Portoferraio is a busy capital on the northern coast of Elba Island and known for Napeoleon's exile. The city is built around the inner bank of a wide bay and hosts a harbour and quayside to the north, a number of large jetties for visiting cruise liners, two smaller harbours and dockyards and a small field of buoys near the south.

"Portoferraio (Italian pronunciation: [ˌpɔrtoferˈraːjo]) is a town and comune in the province of Livorno, on the edge of the eponymous harbour of the island of Elba. It is the island's largest city. Because of its terrain, many of its buildings are situated on the slopes of a tiny hill bordered on three sides by the sea." Wikipedia

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We moored up in the busy capital for a few days and hired a car to explore the southern region and stopped at Villa San Martino and Porto Azzuro.

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Portoferraio ESAOM
1 . Portoferraio ESAOM

2 . Portoferraio

Porto Azzurro
3 . Porto Azzurro

4 . Marciana

Rio Marina
5 . Rio Marina

Marina d'Campo
6 . Marina d'Campo

7 . Cavo

8 . Salivoli

9 . Piombino

Porto di Baratti Buoys
10 . Porto di Baratti Buoys

Punta Ala
11 . Punta Ala

San Vincenzo
12 . San Vincenzo

13 . Scarlino

River Bruna
14 . River Bruna

15 . Capraia

San Rocco
16 . San Rocco

17 . Cecina

Cala de Medici
18 . Cala de Medici

19 . Erbalunga

20 . Porticciolo

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Acquaviva
(Toscana )

A village on the green northern hillside of the Elba Island with two small white beaches between a rocky coastline.

2 . Scaglieri
(Toscana )

A small town in beautiful scenery with a postcard perfect sandy beach between two lush green cliff-side borders at the foot of a green mountain.

3 . Lacona
(Toscana )

A rural agricultural town on the Southern side of Elba Island with a wide white sandy cove on the western side of a large green outcrop and a smaller grey beach and local fishing harbour on the eas...

4 . Nisporto
(Toscana )

A village around a small cove with many buoys nestled in-between the green rocky hill-side.

5 . Procchio
(Toscana )

A popular holiday destination around a wide-sandy blue-water cover with some boats seen anchored to the eastern side seeking shelter behind the outcrop.

Porto Azzurro
6 . Porto Azzurro
(Toscana )

A large town on the southern side of Elba Island on the northern bank of a large natural harbour and anchorage. Home to a small blue-water marina behind a small breakwater.

Rio Marina
7 . Rio Marina
(Toscana )

A busy little town on the western coast of Elba island and home to a ferry terminal, pontoon and local fishing boats within the small harbour. Many local restaurants close by.

Campo nell'Elba
8 . Campo nell'Elba
(Toscana )

On the southern side of Elba Island and a short distance across the island from Portoferraio. Situated around a wide sandy beach cove leading to a small harbour on the inner western side. many rest...

Marciana Marina
9 . Marciana Marina
(Toscana )

A pretty town at the foot of the green mountains with the historic Degli Appiani tower overlooking the breakwater and harbour. Several small T-shaped pontoons.

10 . Cavo
(Toscana )

A lush green town on the north-eastern coast of Elba Island with a line of restaurants along the beach promenade which leads south to a harbour, marina and ferry terminal.

Morcone and Pareti
11 . Morcone and Pareti
(Toscana )

Two small villages on the southern side of Elba Island, each around a small sandy cove and joined by a small rocky outcrop in the middle.

12 . Zanca-Sant'Andrea
(Toscana )

A popular holiday village in the green foot-hills of Madonna mountain. Home to a small sandy beach and quay-side tucked in between a craggy rocky shoreline.

13 . Fetovaia
(Toscana )

A village at the sandy beach head of a square cove forming a natural harbour and anchorage.

14 . Pomonte
(Toscana )

A small town in the valley under mount Madonna with a rocky beach and no mooring options.

15 . Piombino
(Toscana )

A predominately industrial port town on the western coast of Italy with some more attractive historic roots on the western side of the town close to Salivoli. The port is home to a ferry terminal t...

San Vincenzo
16 . San Vincenzo
(Toscana )

A small town on the north-western coast of Italy level with the top of Corsica. The sandy coastline is home to a marina and many restaurants and separated from the rest of the town by the railway t...

17 . Follonica
(Toscana )

A popular town on the western coast of Italy with a long sandy beach attracting many local visitors. A busy marina is found a few kilometres south of the town at the entrance to the Allacciante canal.

Castiglione della Pescaia
18 . Castiglione della Pescaia
(Toscana )

A small popular historic town on the sandy western coast of Italy at the mouth of the river Bruna overlooking the small island of Giglio.

19 . Cecina
(Toscana )

A small inland town along the river Cecina with coastal extension home to a small harbour and marina. The popular promenade offers bars and hotels and is a short distance from the nature reserve wh...

Rosignano Solvay
20 . Rosignano Solvay
(Toscana )

A town on the north-western coast of Italy with a spectacular white beach albeit reported to be polluted with toxic chemicals and as such best to be avoided.

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