A small pretty ferry town with good facilities on the inside of a natural bay.

"Kaprije (Italian: Capri di Dalmazia) is an island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated in Šibenik archipelago. It has area of 7.11 km2 (2.75 sq mi) and population of 189, in the eponymous single settlement on the island. The island is composed of hills divided by transversal and longitudinal valleys where grass and sparse pine forests grow. Grapes and olives are cultivated there. The main industries are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Automobiles are not allowed on the island.

In 14th and 15th century the island belonged to noble families from Šibenik. During Ottoman conquests in 16th and 17th century, the island is inhabited by refugees from mainland. Around that time, a Saint Peter's church was built on the island." Wikipedia

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Nearby facilities

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1 . Jarusica

Company Jarusica Ltd. was established in 1997 as a Limited Liability Company registered at the Commercial Court in Split. It has a reputation of one of the eldest charter companies in this region. ...

ANA Sail
2 . ANA Sail

Academia Navalis Adriatica is an international sailing and seamanship school which, during the 26 years of it's existence, had over 13000 succesful course participants. The school is a member of I...

Nautika Kufner
3 . Nautika Kufner

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

Alternautika Centar Jedrenja
4 . Alternautika Centar Jedrenja

We are a croatian charter company specialised in chartering of monotype cruiser_racer sailingboats for summer holiday, regatta charter and complete regatta organisation and sailing school.Our fleet...

Dream Yacht Charter
5 . Dream Yacht Charter

When Loic Bonnet started Dream Yacht Charter in the Seychelles in 2001 it was with only 6 yachts. Through Mr. Bonnet's dynamic leadership the company has grown and expanded to locations throughout ...

Adriatic Charter
6 . Adriatic Charter

Over the past 15 years Adriatic Charter strived to be a highly professional and successful company which offers high standards, quality and safety in yacht charter. In order to achieve it we have b...

Pitter Yachting
7 . Pitter Yachting

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Odisej Yachting
8 . Odisej Yachting

Sailing is a fascinating and unique way to spend your holidays; and the Croatian coastline, diversified by numerous islands is a perfect starting point for cutting through the hawser and sailing on...

Ankora Charter
9 . Ankora Charter

Ankora is a company which professionally and expertly deals with charting and maintainance of vessels. Company was established in 2001. with its head office in Zagreb

Yachting 2000
10 . Yachting 2000

Yachting 2000 means more than 16 years of experience and expertise in all areas relating to Yacht Charter, Yacht Management and Yacht Brokerage! At our headquarters in St. Gotthard im Mahlkreis you...

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . Kaprije

The coastline is scattered with tiny jetties for local boats, while the larger ferry jetty acts as a break-water to the small harbour. The harbour is mostly filled with local boats although some mo...

Nozdra Cove
2 . Nozdra Cove

Pretty little cove to the south of Kaprje island with a couple of tavernas.

Zmajan Bay
3 . Zmajan Bay

The deserted island of Zmajan has a few bays that may offer anchorage.

Kunjka Cove
4 . Kunjka Cove

This pretty cove on the north eastern coast of Kaprije island is home to an isolated taverna.

Prcevac Cove
5 . Prcevac Cove

This cove is on the northern tip of Kaprije island and offers some opportunities for anchoring.

Gavitelli Cove
6 . Gavitelli Cove

This cove on the north west of the island has a few small jetties: too small for yachts.

Koromasna Cove
7 . Koromasna Cove

This pretty little cove on the east side of Zirje island is home to a taverna providing buoys for guests.

8 . Muna

A pretty little ferry harbour for the island of Zirje. Some shore-side mooring can be found behind the ferry break-water.

Tijat Cove
9 . Tijat Cove

This pretty cove on the southern side of the island hosts a single taverna.

Obonjan Jetty
10 . Obonjan Jetty

This small jetty provides shore-side access to the small islet.

Bakul Cove
11 . Bakul Cove

This cove provides some shelter due to the natural land formation.

Stupica Cove
12 . Stupica Cove

To the eastern side of this large cove is a taverna with buoys for visitors.

Mikavica Cove
13 . Mikavica Cove

A tiny jetty at the head of the cove provides limited shore-side mooring, behind which is an even smaller harbour for local fishing boats.

Tratinska Cove
14 . Tratinska Cove

This long cove provides some natural shelter and the two taverna's provide buoys for guests.

Marina Tribunj
15 . Marina Tribunj

Today, we have 220 sea berths and 150 places on land. Our offer also includes gas station and a top-quality boat Merk&Merk jahte servis Tribunj d.o.o. service. We also offer accommodation service a...

16 . Prvic

The harbour breakwater offers mooring with basic facilities and access to nearby cafe's and taverna's.

Sepruine East
17 . Sepruine East

A small harbour behind a large (not long) break-water, offering some opportunities for shoreside mooring.

Sovlje Cove
18 . Sovlje Cove

The cove forks into two, the northern fork hosts many smaller boats, while the southern fork has a small quay.

Ljuta Cove
19 . Ljuta Cove

This cove on the north western tip of Zirje island provides some opportunities for anchoring.

Raparasnjak Cove
20 . Raparasnjak Cove

This cove is on the northern tip of Zirje island overlooking the Raparasnjak islet.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Muna
(Zirje Island )

A small ferry village on the north eastern side of Zirje island.

Prvic Luka
2 . Prvic Luka
(Prvic Island )

A small ferry village in a natural cove at the south of the island.

Prvic Sepurine
3 . Prvic Sepurine
(Prvic Island )

A small ferry town on west side of the island with a few restaurants.

4 . Tribunj
(Northern Dalmatia )

A large town on the mainland given shelter from two small islets. Home to a marina with facilities.

5 . Sovlje
(Northern Dalmatia )

A smal local village in a naturally forked bay on the mainland near Tribunj.

6 . Vodice
(Northern Dalmatia )

A large town on the mainland with a local harbour and large marina.

7 . Srima
(Northern Dalmatia )

A small village south of Vodice with some jetties.

8 . Zlarin
(Zlarin Island )

A ferry village with facilities and some shelter on the northern side of the island.

9 . Jezera
(Murter Island )

A town on the island of Murter near Tisno hidden inside a natural cove with a marina with good facilities.

10 . Tisno
(Murter Island )

A town that spans the island of Murter and the mainland connected by a small bridge.

11 . Zablace
(Northern Dalmatia )

A small harbour village on the mainland near Sibenik.

12 . Zaton
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town near Sibnek at the northern end of the internal Krk bay.

13 . Pirovac
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town on the mainland down a channel near the island of Murter.

14 . Sibenik
(Northern Dalmatia )

A large historical town (small city) hidden inside the channel fed from the river Krk.

15 . Krapanj
(Krapanj Islet )

A large local village with some limited options and facilities.

16 . Brodarica
(Northern Dalmatia )

A town south of Sibenik on the mainland over-looking Krapanj island.

17 . Betina
(Murter Island )

A small local village to the east of Murter on the northern tip of the island.

18 . Raslina
(Northern Dalmatia )

A village further up the Krk river from Sibnek where it widens into a lake.

19 . Murter
(Murter Island )

A large town with a large marina on the northern tip of Murter island.

20 . Zaboric
(Northern Dalmatia )

A mainland town south of Sibenik with a harbour and a few jetties.

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