Meganisi Island


Meganisi is a Greek island and municipality immediately to the east-southeast of the island of Lefkada. The municipality includes the offshore islands of Skorpios and Sparti. Its total population was 1,041 at the 2011 census. Wikipedia

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stayed here twice in mid September, once overnight on the left side opposite the town quay mole. No services , was water & power sometime ago but has now all fallen into disrepair. 5 mins walk around the harbor to the restaurants. Quiet location, well protected from NW wind Then again for a few hours mid day to charge batteries on the town quay. Power & water is by a key fob purchased from the butchers behind the town key. 10 EU min,plus 20 EU deposit for the key. Key is only usable on Meg.


We've been here twice now. The uncommercial beauty of the bay is what draws us back. We love the taverna with the grape vine sunscreen, and this time we discovered a hill-side cafe a short (hilly) walk.

Abelike Bay

We stopped here as part of a flotilla. We had to drop anchor as there was no more space to moor up, but the helpful flotilla lead (despite wanting to watch his team on the Euro football) made sure we were safe before we joined the rest of the flotilla crew ashore at the local taverna!


Vathi is beautiful. Exactly text book beautiful, small Greek quayside village. Great taverna's, our favourite was the one with the blue chairs right on the corner of the old town. Great place to boat watch with great wine and free nibbles. Love it!

Vathy Quay

Pulled up on the quayside, space for -4 boats, no charge for mooring (unlike ~€50 for nearby marina). Electric and water token unusually from amazing butcher. Nice supermarket. Showers at Rose Garden taverna.


We arrived early to secure a good mooring, dropped anchor and tied up and explored the pretty quayside. We were amazed at how each restaurant and cafe, or butchers is super super clean :) the only downside was the stray cats begging for food.


Really enjoyed Vathi last time we came, today (Friday) we arrived at 1pm and found one of the few remaining spaces. We moored up next to a large catamaran taking up two spaces and more concerned about our dingy than letting us finish moor up (grrr). The town was bustling with activity on a Friday and restaurants were either completely empty or full... a telling sign? We showered at Rose Garden (3€ and a little smelly) and had amazing early morning very nice cafe at Petrino's.


A bustling marina a short walk from and overlooking the town. Friendly, pricey, modern music bar.

Abelike Bay

we dropped anchor after a long and windy day sailing. The pontoon was overrun with a Neilsen Florilla rafting 7 abreast at the end. Many boats anchored with shore-lines around bay and congregated by dingy at the Taverna to exchange stories about their day. The Taverna was friendly, good food (yummy chicken and bacon souvlaki). Taverna also has showers and laundry facilities. Would have been handy if there was a little shop at the Taverna or close by.


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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Vathy Quay
1 . Vathy Quay

The village of Vathi offers some mooring for visiting yachts and easy access to local taverna's and shops.

Abelike Bay
2 . Abelike Bay

This pretty bay offers some natural shelter and a taverna on the southern head. Most yachts drop anchor and secure sterns to shore.

3 . Odyseas

This marina to the west of the cove offers shoreside mooring for visiting yachts and is a short walk to the village. Odyseas Marina is the premier marina facility for yachts within the Ionian Sea i...

Spartakhori Quay
4 . Spartakhori Quay

The quay is found to the west of the bay and provides moorings and basic provisions for visiting yachts.

Agrios Quay
5 . Agrios Quay

The jetty and quay on the eastern side of the bay provides some shoreside mooring for visiting yachts and guests of the Taverna.

Atheni Quay
6 . Atheni Quay

Atheni bay has a long quay on the south western shore offering laid mooring and access to the single taverna.

Kastri Cove
7 . Kastri Cove

An unsheltered cove on the southern side of the private Skorpios island.

Tsokari Islet
8 . Tsokari Islet

There is possible anchorage south of the tiny tsokari islet to the west of the private island Skorpios.

Thilia Islet
9 . Thilia Islet

A small cove on the western side of the tiny Thilia islet to the east of Meganisi island may offer some anchorage.

Svarna Cove
10 . Svarna Cove

The narrow cove on the western side of Meganisi island is peaceful and remote but suitable for only a single anchorage.

Kalopoulou Cove
11 . Kalopoulou Cove

This set of coves on the southern side of Meganisi island may offer some shelter for anchorage in the right conditions.

Dichali Cove
12 . Dichali Cove

This cove on the southern coast of Meganisi island has a beach head and may offer shelter for anchoring.

Limonari Cove
13 . Limonari Cove

This tiny cove is on the south of the western side of Meganisi island.

Elia Cove
14 . Elia Cove

This cove on the west of Meganisi island is a popular anchorage and a short walk up to the village of Katomerion.

Atherinos Cove
15 . Atherinos Cove

This popular cove and bay offer a picturesque location for anchorage with shore-lines.

Ampelakia Cove
16 . Ampelakia Cove

This cove approach to Abelike Bay offers some natural shelter for visiting yachts.

Platygiali Cove
17 . Platygiali Cove

This small cove to the east of Spartokhorion has a small beach head.

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Top Towns

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1 . Vathi
(Ionian Islands )

Vathi is a tiny village on the north coast of the Greek island of Meganisi. Pretty chapels and friendly tavernas border the harbour, where ferries deposit daytrippers from nearby Lefkas and locals ...

2 . Spartokhorion
(Ionian Islands )

Also known as Spartochori, this pretty small town is on the northern coast of Meganisi island overlooking the pretty bay below.

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