This strategically placed historic town is between a bay and a cove split by a peninsula on the northern coast of Corfu.

"Kassiopi (Greek: Κασσιόπη) is a village, and a resort on the affluent north east coast of Corfu. It is in the municipal unit of Kassopaia. Historically, a small traditional fishing village, the town itself has been heavily developed and with more luxury villas now outside it, but it remains a summer social centre heavily visited by tourists, particularly popular with visitors from Britain and Italy." Wikipedia

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A beautiful harbour with lots of restaurants and apartments.


A wonderful place to visit and watch the boats. You can take a boat to the nearby coves too.

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Nearby facilities

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Sunsail Yacht Charter
1 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

Sunsail have been at the forefront of sailing vacations for over forty years. Since our very first Flotilla set sail from Aegina in the Saronic Gulf in 1974, we've expanded to destinations across t...

The Moorings
2 . The Moorings

Today, after more than 45 years at sea, The Moorings has established its reputation as the world's premier yacht charter company. Our award-winning charter fleet now includes more than 400 yachts i...

Corfu Airport
3 . Corfu Airport

Just a short distance south of Corfu town on the mid western side of Corfu island.

Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . Kassiopi

The harbour has a quayside following the cove inside the two breakwaters providing shoreside mooring and access to the pretty town.

Imerolia Dock
2 . Imerolia Dock

The west side of the Kerkiras bay is home to a dock with a solid concrete quayside.

Varvaro Cove
3 . Varvaro Cove

A beautiful cove overlooking the tiny Persterai islet and Albani on the horizon. This cove has a woodland beach only accessible by sea and often used as anchorage.

Varvaro Central Cove
4 . Varvaro Central Cove

The middle of the three woodland beach coves on the cape is further inset and slightly smaller and offers some shelter for anchoring in the right conditions.

Stefanos Coves
5 . Stefanos Coves

A set of three coves south of the main (Saint) Stefanos cove provide some shelter for anchorage in the right conditions.

Kerasa Cove
6 . Kerasa Cove

This south-eastern facing cove and popular beach just north of Kalami has a small jetty to the north.

7 . Kouloura

A small and pretty harbour on the tip of Kouloura cape just north-east of Kalami.

Kalami Cove
8 . Kalami Cove

A large pretty and busy cove with a south-east facing sandy beach. Yachts are often anchored in the cove.

Agni Cove
9 . Agni Cove

A double headed cove just south of Kalami often used for anchorage. The southern of the two heads has a couple of jetties providing access to shore and taverna's.

10 . Nissaki

A small breakwater provides a harbour for local boats and the occasional yacht.

Roda Quay
11 . Roda Quay

Difficult to describe this, not really a harbour, but nor a traditional breakwater or quay. The arrangement provides some shelter and some mooring.

Sarande Quay
12 . Sarande Quay

13 . Pygri

A tiny harbour in shallow water for local boots only.

14 . Ypsos

Ypsos (Ipsos) harbour to the southern side of the bay is sheltered by a sturdy curved breakwater and full of local boats. The harbour is silted and unable to take the draft of yachts. Mooring may ...

15 . Astrakari

A sturdy harbour to the east of Rodha provides good shelter for shore side mooring, although depths are known to be shallow in the harbour and on the approach.

16 . Gouvia

This is a large and mature marina in the Northern Ionian on the island of Corfu.

Limin Kerkira
17 . Limin Kerkira

Corfu Old
18 . Corfu Old

Sidari Bay
19 . Sidari Bay

To the western side of the bay is a 10m breakwater behind which many boat tends to anchor.

Nautical Club Corfu
20 . Nautical Club Corfu

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Apraos
(Ionian Islands )

This small beach town is east of Kassiopi on the northern shore of Corfu.

2 . Kalami
(Ionian Islands )

A small coastal village on the north-eastern side of Corfu overlooking Albania.

3 . Ksamil
(Qarku i Vlores )

Ksamil is a town in the southern part of Albania close to Corfu.

4 . Nisaki
(Ionian Islands )

A hilly village set back from the south facing coast on the north-eastern side of Corfu.

5 . Acharavi
(Ionian Islands )

A long thin town following the beach on the northern facing shore of Corfu island.

6 . Barbati
(Ionian Islands )

Barbati (also known as Mparmpati) is on a south facing coastline on the north-eastern side of Corfu and hosts a long thin beach and many holiday resorts.

7 . Pyrgi
(Ionian Islands )

A small hilly village overlooking the large bay and Corfu town.

8 . Roda
(Ionian Islands )

This town on the northern shore of Corfu neighbours Acharavi.

9 . Sarande
(Ionian Islands )

The Sarandes bay is an attractive popular coastline in the southern part of Albania and close to Corfu.

10 . Ypsos
(Ionian Islands )

A small town on the southern side of the bay.

11 . Dassia
(Ionian Islands )

A beach resort town close to Corfu on the eastern side of the island.

12 . Astrakari
(Ionian Islands )

This small beach village is on the northern shore of Corfu.

13 . Gouvia
(Ionian Islands )

This large town on the western coast of Corfu is in the middle of a large bay north-west of Corfu town overlooking the mainland.

14 . Kontokali
(Ionian Islands )

Merged with Gouvia, Kontokali is home to a large marina and a short distance from Corfu town.

15 . Sidari
(Ionian Islands )

A large beach resort on the Northern shore of Corfu island.

16 . Corfu
(Ionian Islands )

The main and historic town of Corfu island is found on the mid-eastern coastline of the island.

17 . Gefyra
(Ionian Islands )

This tiny town is found at the end of a beautiful natural cove on the north-western coast of Corfu island.

18 . Palaiokastritsa
(Ionian Islands )

This town on the north-western coast of Corfu island is spread around the weaving coastline of the coves and is home to the Paleokastritsa Monastery.

Agios Georgios Pagon
19 . Agios Georgios Pagon
(Ionian Islands )

This small town is on the north-western coast of Corfu.

20 . Ermones
(Ionian Islands )

A small beach based resort at the head of a natural cove.

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