Noirmoutier Island



A short distance from the western coast of France this small island is home to a large number of salt pans.

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Videos on Noirmoutier Island

Découverte de l'Île de Noirmoutier
Découverte de l'Île de Noirmoutier

Cette vidéo présente l'île de Noirmoutier et contient : _le rocher du Cob _le pont de Noirmoutier _la plage du vieil _la plage de Luzéronde _le port de Morin _l'estacade, ou l' embarcadère _le...

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Noirmoutier Harbour
1 . Noirmoutier Harbour

A drying harbour on the Moulin tidal river with vessel rafted alongside the quay. Restaurants and supermarket north of river.

Port de Morin Marina
2 . Port de Morin Marina

A drying harbour with marina with 8 long pontoons and 6 short pontoons on the western coast of Noirmoutier island. Limited facilities. A couple of restaurants within a short walk.

Top Towns

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1 . Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile
(Pays de la Loire )

A small town on the north-east side the island.

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