This old inland town is a popular sailing destination linked to the sea by the Krk river that flows out past Sibnek. It's a lengthy detour from the sea but Skradin is on the doorstep to the stunning leafy Krka national park full of river rapids and streams. Visit the Skradinski But waterfalls near Skradin by foot through the wooden paths or take a boat trip to Roski Slap falls past the Krka monastery and Necven fortress.

"Skradin (Italian: Scardona; Ancient Greek: Σκάρδων) is a small town in the Šibenik-Knin County of Croatia, with a population of 3,825 (2011 census). It is located near the Krka river and at the entrance to the Krka National Park, 17 km (11 mi) from Šibenik and 100 km (62 mi) from Split. The main attraction of the park, Slapovi Krke, is a series of waterfalls, the biggest of which, Skradinski buk, was named after Skradin." Wikipedia

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A pretty town with boat tours up to famous Krka waterfalls. Alternatively there is a 1hour 30min walk or hire a bike for 50 kuna which we did. The breeze from cycling was a saviour. If we’d have walked it would have been so hot. The boat was crowded and not a good idea in Covid times.

ACI Skradin Marina

Totally rude staff working at this marina. It’s big, and looks ok, but the rudeness of the guy we dealt with was shocking. Very rude, and insisted on charging us 400 kuna for a buoy for a couple of hours only (same price for an overnight stop) even when we explained we only needed some groceries. Avoid this place!

ACI Skradin Marina

No welcome. No answer on vhf. Approached main quay to then be told to go other side. Went other side to be told your can’t just take any mooring’. We only wanted to stop 1 hour to get groceries but minimum payment was 540 kuna (£70) for 24 hours. Anchoring not allowed and buoys were 400 kuna. Really bad service.


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Nearby facilities

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1 . Dream Yacht Charter

When Loic Bonnet started Dream Yacht Charter in the Seychelles in 2001 it was with only 6 yachts. Through Mr. Bonnet's dynamic leadership the company has grown and expanded to locations throughout ...

NCP & Mare
2 . NCP & Mare

NCP & Mare seat is located in the middle of the Adriatic coast, in the Mandalina Marina in Sibenik. With its architectural and cultural heritage, the town of Sibenik is a real gem. Situated right i...

Mare Yachting
3 . Mare Yachting

The company Mare Yachting doo was founded in Croatia in 2005 and since then has been a very healthy growth. We are proud to be the largest catamaran provider of the Adriatic and to welcome many reg...

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Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

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Ankora Charter
6 . Ankora Charter

Ankora is a company which professionally and expertly deals with charting and maintainance of vessels. Company was established in 2001. with its head office in Zagreb

Croatia Yacht Club
7 . Croatia Yacht Club

Our main base is located in Marina SCT that was built in the year 2014. The marina has all the necessities and services needed in order to have the perfect sailing vacation and with its strategic l...

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8 . Angelina Tours

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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ACI Skradin Marina
1 . ACI Skradin Marina

This busy marina is found deep within the Sibenik channel and is on the doorstep of the Krka national park.

Marina Zaton Marina
2 . Marina Zaton Marina

This small marina is on the western side of the channel from Sibnek up towards Zaton.

Zaton Harbour (Sibenik) Harbour
3 . Zaton Harbour (Sibenik) Harbour

Zaton's shore-line is scattered with local boats and offers a few moorings for visiting yachts.

Sibenik Quay
4 . Sibenik Quay

Most of the Sibenik shore-line is commercial shipping, however further north the shore hosts many local boats and some opportunities for mooring to visit local restaurants.

Marina Mandalina Marina
5 . Marina Mandalina Marina

A large marina providing 300 berths, restaurant, food shop, repairs.

Debeli Cove
6 . Debeli Cove

This large cove on the northern side of the Sibnek approach offers natural shelter for anchoring.

Jadria Harbour
7 . Jadria Harbour

Jadria harbour is tucked behind the natural outcrop of mainland on the channel into Sibenik.

Srima Harbour
8 . Srima Harbour

Srima has a small inner harbour nestled in the head of the bay, and a larger breakwater. Caution to depths around break-water.

Zablace Harbour
9 . Zablace Harbour

This busy harbour is north of Solaris Marina and offers some shore-side mooring on the eastern side of the harbour, or behind the breakwater.

ACI Vodice Marina
10 . ACI Vodice Marina

Unsurprisingly, ACI Marina Vodice is one of the favourite spots for boaters looking for activity holidays, entertainment, and a wide choice of enjoyable things to do. The marina is located in the ...

Solaris Marina
11 . Solaris Marina

This laguna marina just north of the Solaris Hotel complex is hidden away from the sea by a small channel, it can be hard to find.

Sepruine East Harbour
12 . Sepruine East Harbour

A small harbour behind a large (not long) break-water, offering some opportunities for shoreside mooring.

Prvic Harbour
13 . Prvic Harbour

The harbour breakwater offers mooring with basic facilities and access to nearby cafe's and taverna's.

Djelo Quay
14 . Djelo Quay

The coastline of Broadarica is scattered with tiny jetties for locals, as you move north there is a small quay with a few restaurants.

Zlarin Harbour
15 . Zlarin Harbour

This harbour in Zlarin offers some basic facilities and mooring.

Marina Tribunj Marina
16 . Marina Tribunj Marina

Today, we have 220 sea berths and 150 places on land. Our offer also includes gas station and a top-quality boat Merk&Merk jahte servis Tribunj d.o.o. service. We also offer accommodation service a...

Brodarica Marina
17 . Brodarica Marina

This harbour is full of local boats but may offer some limited options for visiting yachts.

Spongiola Jetty Marina
18 . Spongiola Jetty Marina

This small hotel jetty offers limited shore-side mooring for visiting craft.

Krapanj Harbour
19 . Krapanj Harbour

A small local harbour near the ferry to the mainland offering limited shore-side mooring.

Morinje Cove
20 . Morinje Cove

The entrance of this large cove offers some opportunity for anchoring, but quickly shallows before reaching Jadrtovac.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Raslina
(Northern Dalmatia )

A village further up the Krk river from Sibnek where it widens into a lake.

2 . Zaton
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town near Sibnek at the northern end of the internal Krk bay.

3 . Sibenik
(Northern Dalmatia )

A large historical town (small city) hidden inside the channel fed from the river Krk.

4 . Srima
(Northern Dalmatia )

A small village south of Vodice with some jetties.

5 . Vodice
(Northern Dalmatia )

A large town on the mainland with a local harbour and large marina.

6 . Zablace
(Northern Dalmatia )

A small harbour village on the mainland near Sibenik.

Prvic Sepurine
7 . Prvic Sepurine
(Prvic Island )

A small ferry town on west side of the island with a few restaurants.

Prvic Luka
8 . Prvic Luka
(Prvic Island )

A small ferry village in a natural cove at the south of the island.

9 . Zlarin
(Zlarin Island )

A ferry village with facilities and some shelter on the northern side of the island.

10 . Brodarica
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town south of Sibenik on the mainland over-looking Krapanj island.

11 . Tribunj
(Northern Dalmatia )

A large town on the mainland given shelter from two small islets. Home to a marina with facilities.

12 . Krapanj
(Krapanj Islet )

A large local village with some limited options and facilities.

13 . Sovlje
(Northern Dalmatia )

A smal local village in a naturally forked bay on the mainland near Tribunj.

14 . Zaboric
(Northern Dalmatia )

A mainland town south of Sibenik with a harbour and a few jetties.

15 . Pirovac
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town on the mainland down a channel near the island of Murter.

16 . Grebastica
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town at the end of a long cove on the mainland surrounded by several bays.

17 . Kaprije
(Kaprije Island )

A small pretty ferry town with good facilities on the inside of a natural bay.

18 . Tisno
(Murter Island )

A town that spans the island of Murter and the mainland connected by a small bridge.

19 . Jezera
(Murter Island )

A town on the island of Murter near Tisno hidden inside a natural cove with a marina with good facilities.

20 . Betina
(Murter Island )

A small local village to the east of Murter on the northern tip of the island.

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