Trinidad Island


Trinidad is the larger of two islands only 11km from Venezuela separated by the gulf of Paria. The original name for the island was 'Lere' which meant "Land of the Hummingbird". Christopher Columbus renamed it "La Isla de la Trinidad" ("The Island of the Trinity"), fulfilling a vow he had made before setting out on his third voyage. This has since been shortened to Trinidad.

"Trinidad is the larger and more populous of the two major islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The island lies 11 km (6.8 mi) off the northeastern coast of Venezuela and sits on the continental shelf of South America. It is often referred to as the southernmost island in the Caribbean. With an area of 4,768 km2 (1,841 sq mi), it is also the fifth largest in the West Indies." Wikipedia

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Trinidad Island

Trinidad has many industrial areas due to the oil and gas industry which spoils much of its natural beauty.

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . CrewsInn

Power Boats
2 . Power Boats

La Soufriere
3 . La Soufriere

Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club
4 . Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club

Las Cuevas Bay
5 . Las Cuevas Bay

Maracas Bay
6 . Maracas Bay

Balata Bay
7 . Balata Bay

Scotland Bay
8 . Scotland Bay

Grand Fond Bay
9 . Grand Fond Bay

Perruquier Bay
10 . Perruquier Bay

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Top Towns

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Port of Spain
1 . Port of Spain

The official capital city of Trinidad and Tobago located on the Gulf of Paria, on the northwest coast of the island.

2 . Chaguaramas

A small town on the north-western tip of Trinidad sheltered by the Gaspar Grande island.

Maracas Bay
3 . Maracas Bay

A small leafy village on the northern coast of the island in a beautiful sandy beach bay.

4 . Toco

A small leafy town on the north-eastern tip of the island.

5 . Rampanalgas

A small leafy village on the north-eastern coast of the island.

Point Ligoure
6 . Point Ligoure

A large town on the south-eastern coast of the island with a large industrial area north of the town.

San Fernando
7 . San Fernando

The second largest town on the western coast of the island and the industrial capital of the country.

Saint Andrew
8 . Saint Andrew

An industrial town on the eastern coast of the island.

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