A coastal town south of Zadar opposite the two islands Pasman and Uglijan.

"Sukošan (San Cassiano in Italian) is a village in Dalmatia, Croatia, with 4,583 (2011 census) inhabitants, the majority which are Croats. It is located along the Adriatic tourism road between Zadar and Biograd na Moru.

Sukošan is a holiday resort, with a spacious and cultivated long coastline, numerous coves and clean clear sea. Known as a nautical center, Sukošan is a site of Zlatna luka Marina, the Tustica Nature Complex, pebble beaches, camping sites, distinguished buildings, olive groves, and vineyards." Wikipedia

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GTF No1 Charter

Personal approach, no small letter mentality, great service. Boat is 100% ok, and the fastest in its category.

Burin Yacht Charter

Double check everything carefully, even detailed if someone from their crew say 'its old boat we don't pay attention for such small issues'. The best is to dive by ourselves and record every item on and under the boat for future accusation. If you don't want extra payments prepare evidences for your innocence in advance. Lesson learned: avoid Burin Charter.

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Arch International
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The company ARCH INTERNATIONAL, L.t.d., Marina Dalmacija, Zadar, Croatia, offers motor yacht charter. We have various boats from sport dialy cruisers to large two-family motor yachts 16 m in lenght...

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Marina Dalmacija
1 . Marina Dalmacija

D-Marin Dalmacija, the largest marina in Croatia, is located in a naturally protected bay, 7 km south of the ancient port town of Zadar. The marina is easily and safely accessible by modern motorwa...

2 . Bibinje

Two overlapping breakwaters create a harbour for many local boats. The ends of the breakwaters may provide sufficient depth for visiting yachts.

Crkva Saint Luka
3 . Crkva Saint Luka

This natural cove is protected by two breakwaters that offer shelter for shore-side mooring.

4 . Banj

The solid break-water may provide limited options for mooring near the tip as the depth recedes quickly further in.

Zrdrelac Saint Ante
5 . Zrdrelac Saint Ante

This natural cove has several jetties and a large outer and smaller inner break-water creating a harbour. The inside of the larger of the two break-waters may have sufficient depth to accommodate y...

Gospe Snjezne Quay
6 . Gospe Snjezne Quay

The commercial quay is for the Zdrelac passage.

7 . Kukljica

This busy pretty harbour on the eastern side of Ugljan island offers several pontoons on the northern shore for visiting yachts. The bay is protected by breakwaters.

8 . Dobropoljana

Like many of the harbours on the eastern side of Pasman island they are in shallow water, however the tip of either breakwater may have sufficient depth for keel boats to moor.

Sabusica Cove
9 . Sabusica Cove

Yachts may find shelter in this cove on the western side of Ugljan island towards the southern tip close to the Zdrelac passage.

10 . Nevidane

The water depth in this area is too shallow for most keel boats, however the tip of the eastern break-water may be in sufficient depth and offer limited options.

Zadar Saint Klement
11 . Zadar Saint Klement

This harbour is found against an industrial backdrop and the commercial port of Zadar.

Lamjana Mala Cove
12 . Lamjana Mala Cove

This sheltered anchorage is at the end of a long cove a short distance overload to Kali.

13 . Kali

A small harbour north of Kukljica on the western shore of Ugljan island. The inner jetty may offer some options for visiting yachts.

14 . Mrljane

The small town of Mrljane has a small break-water creating a harbour around a tiny inner harbour.

Galesnjak Islet
15 . Galesnjak Islet

The northern side of this heart shaped islet overlooks two smaller islets (Bisaga) and may offer some moderate shelter for anchoring.

Kali Breakwater
16 . Kali Breakwater

The tiny harbour is for local boats however the tip of the breakwater may offer some limited shoreside mooring.

17 . Osljak

This tiny harbour overlooking Ugljan island is on the western side of Osljak islet may offer some shore side mooring on the tip of the breakwater.

Zadar Garden Port
18 . Zadar Garden Port

The inner port is home to many small motor boats , whereas the marina further out is home to yachts and larger power boats.

Balabra Cove
19 . Balabra Cove

This small cove on the western side of Pasman island overlooks Balabra islet and may provide an opportunity to anchor.

Zadar Fosa
20 . Zadar Fosa

The small harbour is full of local boats and set against the park on one side and the old town on the other.Yachts may find a mooring near the entrance of the Fosa.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Bibinje
(Zadar County )

A small coastal town south of Zadar with a small harbour just north of the large Marina Dalmacija.

2 . Banj
(Pasman Island )

A small harbour town on the east of Pasman island.

3 . Kukljica
(Ugljan Island )

A town on the south eastern side of Ugljan island offering mooring and facilities.

4 . Zdrelac
(Pasman Island )

A small town on the northern tip of Pasman island connecting Ugljan via a narrow passage.

Sveti Petar na Moru
5 . Sveti Petar na Moru
(Zadar County )

A small town with a number of pebbled beaches.

6 . Nevidane
(Pasman Island )

A local fishing village on th east coast of Pasman island.

7 . Mrljane
(Pasman Island )

On the eastern coast of Pasman island in a bay alongside Barotul with Garmenjak islet.

8 . Kali
(Ugljan Island )

A town on an outcrop of the island with two harbours.

9 . Zadar
(Zadar County )

A busy historic old city on the Zadar peninsula with various places to moor up and visit. The city offers a medley of roman and slavic history and it's prominent location has encouraged growth over...

10 . Pasman
(Pasman Island )

A robust harbour on the eastern coast of the island at the narrowest part of the channel between Pasman and the mainland.

11 . Preko
(Ugljan Island )

A harbour ferry town with a medium sized marina.

12 . Turanj
(Zadar County )

A pretty historic town facing island Pasman with a few small islets in between.

13 . Poljana
(Ugljan Island )

A small harbour between sutomiscica and Preko.

Sveti Filip i Jakov
14 . Sveti Filip i Jakov
(Zadar County )

A town on the coastal mainland north of Beograd with a few harbours and opposite island Pasman.

15 . Sutomiscica
(Ugljan Island )

A small town with a decent marina on the eastern side of Ugljan island.

16 . Kraj
(Pasman Island )

A small harbour on the eastern coast of Pasman island south of Pasman itself.

17 . Ugrinici
(Pasman Island )

A town on the south eastern coast of Pasman island.

Mali Iz
18 . Mali Iz
(Iz Island )

A small ferry village on the west side of the Iz island.

19 . Lukoran
(Ugljan Island )

A small town around a natural bay on the eastern side of the Ugljan island.

20 . Porovac
(Iz Island )

A village on the eastern side of the iz island.

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