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Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia. Other Pitter Yachting locations: Biograd na Moru , Trogir , Sibenik , Split , Sukosan , Pula

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Bruneko Charter
1 . Bruneko Charter

Bruneko is a small family own company chartering boats and renting apartments. Our goal is to provide quality and well equipped boats ensuring pleasant holidays for you.

Torete Charter
2 . Torete Charter

Services and repairs of all types of engines (outboard and marine):- Oil change, filters, belts, flanges... - Centering of marine engines Works at underwater part of the boat:- Replacement of zinc ...

Sunturiste Charter
3 . Sunturiste Charter

A charter management company providing advice and guidance on boats based out of Zadar marina.

Meridijan Grupa
4 . Meridijan Grupa

Meridijan is a family owned charter company founded in 1993. Over the years we have gained experience in both bareboat and crewed charter and developed in a modern organized company that offers hig...

Cantal Marine
5 . Cantal Marine

Do you want to spend your well deserved holidays on a yacht? Maybe you want to buy a Linssen, but you are not sure which model would meet all requirements for you and your family? Or you simply sti...

Albatros Yachting
6 . Albatros Yachting

Albatros Yachting was founded in 2007. and, from its beginnings, managed with the help of our small, but proffesional, experienced, and friendly team of permanent employees who will give their best...

Asta Yachting
7 . Asta Yachting

We are yacht charter company with over 20 years of professional experience and service in yacht charter business with our own fleet of 60 sailing and motor boats different types and sizes, based in...

Adriatic Charter
8 . Adriatic Charter

Over the past 15 years Adriatic Charter strived to be a highly professional and successful company which offers high standards, quality and safety in yacht charter. In order to achieve it we have b...

Pitter Yachting
9 . Pitter Yachting

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Kroki Charter
10 . Kroki Charter

KROKI offers a charter management program for anyone interested in purchasing and sailing their own yacht. The Investor or Future Owner program is for those who do not want to be burdened with yach...

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . Zadar

This large marina provides 300 berths, restaurants, parking and is close to the old town.

Zadar Quay
2 . Zadar Quay

The quay follows the coastline, but has protrusion which may also be used for shore-side mooring.

Zadar Fosa
3 . Zadar Fosa

The small harbour is full of local boats and set against the park on one side and the old town on the other.Yachts may find a mooring near the entrance of the Fosa.

Zadar Garden Port
4 . Zadar Garden Port

The inner port is home to many small motor boats , whereas the marina further out is home to yachts and larger power boats.

Vitrenjak Yacht Club
5 . Vitrenjak Yacht Club

This large busy private marina is next to Marina Borik and is unlikely to have berths for visiting yachts.

Marina Borik
6 . Marina Borik

D-Marin Borik is situated on the west coast of the 3,000 year old city of Zadar, in the center of the beautiful Croatian coast. With the capacity of 177 berths and all services marina users might n...

Zadar Saint Klement
7 . Zadar Saint Klement

This harbour is found against an industrial backdrop and the commercial port of Zadar.

8 . Poljana

This pretty harbour is found behind two sturdy breakwaters. The inside of the breakwaters may have shoreside mooring, the inner harbour is too shallow.

9 . Osljak

This tiny harbour overlooking Ugljan island is on the western side of Osljak islet may offer some shore side mooring on the tip of the breakwater.

Preko Jaz
10 . Preko Jaz

The tiny harbour on the southern shore of Jaz beach bay may offer some mooring for yachts on the inner side of the breakwater.

Marina Preko
11 . Marina Preko

Marina Preko provides easy access to other anchorages in the Zadar aquatic region and the opportunity to explore Kornati National Park with its hundreds of islets. Sailors describe Preko as the 'pe...

Olive Island
12 . Olive Island

This marina has 203 berths, it offers beautiful gardens a beach, large sunbathing terraces, a pool and restaurants.

Kali Breakwater
13 . Kali Breakwater

The tiny harbour is for local boats however the tip of the breakwater may offer some limited shoreside mooring.

14 . Lukoran

A north facing cove on Ugljan island with a small breakwater providing some options for mooring.

15 . Kali

A small harbour north of Kukljica on the western shore of Ugljan island. The inner jetty may offer some options for visiting yachts.

16 . Bibinje

Two overlapping breakwaters create a harbour for many local boats. The ends of the breakwaters may provide sufficient depth for visiting yachts.

Lamjana Mala Cove
17 . Lamjana Mala Cove

This sheltered anchorage is at the end of a long cove a short distance overload to Kali.

Mihovil Fortress Cove
18 . Mihovil Fortress Cove

This cove is at the foot of the hills below an old fortress and may provide some limited anchoring.

Svitla Cove
19 . Svitla Cove

A small cove on the south western side of Ugljan island offers some shelter for anchoring.

Ceprljanda Cove
20 . Ceprljanda Cove

This pretty little woody cove may offer some shelter for anchoring yachts.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Zadar
(Zadar County )

A busy historic old city on the Zadar peninsula with various places to moor up and visit. The city offers a medley of roman and slavic history and it's prominent location has encouraged growth over...

2 . Sutomiscica
(Ugljan Island )

A small town with a decent marina on the eastern side of Ugljan island.

3 . Poljana
(Ugljan Island )

A small harbour between sutomiscica and Preko.

4 . Preko
(Ugljan Island )

A harbour ferry town with a medium sized marina.

5 . Lukoran
(Ugljan Island )

A small town around a natural bay on the eastern side of the Ugljan island.

6 . Kali
(Ugljan Island )

A town on an outcrop of the island with two harbours.

7 . Bibinje
(Zadar County )

A small coastal town south of Zadar with a small harbour just north of the large Marina Dalmacija.

8 . Petrcane
(Zadar County )

An ancient small coastal town north of Zadar offering some options for mooring.

9 . Ceprljanda
(Ugljan Island )

A small harbour village just south of Ugljan.

10 . Kukljica
(Ugljan Island )

A town on the south eastern side of Ugljan island offering mooring and facilities.

11 . Ugljan
(Ugljan Island )

A town with a harbour on the north west of the Ugljan island.

12 . Sukosan
(Zadar County )

A coastal town south of Zadar opposite the two islands Pasman and Uglijan.

13 . Zdrelac
(Pasman Island )

A small town on the northern tip of Pasman island connecting Ugljan via a narrow passage.

14 . Zaton
(Zadar County )

A coastal town just north of Zadar and hosting an airport.

Veli Iz
15 . Veli Iz
(Iz Island )

A ferry town on the east of the Iz island offering some mooring and facilities.

16 . Porovac
(Iz Island )

A village on the eastern side of the iz island.

Mali Iz
17 . Mali Iz
(Iz Island )

A small ferry village on the west side of the Iz island.

18 . Nin
(Zadar County )

A historical large village on the Zadar peninsula offering natural shelter.

19 . Banj
(Pasman Island )

A small harbour town on the east of Pasman island.

20 . Rivanj
(Rivanj Island )

A village on the west side of the Rivanj island overlooking Sestrunj.

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