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Kefalonia (also Cephalonia) is a large island in the Southern Ionian Sea to the west of Ithaca and one of the most photogenic. The island has has stunning cliffs, pebbled coves and sandy beaches, many accessible only on foot or by boat. The best known beach is northern Myrtos, a picturesque strip of white sand backed by steep limestone cliffs. It is also home to some fantastic local wine.

"Cephalonia or Kefalonia (Greek: Κεφαλονιά or Κεφαλλονιά), formerly also known as Kefallinia or Kephallenia (Κεφαλληνία), is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece and the 6th largest island in Greece after Crete, Evoia, Lesbos, Rhodes, and Chios. It is also a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and the only municipality of the regional unit. It was also a former Latin Catholic diocese Kefalonia–Zakynthos (Cefalonia–Zante) and short-lived titular see as just Kefalonia.

The capital of Cephalonia is Argostoli." Wikipedia

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Latest Reviews


This was an appealing small Harbour. Plenty of food outlets and good value.

Agia Effimia

Arrived at 4pm to find electricity and water. Quite quiet for now.


Fiskardo is one of my favourite villages in the world with a natural harbour and an array of pleasant restaurants and bars.


Fiskardo is a beautiful and unspoilt village harbour with beautiful scenery.


Hello this is my review for fiskardo. I like it very much


A beautiful cove surrounded by comfortable restaurants and cafes.

Myrtos Beach

Incredible turquoise water. The approach to the beach is stunning.

Myrtos Beach

A beautiful beach with a nice cafe and facilities. Not much parking space near the bottom.

Myrtos Beach

The wild cliffs and beautiful white beach and blue water were amazing, we even found a small cave to explore.


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Top facilities

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Seafarer Holidays
1 . Seafarer Holidays

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Ionian Blue Sailing
2 . Ionian Blue Sailing

We are a UK based yacht charter company operating from the beautiful island of Kefalonia in Greece. Now in our 11th year, we have become a favourite choice for yacht sailing holidays in the Ionian....

Kefalonia Sailing
3 . Kefalonia Sailing

We are a family business which consists of my husband, Dionisis, and me, Evgenia. Dionisis is responsible for the vessel maintenance and I help him with the rest. We run this business since 2004. E...

Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Argostoli Quay
1 . Argostoli Quay

The town quay on the western coast of the bay offers some shelter for shore-side mooring and access to the town.

2 . Argostoli

An abandoned marina started many years ago.

3 . Lixouri

A basic marina north of the main harbour has four pontoons and may provide some shelter for visiting yachts.

Ayios Eufimia Quay
4 . Ayios Eufimia Quay

The long quay on the northern shore is sheltered by the large break-water and provides good access to nearby shops and taverna's.

5 . Sami

The harbour is found behind the ferry terminal and quay and jetty provide good options for mooring and easy access to the local town.

Sami Harbour West
6 . Sami Harbour West

This harbour to the west of the town provides some shoreside mooring for visiting yachts and is sheltered behind a long breakwater.

7 . Poros

The inner harbour may be too shallow for yachts. The quayside and breakwater may provide better options.

Giagana Cove
8 . Giagana Cove

A wide and pretty cove north of Effimia on the eastern coast of Kefalonia with a long sandy beach may offer some good shelter for anchoring yachts.

Agriossiki Cove
9 . Agriossiki Cove

A pretty cove on the eastern shore of Kefalonia just north-east of Effimia offering some options for anchoring.

Antisamou Cove
10 . Antisamou Cove

A large wide cove with a popular and pretty beach.

11 . Katelios

A small harbour surrounded by rocks in shallow water. Depth of harbour not known but may not be suitable for keel boats.

12 . Loudata

A tiny battered harbour on the western coast of Kefalonia providing some limited shelter for local boats.

13 . Trapezaki

A tiny harbour for local boats near a taverna.

14 . Pessada

A tiny harbour provides some shelter for local boats on this rugged coastline.

Agia Pelagia
15 . Agia Pelagia

A large harbour (in relative terms for this side of the island) provides shelter behind a breakwater and the natural Pelegias Cape. Inside the harbour there is a single pontoon and quayside mooring.

Livadi Bay
16 . Livadi Bay

A long and wide bay shallowing towards the end providing a sheltered environment for anchoring.

17 . Kounopetra

A tiny jetty hidden behind a battered breakwater my provide some rare shelter and shore-side mooring in this area.

Athera Cove
18 . Athera Cove

Shelter may be found behind the breakwater on the western side of the cove far within the Athera bay. The beach has two taverna's.

19 . Kiryaki

The two rocky breakwaters provide shelter inside the harbour, some space may be available for visiting yachts.

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Top Towns

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1 . Fiskardo
(Ionian Islands )

Fiskardo is a very pretty and colourful fishy village on the north western tip of Kefalonia island overlooking Ithaca island.

2 . Asos
(Ionian Islands )

This small village is on the north-western coast of Kefalonia island at the neck of the island and a small outcrop.

Agia Effimia
3 . Agia Effimia
(Ionian Islands )

Also known as 'Ayios Eufimia' this pretty town situated in a natural bay on the western coast of Kefalonia looks over Ithaca island.

4 . Sami
(Ionian Islands )

This ferry town east of Karavomylos is at the base of a large bay.

5 . Skala
(Ionian Islands )

This beachy town is on the southern tip of Kefalonia.

6 . Poros
(Ionian Islands )

This long coastal ferry town is on the western coast.

Kato Kateleios
7 . Kato Kateleios
(Ionian Islands )

This small village is to the west of Skala on the southern tip of Kefalonia island.

8 . Karavados
(Ionian Islands )

This tiny village is on the Ormos bay on Kefalonia island.

9 . Lourdata
(Ionian Islands )

This town is on Kefalonia in the Ormos bay.

Agia Pelagia
10 . Agia Pelagia
(Ionian Islands )

This tiny village is on the south-western side of Kefalonia island.

11 . Lassi
(Ionian Islands )

This small town is on the Western coast of Kefalonia.

12 . Argostolion
(Ionian Islands )

This large town is on the western side of Kefalonia gaining natural shelter from a large natural bay.

13 . Lixouri
(Ionian Islands )

This large coastal town is on the west of Kefalonia island but tucked inside on the eastern coast of the Paliki peninsula.

14 . Karavomylos
(Ionian Islands )

This small town overlooks a large bay and the southern part of Ithika island

15 . Agkonas
(Ionian Islands )

This town is a short distance inland on the north-western coast of Kefalonia.

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