...

River Exe Buoys
19 . River Exe Buoys

This series of buoys are consumed by local boats and subject to strong tides.

20 . Exmouth

The marina is set back and accessed through a small narrow channel on the eastern bank opposite the sandbank Warren point. Inside the marina behind the footbridge there are a small number of pontoo...

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Paignton
(England )

A large town in Devon on the southern coast of England.

2 . Shaldon
(England )

The small town of Sheldon overlooks the larger town of Teignmouth.

3 . Brixham
(England )

A large town on the southern side of Tor Bay.

4 . Teignmouth
(England )

A large town on the mouth of the estuary of the River Teign on the southern coast of England.

Stoke Gabriel
5 . Stoke Gabriel
(England )

A small village found near the River Dart.

6 . Dittisham
(England )

A small village on the River Dart north of Dartmouth.

7 . Totnes
(England )

A large inland town linked to the English Channel by the long River Dart.

8 . Dawlish
(England )

A large town on the souther English coastline.

9 . Dartmouth
(England )

A busy town and harbour on the River Dart.

10 . Kingswear
(England )

A small village near the mouth of the River Dart.

11 . Starcross
(England )

A village overlooking Exmouth across the River Exe estuary.

12 . Exmouth
(England )

A large town on the eastern shore at the mouth of the River Exe with large sand banks on the inner harbour.

13 . Lympstone
(England )

A small village just north of Exmouth on the River Exe estuary.

Budleigh Salterton
14 . Budleigh Salterton
(England )

A town on the southern coast of England with a long popular beach.

15 . Torcross
(England )

A tiny village with a very long east facing sandy coastline, next to the Slapton Ley National Reserve.

16 . Topsham
(England )

A town north of Exmouth at the head of the River Exe estuary.

17 . Kingsbridge
(England )

At the head of the Kingsbridge Estuary north of Salcombe.

18 . Salcombe
(England )

A leafy town and busy natural harbour on the Kingsbridge estuary.

19 . Sidmouth
(England )

A popular town on the southern coast of England with a sandy beach.

Bigbury on Sea
20 . Bigbury on Sea
(England )

A small town with a ricky coastline on the southern shore of England.

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