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Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia. Other Pitter Yachting locations: Trogir , Sibenik , Split , Zadar , Sukosan , Pula

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Adriatic Challenge
1 . Adriatic Challenge

There is no better way to experience the natural wonders of the Adriatic than from the deck of one of our sailing yachts. Adriatic Challenge, your choice for yacht charter in Croatia, will take you...

Burin Yacht Charter
2 . Burin Yacht Charter

Burin Yacht Charter d.o.o. is a Croatian company specializing in sailing boat charter on the Adriatic sea. With our fleet of more than 60 sail boats we rank among top five charter companies of the ...

Croatia Yacht Club
3 . Croatia Yacht Club

Our main base is located in Marina SCT that was built in the year 2014. The marina has all the necessities and services needed in order to have the perfect sailing vacation and with its strategic l...

Angelina Tours
4 . Angelina Tours

With 1244 islands along Croatian coastline of 6278 km Croatia offers various challenges and interesting jewels of the Adriatic. Croatian coast hides beautiful caves and bays, pebble and sand beache...

Euronautic Charter
5 . Euronautic Charter

At Euronautic, we make boat ownership easier and provide unforgettable sailing experiences. We're based in the beautiful old town of Biograd in Croatia, in the newly constructed Marina Kornati. We ...

ASC yachting
6 . ASC yachting

ASC Yachting is 20 year old Company which gathered together experts with more than 28 year experience in nautical tourism. We offer rent a boat, yacht repairing and maintenance, boats buying and se...

LM Yachting
7 . LM Yachting

Just an hour from Kornati arhipelago, you can start your sailing story with LM yachting. Located in marina Kornati in Biograd na moru, our guests can choose from broad range of Elan, Bavaria and Ja...

Full Team
8 . Full Team

Full Team Yacht Charter is Croatian Charter Company with over 19 years of experience in Charter Business. Our charter fleet with over 20 boats will fulfill your dream of ideal holiday in Croatia. C...

Nautika Kufner
9 . Nautika Kufner

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

Angelina Tours
10 . Angelina Tours

With 1244 islands along Croatian coastline of 6278 km Croatia offers various challenges and interesting jewels of the Adriatic. Croatian coast hides beautiful caves and bays, pebble and sand beache...

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Marina Sangulin
1 . Marina Sangulin

A large marina on the southern side of the Biograd complex, provides 150 berths.

Marina Kornati
2 . Marina Kornati

A large marina on the eastern side of the Biograd complex offering 750 berths, restaurants, repairs.

Biograd Hotel
3 . Biograd Hotel

This large harbour has a number of pontoons inside the breakwater providing possible options for visiting yachts.

4 . Tkon

The inside of the northern break-water provides limited mooring for visiting yachts.

Filip Jakov
5 . Filip Jakov

This small harbour is home to many local boats and too shallow on the inside for keel boats. Moorings may be found on the outside.

6 . Kraj

A small and shallow harbour on the island of Pasman.

7 . Taranj

This small harbour overlooks Taranj islet and offers some mooring on both sides of the outer breakwater.

Babac Islet
8 . Babac Islet

The northern side of the Babac islet has a number os small jetties provided by the local taverna.

9 . Pasman

The harbour at Pasman provides shore-side mooring on the inside of the break-water and access to nearby taverna's.

Owsik Bay
10 . Owsik Bay

This odd shaped cove on the south western tip of Pasman island is home to a taverna that has a small jetty and a buoy for visiting guests.

Pirate Cove
11 . Pirate Cove

This beachy cove may provide some options to anchor and visit the bat on the eastern side of the cove.

Zizanj Bay
12 . Zizanj Bay

This large bay on the souther tip of Pasman island overlooks Zizanj islet.

Landinic Bay
13 . Landinic Bay

This large bay towards the south-western tip of Pasman island is home to several properties and private jetties.

Zincena Bay
14 . Zincena Bay

This bay on the south of Pasman island provides some natural shelter for anchoring.

Zizanj Islet
15 . Zizanj Islet

The northern shore of the Zizanj islet overlooks Pasman island and is home to a small taverna and a couple of jetties.

Galesnjak Islet
16 . Galesnjak Islet

The northern side of this heart shaped islet overlooks two smaller islets (Bisaga) and may offer some moderate shelter for anchoring.

Kosara Islet
17 . Kosara Islet

This tiny island (islet) has a single house on the eastern side and overlooks Pasman island.

18 . Pakostan

This large, busy and shallow harbour provides shelter for many local boats, it may be too shallow for most yachts.

Saint Ante Soline
19 . Saint Ante Soline

The Soline side of Saint Ante used to have a taverna but has since closed.

Saint Ante Cove
20 . Saint Ante Cove

The small cove of Saint Ante provides some natural shelter for anchorage.

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Biograd na Moru
1 . Biograd na Moru
(Zadar County )

A large and busy town with good shelter in a number of marinas.

Sveti Filip i Jakov
2 . Sveti Filip i Jakov
(Zadar County )

A town on the coastal mainland north of Beograd with a few harbours and opposite island Pasman.

3 . Tkon
(Pasman Island )

The most southern town on the Pasman island with a ferry link to Biograd on the mainland and some facilities.

4 . Ugrinici
(Pasman Island )

A town on the south eastern coast of Pasman island.

5 . Turanj
(Zadar County )

A pretty historic town facing island Pasman with a few small islets in between.

6 . Kraj
(Pasman Island )

A small harbour on the eastern coast of Pasman island south of Pasman itself.

7 . Pasman
(Pasman Island )

A robust harbour on the eastern coast of the island at the narrowest part of the channel between Pasman and the mainland.

8 . Pakostane
(Zadar County )

A coastal town on the eastern edge of the mainland sheltered by two islets.

9 . Mrljane
(Pasman Island )

On the eastern coast of Pasman island in a bay alongside Barotul with Garmenjak islet.

Sveti Petar na Moru
10 . Sveti Petar na Moru
(Zadar County )

A small town with a number of pebbled beaches.

11 . Nevidane
(Pasman Island )

A local fishing village on th east coast of Pasman island.

12 . Drage
(Zadar County )

A small town in a natural cove with a few jetties.

13 . Vrgada
(Vrgada Island )

A small town with a number of jetties and buoys.

14 . Pristanisce
(Zut Island )

A small local fishing village in a natural cove on the eastern coast of Zut island.

15 . Banj
(Pasman Island )

A small harbour town on the east of Pasman island.

16 . Bizikovica
(Zut Island )

A village on the eastern coast of Zut island home to a large marina.

17 . Sukosan
(Zadar County )

A coastal town south of Zadar opposite the two islands Pasman and Uglijan.

18 . Pinizelic
(Zut Island )

A coastal village on the northern point of Zut island.

19 . Zdrelac
(Pasman Island )

A small town on the northern tip of Pasman island connecting Ugljan via a narrow passage.

20 . Kravljacica
(Kornat Island )

A small village on the western coast of Kornat island.

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