Operating a fleet of 100 boats from 3 starting bases (Pula, Split and Dubrovnik), next season we will offer one-way charters between any of above mentioned bases, mini-bus transfers from airport to marina and between our bases, provisioning, skipper services... Our boats are located in ACI marinas.Every year we widen our existing programme with new yachts, latest models, and new destinations. Our new base in Biograd, a top destination of the season, is a good starting point for one-way charters towards any other base. We recommend one-way charters to Pula (in the North) or Dubrovnik (in the South) in order to see Croatian coast and islands in all their beauty. All our yachts are equipped with comprehensive and extensive equipment for safety, navigation and comfort in order to offer you maximum satisfaction during your holiday. Our dedicated and experienced key staff in each of our four bases will provide the best possible service in order to make your holiday a success. The main charter office in Zagreb has their attention on personal service and care. Euromarine is always trying to find new efficient ways to look after customers.

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Adriatic Yacht Charter
1 . Adriatic Yacht Charter

Adriatic Yacht Charter is a leading charter company with over 70 sailing yachts and catamarans located in 4 bases along the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea. With our bases in Pomer, Murter, Kaste...

Astarea Yachting
2 . Astarea Yachting

Astarea LTD is a tourist agency and yacht centre registered for the chartering, charter managament and sale of vessels. We have started our business venture in 1999. as Adria Coral Charter, and by ...

Sunsail Yacht Charter
3 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

Sunsail have been at the forefront of sailing vacations for over forty years. Since our very first Flotilla set sail from Aegina in the Saronic Gulf in 1974, we've expanded to destinations across t...

Navigare Yachting
4 . Navigare Yachting

Navigare Yachting stands for: A perfectly personalized, carefree charter holiday with top of the notch service, amazing locations and highly trained staff. We are the only Swedish organizer with a ...

Waypoint Yacht Charter
5 . Waypoint Yacht Charter

Waypoint yacht charter was established in 1994 in Rovinj and has bases in Trogir and Dubrovnik. The main goal is to provide clie

Ultra Sailing
6 . Ultra Sailing

Charter fleet made from Beneteau boats and extra cruiser racers. Main headoffice in Split but bases in Trogir, Dubrovnik, and Ka

Dubrovnik Airport
7 . Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport is also known as Cilipi Airport and is found south of Dubrovnik near Cavtat.

Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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ACI Dubrovnik Marina
1 . ACI Dubrovnik Marina

This large marina is some way from Dubrovnik up to the narrowing of the Dubrovacka river. It is a bustling campus of nautical activity due to the numerous charters based here.

Marina Gruz
2 . Marina Gruz

While calling itself a marina this long quay offers shore-side mooring with limited facilities.

Orson Yacht Club Marina
3 . Orson Yacht Club Marina

A private marina for yacht club owners. Limited if no space for visiting yachts.

Lokrum Cove
4 . Lokrum Cove

This pretty but rocky cove provides an anchorage for visits to the monastery. There is also a tiny jetty. Alternatively a small jetty can be found on the western side of the island.

Zaton Harbour
5 . Zaton Harbour

This tiny harbour on the western side of the channel at Zaton town offers some limited shore-side mooring with basic facilities.

Srebreno Bay
6 . Srebreno Bay

A pretty bay with a number of small jetties for local hotels and bars.

Srebreno Quay
7 . Srebreno Quay

This quay at the south-western side of the bay offers some opportunity for shore-side mooring.

Mlini Harbour
8 . Mlini Harbour

The small harbour provides shore-side mooring on the western side for a small number of visiting yachts but is too shallow on the eastern side.

Celo Bay
9 . Celo Bay

The north-eastern side of the bay has a ferry quay which may be used for shore-side mooring for short periods. The rest of the bay offers some options for unsheltered anchorage.

Cavtat Quay
10 . Cavtat Quay

This quay along the parade of restaurants on the eastern side of the bay can be busy.

Cavtat Harbour
11 . Cavtat Harbour

This small harbour is tucked into the eastern corner of the bay near a series of local restaurants.

Tiha Cove
12 . Tiha Cove

This busy cove is full of local boats with little space for visiting yachts. Anchoring in the cove may be possible.

Sunj Bay
13 . Sunj Bay

This touristy beachy bay on the south-eastern side of Lopud island offers little opportunity for visiting yachts to moor. Anchoring may be possible beyond the swimming area.

Lopud Harbour
14 . Lopud Harbour

This busy local harbour may offer one or two options for visiting yachts to moor up and visit the local restaurants.

Sudurad Quay
15 . Sudurad Quay

The ferry quay provides overnight shore-side mooring options for this pretty village on the eastern tip of Sipan island.

Sipanska Quay
16 . Sipanska Quay

The pretty village on the south-western side of Sipan island offers a couple of options for limited shore-side mooring.

Slano Marina
17 . Slano Marina

A new marina in this historical town on the mainland.

Slano Quay
18 . Slano Quay

The quay in the north-western side of the bay offers shore-side moorings.

Jakljan Cove
19 . Jakljan Cove

This pretty cove on the northern shore of the Jakljan island offers some shelter and anchorage.

Janska Cove
20 . Janska Cove

This odd shaped cove has a scattering of local small boats secured to tiny jetties. To the north and north-eastern side of the cove there is are small quays.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Prijevor
(South Dalmatia )

This village is a short distance further up the Dubrovacka river from Mokosica, just before Rozat.

2 . Komolac
(South Dalmatia )

Komolac is a village set back from the base of the Dubrovacka river on the south side. It is home to a large natural spring and many charter companies are based here forming a bustling campus of ac...

3 . Rozat
(South Dalmatia )

This village is found at the base of the Dubrovacka river channel.

4 . Sustjepan
(South Dalmatia )

A small village on the southern side of the Dubrovacka river overlooking it's northern sister Mokosica.

5 . Mokosica
(South Dalmatia )

This town is found on the north-western side of the Dubrovacka river.

6 . Ploce
(South Dalmatia )

Now merged with Dubrovnik this coastal village is actually the home of the famous tourist Dubrovacka Cathedral.

7 . Dubrovnik
(South Dalmatia )

This city is most famous it's 16th century historic town on the small natural mainland outcrop boasting impressive walls. However the historic town joins the main city which stretches north and sou...

8 . Lozica
(South Dalmatia )

Lozica is just north of Dubrovnik across the channel. It overlooks the northern side of the Dubrovnik outcrop.

9 . Zaton
(South Dalmatia )

Zaton is on the west side of a long natural bay. The town is hidden from sight from the outer sea.

10 . Kupari
(South Dalmatia )

Kupari is south of Dubrovnik and the most northern of several small villages around this large bay.

11 . Srebreno
(South Dalmatia )

In the northern area of this large bay south of Dubrovnik.

12 . Mlini
(South Dalmatia )

This village is now merged with Srebreno in the northern area of the large bay south of Dubrovnik.

13 . Orasac
(South Dalmatia )

The original village is set back from the coast but hosts a large beach coastal holiday resort.

14 . Kolocep
(Kolocep Island )

This is the only village on the small island, there is a ferry to Dubrovnik and neighbouring Lopud island.

15 . Plat
(South Dalmatia )

This village is one of several villages found around the coast of this large bay.

16 . Cavtat
(South Dalmatia )

This picturesque town is the most southern settlement around the large bay south of Dubrovnik. The town is founded around the natural outcrops and is close to the airport.

17 . Trsteno
(South Dalmatia )

A village set back from the steep coast through woodland.

18 . Lopud
(Lopud Island )

The town is found on the north-western side of the island and hosts a ferry terminal for Kolocep, Dubrovnik and Sipan island.

19 . Brsecine
(South Dalmatia )

A pretty hillside village set back from the coastal bay a short way.

20 . Sudurad
(Sipan Island )

This village is on the southern most coast of Sipan island and provides a ferry link to Lopud and Dubrovnik.

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