A stunning town on the southern coast of Corsica with a long natural channel to the north creating a good natural harbour for centuries.

"Bonifacio (; Italian: [boniˈfaːtʃo]; French: [bɔnifasjo]; Corsican: Bunifaziu, pronounced [buniˈfatsju]; Bonifacian dialect: Bunifazziu) is a commune at the southern tip of the island of Corsica, in the Corse-du-Sud department of France.

Bonifacio is the setting of Guy de Maupassant's short story "Vendetta".

The French leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series takes place in Bonifacio." Wikipedia

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We pulled into the breathtaking cliff-top setting and relaxed in a stunning harbour then went off to explore the narrow streets at the historical heart of the town.


Like stepping back in time to one of the most protected harbours in Europe. A truly stunning place.


We stopped here before heading south to Sardinia and were stunned at how pretty the town is but also how steep it is up to the castle and old town, which is amazing.


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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . Bonifacio

Port de Cavallo
2 . Port de Cavallo

Figari Bay
3 . Figari Bay

Santa Teresa Di Gallura
4 . Santa Teresa Di Gallura

Isola Budelli Buoys
5 . Isola Budelli Buoys

Cala d'Alga
6 . Cala d'Alga

Porto Pozzo
7 . Porto Pozzo

Cala Corsara
8 . Cala Corsara

Porto Vecchio
9 . Porto Vecchio

Porto Puddu Bay
10 . Porto Puddu Bay

Porto Massimo
11 . Porto Massimo

Cala Nido d'Aquila
12 . Cala Nido d'Aquila

Cala Gavetta
13 . Cala Gavetta

Cala Mangiavolpe
14 . Cala Mangiavolpe

Cala Camiciotto
15 . Cala Camiciotto

16 . Palau

Porto Arsenale
17 . Porto Arsenale

Ponte Montea
18 . Ponte Montea

Cala Garibaldi Bay
19 . Cala Garibaldi Bay

Porto Palma
20 . Porto Palma

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Ciappili
(Corse )

The southern most village on the island of Corsica along with Sperono.

2 . Sant'Amanza
(Corse )

A small village on the eastern coast of Corsica at the head of a wide natural bay.

3 . Caldarello
(Corse )

A small village on the south-western coast of Corsica at the end of a long rocky bay.

Santa Teresa Gallura
4 . Santa Teresa Gallura
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A hillside town on the northern tip of Sardinia overlooking Corsica. Home to a long natural rocky cove to the west leading to a marina, and a small sandy beach cove to the north.

Santa Giulia
5 . Santa Giulia
(Corse )

A holiday resort in the hill-side of the eastern rocky coast of Corsica, home to a large sandy bay popular with mooring yachts.

Porto Pozzo
6 . Porto Pozzo
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A village towards the end of a long natural channel on the northern coast of Sardinia. Home to a number of pontoons at the local restaurant.

7 . Porto-Vecchio
(Corse )

A small pretty and historic city at the foot of a large long bay surrounded by mountains. Home to a small marina and a ferry terminal to Civitavecchia, Napoli, Marseille, and Golio Aranci.

Rena Majore
8 . Rena Majore
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A town set back a short distance from the rocky northern shore of Sardinia.

Casetta Bianca
9 . Casetta Bianca
(Corse )

A small holiday resort on the south-eastern coast of Corsica close to Porto-Vecchio.

Porto Pollo
10 . Porto Pollo
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A village in the hills set back from the northern coast of Sardinia in a bay, allegedly, shaped like a chicken.

11 . Piccovaggia
(Corse )

A village on the headland set back from the coast.

Porto Rafael
12 . Porto Rafael
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A village on the headland overlooking the island of Maddalena.

La Maddalena
13 . La Maddalena
(Maddalena Island - Italy )

A popular large town on the southern coast of the island, sheltered by the nearby islets the local busy ports give direct access to the pretty old town.

14 . Palau
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A pretty and popular town on the northern coast of Sardinia overlooking the island of Stefano and Maddalena.

Cala Rossa
15 . Cala Rossa
(Corse )

A beautiful residential village on the tip of a the Porto Vecchio bay on the south-eastern rocky coast of Corsica.

Portobello di Gallura
16 . Portobello di Gallura
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A holiday village on the rocky norther coastline of Sardinia.

San Ciprianu
17 . San Ciprianu
(Corse )

A village close to a shallow sandy bay. Also known as Saint Cyprien.

18 . Stagnali
(Caprera Island - Italy )

A small village on the western side of the island in a large bay facing towards Maddalena.

19 . Portigliolo
(Corse )

A village on the south-western coast of Corsica at the southern end of a long sandy beach.

20 . Pinarellu
(Corse )

A popular village on the south-eastern coast of Corsica to the north of a sandy beach at the head of a wide bay.

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