The main town on the eastern shore of the small island of Paxis is hidden and sheltered by the tiny islet Nikolaos.

"Gaios (Greek: Γάιος, pronounced [ˈɣaʝos]) is the main port on Paxos, the smallest of the seven principal Ionian Islands, in Greece. Gaios is situated on the east coast of the island. It is named after a homonymous pupil of Paul the Apostle, who brought Christianity to the island." Wikipedia

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Beautiful bay wit mooring but has to be approached from the north entrance. I could retire here!


An amazingly beautiful island with the most gorgeous beaches and caves!

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Neilson Active Holidays
1 . Neilson Active Holidays

Neilson provide bareboat yachts, flotilla sailing, sailing courses, skippered flotilla or even stay and sail holidays in the north and south Ionian.

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Gaios Quay
1 . Gaios Quay

The long quay follows the coastline around behind Nikolaos islet providing some natural shelter for shore-side mooring.

2 . Valtos

This small harbour is found on the western side of the the sandy beach bay adjacent to Parga. It is home to local fishing craft and may have a single space on the end of the quay for a visiting yacht.

Agia Kyriaki Bay
3 . Agia Kyriaki Bay

A very pretty wooded bay with a sandy beach head with a couple of nice taverna's. An idyllic spot for overnight anchorage in the right conditions.

4 . Syvota

A sturdy concrete harbour hidden behind a couple of wooded islets providing natural protection from the sea. The harbour has few facilities but offers easy access to the town's numerous bars and ta...

5 . Melikia

Odyssea Cove
6 . Odyssea Cove

A beautiful wooded cove a short distance south of Ammoudia on the Greek mainland overlooking Paxos island.

Ammoudia Quay
7 . Ammoudia Quay

The quay is found on the southern side of the cove a short distance up the mouth of the river Acheron.

8 . Plataria

Alikes Lefkimmis
9 . Alikes Lefkimmis

10 . Petritis

11 . Lygia

A small harbour formed of a long outer breakwater with an inner landslide quay and jetty. The harbour has no facilities and a single taverna. Further taverna's are round to the south on the beach.

12 . Boukaris

Igoumenitsa Quay
13 . Igoumenitsa Quay

Messongi River Quay
14 . Messongi River Quay

15 . Pournari

A small very basic local harbour formed of two breakwaters with no inner quays.

16 . Benitses

17 . Sagiadas

18 . Mytikas

A basic harbour formed of a long breakwater with an inner quayside and a further smaller mole opposite. Mostly shallow but may offer mooring near the end.

Nautical Club Corfu
19 . Nautical Club Corfu

Corfu Old
20 . Corfu Old

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Longos
(Ionian Islands )

A small village on the eastern side of Paxos island near Corfu.

2 . Lakka
(Ionian Islands )

A busy small lively town within a pretty cove on the northern tip of the small island of Paxos.

3 . Antipaxos
(Antipaxos Island )

A small town in the centre of this tiny island south of Paxos island.

4 . Arillas
(Ionian Islands )

This small coastal village is in the northern ionian on the west coast of the mainland.

5 . Parga
(Epirus )

This pretty town on the western coast of Greece has a cluster of islets, beaches and coves and overlooks Paxos and Antipaxos islands. This popular hillside gem has a labyrinth of hidden streets wit...

6 . Kavos
(Corfu Island )

Kavos is a small town on the south-western tip of Corfu overlooking Sivota.

7 . Lichnos

A small hillside village built in the mountainside up from a pretty bay and sandy beach. The village offers a hotel, some hostels, and a couple of beachside taverna's.

8 . Syvota
(Ionian Islands )

Syvota is a large coastal village in Epirus in the Northern Ionian.

9 . Ammoudia

A small village built around a stunning cove with an adjacent river providing an idyllic village quayside and safe-harbour.

10 . Gardenos
(Corfu Island )

This village is on the south-western side of Corfu island.

11 . Plataria
(Epirus )

A small town on the western coast of the Greek mainland overlooking Corfu island.

12 . Molos
(Nikolaos Islet )

A small village on the south-eastern coast side of Corfu island on a north facing coastline.

Agios Georgios Argyradon
13 . Agios Georgios Argyradon
(Corfu Island )

Agios Gorgios is on the south-western coast of Corfu island.

14 . Petriti
(Corfu Island )

A village on the south-eatern coast of Corfu island.

15 . Lygia

A small pretty mainland coastal village north of Kanali overlooking Paxos island.

16 . Igoumenitsa
(Epirus )

A medium sized town on the western coast of the Greek mainland with two busy ferry terminals.

17 . Mesongi
(Corfu Island )

Also known as Messonghi this beach town resort is south of Corfu on the eastern coast of the island.

18 . Pournari

A small village at the north of the long Kanali beach. Set back slightly from the rocky coastline.

19 . Paramonas
(Corfu Island )

A tiny village on the western coast of Corfu.

20 . Benitses
(Corfu Island )

A long town following the coastline on the mid-eastern side of Corfu island, just south of Corfu town.

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