Amorgos Island


A long thin island, largely uninhabited, on the east of the Cyclades near neighbouring Dodecanese. The small town of Katapola at the head of a sheltered cove provides ferry links to nearby islands and leads up to Kastro (Chora) on the spine of the island.

"For the poem "Amorgos", see Nikos Gatsos.Amorgos (Greek: Αμοργός, pronounced [amorˈɣos]) is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island group and the nearest island to the neighbouring Dodecanese island group in Greece. Along with several neighbouring islets, the largest of which is Nikouria Island, it comprises the municipality of Amorgos, which has a land area of 126.346 square kilometres (48.782 square miles) and a population of 1,973 (2011 census)." Wikipedia

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Katapola Quay
1 . Katapola Quay

Top Towns

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1 . Chora

A remote and small village set back a short way up the steep western coast, and a 45 min walk from neighbouring coastal town Katapola on the western coast.

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