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Kalamos, is a mountainous island and a former community in the Ionian Islands, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Lefkada, of which it is a municipal unit. It lies east of Lefkada, near the Greek mainland. Wikipedia

"Kálamos (Greek: Κάλαμος, known in antiquity as Καρνος – Karnos), is a mountainous island and a former community in the Ionian Islands, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Lefkada, of which it is a municipal unit. It lies east of Lefkada, near the Greek mainland. It has an wintering population of around 500 people, which is swelled substantially in the summer by tourists. The name Kalamos means reed in Greek and the presence of this plant along its coastline in the past may have given its name. Another version is that the island had several beaches with good sand( Kali Ammos in Greek) hence the name given. Its population was 496 at the 2011 census. The land area is 24.964 km2 (9.639 sq mi), and its highest point is 754 m (2,474 ft) above sea level.

The main settlement on the island is the port town of Kálamos (pop. 454) on the east coast of the island. A regular ferry service connects the island to Mytikas on the mainland. Episkopi (pop. 42) is the only other inhabited village on the island along with Kastro. The village of Kefali, also known by its Venetian name Porto Leone, was abandoned following the 1953 Ionian earthquake. The main church is still in use and still houses the sacred image of the virgin Mary that is also considered a miracle worker. The church and the image celebrate twice a year (one on 30 June and the other on 15 August). A religious celebration on that day is preceded and followed by traditional celebrations with folk music. People from the island and all the surrounding area come to attend.

In the early 1990s, the water system was rebuilt and now every household has running water. As well, in recent years, all the footpaths that were once dirt have been upgraded to stone or pavement. Kalamos, once a remote island without electricity or a proper water system, now has all the conveniences of the mainland. The nearest lyceum (middle school) and gymnasium (secondary school) are in Aetolia-Acarnania where all of the students from the latter categories attend. There is a public kindergarten, elementary and primary school in the main village of Kalamos where all of the children permanently resident on the island attend.

The island is easily reached from the mainland by a regular ferry service from the nearby port of Mytikas in Aetoloakarnania, year round.

The island is geographically situated in the core of the inner Ionian marine protected area, the largest marine protected area in Greece." Wikipedia

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Gerolimnionas Cove

We didn't actually stop but we did go into the little harbour and it was magical. The deserted old village was haunting and the well looked after chapel in all the wrecks made it even more special. Next time we are back we will definitely drop anchor for the night and explore this stunning little place 👍


a pretty harbour run by George in a beautiful setting. Not many mooring spaces and boats rafter three abreast at the inner pier end. Pleasent welcome at George's restaurant (also offers showers). Further up the village has a small supermarket.

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Gerolimnionas Cove
1 . Gerolimnionas Cove

The east facing cove on the southern end of Kalamos island around the abandoned Kefali village may provide some good anchorage in suitable conditions.

Provation Cove
2 . Provation Cove

This cove on Kalamos overlooks the tiny islet at the top of Kastos. The cove is home to many local boats and has a small breakwater to the western side.

3 . Kalamos

A long and sturdy breakwater provides good shelter inside the harbour for the ferry, local and visiting boats.

Kastron Cove
4 . Kastron Cove

Two small jetties lead to buildings hidden by the trees. The blue watered cove may offer some anchorage in the right conditions.

5 . Episkopi

The sturdy outer breakwater provides good shelter for the small harbour. The inside of the outer wall may provide shoreside mooring and access to the local shops and taverna's.

Amflochia Quay
6 . Amflochia Quay

Top Towns

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1 . Kalamos
(Ionian Islands )

Kalamos is a remote and beautiful island with Port Kalamos being the isle╠вcувs primary settlement. In the tiny village a harbor of Episkopi, located on the north side, is home to a ruined mo...

2 . Episkopi
(Ionian Islands )

A small village on the northern coast of Kalamos island.

3 . Amfilochia
(Ionian Islands )

This town is found in a cove on the south-eastern side of the Ambracian Gulf.

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