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Kato Gouves



Porto Gouves is not to be confused with the adjacent but much shallower harbour to the west, but still caution is advised on depths on the silted approach. The marina is by European standards quite basic but provides the minimum facilities.

40 berths. Visitors are welcome. Electric. Water. Showers. Toilets. No laundry facilities. Supermarket within 5min walk. No chandlery close by. Diesel available. eMail: info@portogouves.gr View or edit details in marina.wiki

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Heraklion Airport
1 . Heraklion Airport

Heraklion international airport is a very busy airport just to the east of the city and is the primary airport for Crete.

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Heraklion Fortress Quay Harbour
1 . Heraklion Fortress Quay Harbour

The quay separates the inner and outer harbours. The inner harbour is host to a mass of small local boats, while the outer harbour is the main port and ferry terminal for Crete. The fortress is on ...

Rodias Harbour
2 . Rodias Harbour

The sturdy harbour at Pantanassa monastery and beach is just south of the village of Palaiokastro and is home to the Gazi Sailing club. The harbour offers very basic facilities, however there are a...

Marina Agios Nikolaous Marina
3 . Marina Agios Nikolaous Marina

The Marina of Agios Nikolaos (Ayios Nikolaos) is a well protected marina in all weather conditions, it is built to European standards and is capable of accommodating up to 255 boats all year round....

Lerepetra Harbour
4 . Lerepetra Harbour

An ancient castle overlooks the harbour. The harbour has several large motor and fishing boats along the inside of the breakwater but there is normally plenty of room for yachts to find space. Nort...

Galini Harbour
5 . Galini Harbour

The long break-water provides a large capacity for mooring yachts, although some yachts moor up on the landside, although depths vary. There are very basic facilities, the toilets are found to the ...

Kaloi Limenes
6 . Kaloi Limenes

Also known as Kali Limenes this east facing bay has a tiny harbour to the south and a beach to the north. The harbour is shallow and full of local boats. The beach has a small quay but again to sha...

Rethymno Harbour
7 . Rethymno Harbour

The marina shallows in places and larger yachts tend to moor near the outer quayside where it is deeper. Smaller local craft take up the shallow waters on the southern side. The nearby old harbour ...

Sitia Harbour
8 . Sitia Harbour

The townside quay is lined with small local boats where the harbour shallows. Yachts are often found moored stern to along the inside of the two outer breakwaters, albeit towards the ends. The harb...

Rethymno Old Harbour
9 . Rethymno Old Harbour

This old venetian harbour provides limited space for visiting yachts, the nearby marina may have more space and provides a greater draft.

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Kato Gouves
1 . Kato Gouves

A busy little town to the east of Heraklion with two harbours a series of holiday resorts a busy beach and a collection of taverna's and bars nearby.

2 . Gournes

Gournes is a quiet village to the east of Heraklion with a tiny desolate harbour.

3 . Anissaras

Also known as Chersonissos has a series of large holiday resorts crammed into this corner os the island. Yachts and boats are often found anchored in the eastern bay.

Limin Khersonisou
4 . Limin Khersonisou

Also known as Chersonisos or Hersonisos, this bustling town follows the coastline and the series of small sandy beach bays. All along the coast there are taverna's and bars and set back from the co...

5 . Heraklion

Also known as Irakleion and Iraklio is the capital city of Crete found on the northern side with ferry links to the Greek mainland (Athens) and Santorini. The large marina is adjacent to the ancien...

6 . Malia

Malia is set back from the coast but extends into coastal areas of Metamorfosi and Stalida. Stalida is similar to neighbouring Hersonissos in so much is it's crammed with bars along the sea front a...

7 . Sisi

Also known as Sision, this is a small pretty town built around a creek like bay with taverna's looking out onto the sea north of Crete. The coastline either side of the bay is rocky and has no beach.

8 . Milatou

Also known as Milatos, this is a small quiet town on the northern coast of Crete with an isolated breakwater and inner quay a short walk west from the town.

9 . Lygaria

Similar to it's larger northern neighbour Ligaria is a pretty coastal village around a beach bay bounded by a rocky coastline but provides no mooring or harbour.

Agia Pelagia
10 . Agia Pelagia

A busy holiday town on the northern side of Crete but facing east with two neighbouring bays further north. While the pretty town has a collection of interesting historic sites and plenty of tavern...

Paralia Fodele
11 . Paralia Fodele

This tiny village is dominated by the large holiday resort to the west of the beach near the quayside. On the eastern side of the beach there are a handful of taverna's backing onto the highway.

12 . Elounda

Elounda is on the north-eastern coast of Crete and takes natural shelter behind the large Kalydon islet. A small channel has been dredged between the islet and the main island to allow boats to pas...

13 . Plaka

Plaka overlooks the ruined fortress on the Spinalonga islet and the larger Kalydon islet towards the north-eastern side of Crete. Plaka is a tiny village but is the first sheltered stop from Malia ...

14 . Almirida

A remarkably remote and tiny village with a proportionally large breakwater and inner quay. A sole taverna is found next to the beach a short walk around the cliffside road.

Agios Nikolaos
15 . Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is in the Mirabello gulf on the northern coast of Crete overlooking the Agii Pantes islet. It is a popular destination for sailors and hosts a developed marina. The town also has an ...

16 . Istro

Istro is set back from the coast and saddles the land between two sandy beach bays. The eastern bay offering a blue lagoon with sandy shores and an opportunity to anchor for a while in the right co...

17 . Bali

Also known as Mpali is found on the northern side of Crete to the west of Heraklion but facing east. The rocky shore line gives way to a couple of bays under the hillside scattered with white hotel...

Pacheia Ammos
18 . Pacheia Ammos

A small town in the base of the Mirampelou gulf on the northern coast of Crete is home to a small breakwater and inner quay and a couple of taverna's and a supermarket.

19 . Ierapetra

The eastern coast of Crete doesn't attract many sailors and this large town on the southern coast is the first (or last) sizeable harbour en route. Ierapetra is home to several taverna's overlookin...

20 . Panormos

Panormos is a pretty town on the northern coast of Crete with two small beaches behind manmade breakwaters. The large of the two in the centre of the town has an inner quayside for mooring. There a...

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