Lanzarote Island


The northern canary island off the Moroccan coast with a desolate lunar landscape.

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Lanzarote Island

A very windy desert/moon like landscape with wide sandy beaches and a large national park around the volcano.

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Orzola Bay
1 . Orzola Bay

2 . Lanzarote

Puerto Calero
3 . Puerto Calero

4 . Rubicon

Playa Blanca
5 . Playa Blanca

Top Towns

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Playa Blanca
1 . Playa Blanca
(Canary Islands )

A large holiday resort town on the southern coast of Lanzarote island around a blue-water bay. Home to a harbour, ferry terminal and marina on the western shore and a large marina on the eastern sh...

Puerto Calero
2 . Puerto Calero
(Canary Islands )

A town in a desert landscape on the south-eastern coast of Lanzarote island, home to a large harbour and marina.

Puerto del Carmen
3 . Puerto del Carmen
(Canary Islands )

A popular holiday destination and resort town stretching along the coastline into Pocillos up to the airport on the south-eastern shore of Lanzarote island. Home to a couple of busy sandy beaches a...

Playa Honda
4 . Playa Honda
(Canary Islands )

A residential town close to the eastern end of the airport along a sandy beach coastline.

5 . Arrecife
(Canary Islands )

The historic capital city on the island of Lanzarote island situated along the rocky eastern coast and formed around an old natural harbour only accessible for low boats due to the bridges. Home to...

Costa Teguise
6 . Costa Teguise
(Canary Islands )

A popular holiday destination on the lunar like eastern coast of Lanzarote island around two small natural sandy coves, now with man-made reefs to retain the sand.

Charco del Palo
7 . Charco del Palo
(Canary Islands )

A small holiday town towards the north of the eastern coast of Lanzarote island.

8 . Arrieta
(Canary Islands )

A small town on the rocky eastern coast of Lanzarote island, with an unusual (and unused) triangular mooring block connected to the mainland by a walkway.

Punta de Mujeres
9 . Punta de Mujeres
(Canary Islands )

A town along the northern end of the eastern rocky coastline of Lanzarote island, home to many holiday apartments, restaurants and bars.

10 . Orzola
(Canary Islands )

A small town around a natural harbour on the northern tip of Lanzarote island, with a small jetty and a small selection of restaurants.

La Caleta
11 . La Caleta
(Canary Islands )

One of few towns on the western coast of Lanzarote island. Home to a tiny harbour and quayside and a handful of restaurants.

La Santa
12 . La Santa
(Canary Islands )

A small town on the rocky exposed western coast of Lanzarote island and home to a tiny harbour and a handful of restaurants along the main road.

El Golfo
13 . El Golfo
(Canary Islands )

A small tourist town towards the southern end of the north-western rocky coastline within the volcanic national park.

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