Zut Island



Zut is an uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, in central Dalmatia. With an area of 14.83 km_ it is the 28th largest island in Croatia and the second largest island in the Kornati archipelago, after Kornat. Wikipedia

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Proversa Cove
1 . Proversa Cove

This cove on the southern side of the Katina islet overlooks the tip of Kornat island. Within the cove there is a taverna and jetty and a few buoys for visiting guests.

Katina Cove
2 . Katina Cove

This cove to the west of the katina islet offers some shelter for yachts looking to anchor.

Buc Cove
3 . Buc Cove

A pretty but unsheltered cove overlooking the tiny Veli and Mali Buc islets

Svrsata Bay Cove
4 . Svrsata Bay Cove

Svrsata islet creates a natural harbour in the bay and the northern cove offers options for anchoring.

Srvsata Islet
5 . Srvsata Islet

This islet provides some shelter on the southern side for yachts looking to anchor. The western cove has a private tiny jetty.

Gustac Cove
6 . Gustac Cove

A small jetty a a few buoys in the northern part of the cove over-looking Gustac islet offer limited mooring.

Luka Zut Cove
7 . Luka Zut Cove

A pretty little cove in the middle of Zut bay.

ACI Zut Marina
8 . ACI Zut Marina

This unusual marina is a single long pontoon in the western side of the large Luka Zut bay. The marina is not open all year round.

Bizikovica Cove
9 . Bizikovica Cove

The cove is found on the northern tip of Zut island and is home to a small jetty, anchoring in the cove is unsheltered.

Pinizalic Cove
10 . Pinizalic Cove

The small Pinizelic islet provides some natural shelter for anchoring in this cove. The jetties in the cove are in very shallow water.

Bodovac Cove
11 . Bodovac Cove

This cove is on the north-western side of Zut island and may provide some shelter for anchorage.

Sit Cove
12 . Sit Cove

A pretty cove on the north eastern side of Sit island.

Kurba Islet
13 . Kurba Islet

This pretty little islet may provide anchorage.

Skala Islet
14 . Skala Islet

A very pretty area of the national park, these two islets may provide safe anchorage.

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Top Towns

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1 . Pinizelic
(Northern Dalmatia )

A coastal village on the northern point of Zut island.

2 . Bizikovica
(Northern Dalmatia )

A village on the eastern coast of Zut island home to a large marina.

3 . Pristanisce
(Northern Dalmatia )

A small local fishing village in a natural cove on the eastern coast of Zut island.

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