Mesolongi (also Missolonghi) is a town in Western Greece accessed via the Southern Ionian near the entrance of the Gulf of Patras.

"Missolonghi (Greek: Μεσολόγγι, pronounced [mesoˈloɲɟi]) or Messolonghi is a municipality of 34,416 people (according to the 2011 census) in western Greece. The town is the capital of Aetolia-Acarnania regional unit, and the seat of the municipality of Iera Polis Messolongiou (Sacred Town of Messolonghi). Missolonghi is known as the site of a dramatic siege during the Greek War of Independence, and of the death of poet Lord Byron." Wikipedia

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Arrived at 17:45 local time. Marina off our stern not very friendly so have moored on the north east quay. Possible water and electricity hook up places.

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . Mesolongi

Aitoliko Quay
2 . Aitoliko Quay

Kato Achaias
3 . Kato Achaias

4 . Patras

5 . Navpaktos

Astakos Quay
6 . Astakos Quay

7 . Arachovitika

8 . Chiliadous

Agios Panteleimonas
9 . Agios Panteleimonas

Mangelaria Cove
10 . Mangelaria Cove

A small beachy cove north of Kastos Harbour overlooks the tiny Mangelaria islet and may provide suitable shelter for anchoring.

Kastos Northern Cove
11 . Kastos Northern Cove

The eastern coast of Kastos offers many small coves, this north most cove may offer a good anchorage in suitable conditions.

12 . Kastos

The tiny inner harbour for local boats is further protected by two small breakwaters sheltering the cove. Shore-side mooring may be possible in the inside of the southern breakwater.

Vathy Vali Cove
13 . Vathy Vali Cove

A cove on the eastern coast of the southern tip of Kastos island may provide some shelter for visiting yachts.

14 . Marathia

15 . Kalamos

A long and sturdy breakwater provides good shelter inside the harbour for the ferry, local and visiting boats.

Provation Cove
16 . Provation Cove

This cove on Kalamos overlooks the tiny islet at the top of Kastos. The cove is home to many local boats and has a small breakwater to the western side.

Kastron Cove
17 . Kastron Cove

Two small jetties lead to buildings hidden by the trees. The blue watered cove may offer some anchorage in the right conditions.

18 . Mytikas

A small marina just north of Kalamos island in between two large bays (Mytikas and Vourkos).

19 . Episkopi

The sturdy outer breakwater provides good shelter for the small harbour. The inside of the outer wall may provide shoreside mooring and access to the local shops and taverna's.

Gerolimnionas Cove
20 . Gerolimnionas Cove

The east facing cove on the southern end of Kalamos island around the abandoned Kefali village may provide some good anchorage in suitable conditions.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Aitoliko
(West Greece )

This town is concentrated on an islet between an inland lagoon and the outer Ionian sea.

2 . Valti
(West Greece )

This tiny village overlooks Pontikos island.

3 . Antirrio
(West Greece )

On the northern side of the bridge between mainland and the Peloponnese.

4 . Patra
(West Greece )

A large town on the western facing southern coastline of the Gulf of Patras near the neck into the Gulf of Corinth.

5 . Rio
(West Greece )

A large town to the west of Patra on the southern side of the bridge spanning the Peloponnese to the mainland.

6 . Nafpaktos
(West Greece )

A large town in the bay and valley to the northern shore of the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth.

7 . Astakos
(Ionian Islands )

This town is on the northern shore of the Astakou bay

Kato Arachovitika
8 . Kato Arachovitika
(West Greece )

A small town on the southern coast of he Corinthian Gulf.

9 . Chiliadou
(Central Greece )

A small village on the norther coast of the Gulf or Corinth.

10 . Lambirion
(West Greece )

A small coastal village on the souther coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

11 . Kastos
(Kastos Island )

Kastos island is south of Kalamos in the souther Ionian, Greece. It is a long thin mostly arid island with a single small settlement on the eastern side.

12 . Marathias
(Central Greece )

A small town on an outcrop on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf.

13 . Kalamos
(Kalamos Island )

Kalamos is a remote and beautiful island with Port Kalamos being the isle╠вcувs primary settlement. In the tiny village a harbor of Episkopi, located on the north side, is home to a ruined mo...

14 . Longos
(West Greece )

A village near the coast on the Greek Peloponnese.

15 . Selianitika
(West Greece )

A small coastal town in a shallow sandy bay.

16 . Episkopi
(Kalamos Island )

A small village on the northern coast of Kalamos island.

17 . Mytikas
(West Greece )

This port town in the southern Ionian overlooks the island of Kalamos.

18 . Kyllini
(West Greece )

A small town on the western tip of the Greek mainland home to a busy ferry terminal linking the Southern Ionian islands.

19 . Glyfada
(Central Greece )

A small village overlooking the Trizonian island.

20 . Trizonia
(Trizonia Island )

A small town on the island of Trizonia providing natural safe-harbour.

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