Lopud Island



This small island is south of Sipan and the second most southern island in Croatia.

"Lopud (pronounced [lɔ̌pud]) is a small island off the coast of Dalmatia, southern Croatia. Lopud is economically the most developed of the Elaphiti Islands, and can be reached by boat from Dubrovnik, Trsteno, Orašac and Zaton. The island is famous for its sandy beaches, in particular the bay of Šunj. Lopud is the second largest island of the Elaphiti islands, between Koločep and Šipan. It is famous as the "island in the middle" (Insula Media, or Mezzo). It has an area of 4.63 square kilometres (1.79 square miles) and its highest point is Polačica, 216 metres (709 feet) above sea level. It has 11.5 km (7 mi) of coastline, of which 1.2 km (1 mi) is sandy." Wikipedia

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Sunj Bay

We loved this place especially the beach bar at the back of the beach.

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Sunj Bay
1 . Sunj Bay

This touristy beachy bay on the south-eastern side of Lopud island offers little opportunity for visiting yachts to moor. Anchoring may be possible beyond the swimming area.

Lopud Harbour
2 . Lopud Harbour

This busy local harbour may offer one or two options for visiting yachts to moor up and visit the local restaurants.

Top Towns

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1 . Lopud
(South Dalmatia )

The town is found on the north-western side of the island and hosts a ferry terminal for Kolocep, Dubrovnik and Sipan island.

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