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Lastovo is an island municipality in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia. The municipality consists of 46 islands with a total population of 792 people, of which 93% are ethnic Croats, and a land area of approximately 53 square kilometres. Wikipedia

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Lastovo Island

Part of the national park area and allegedly charges 200 kuna (€20) for overnight anchorage. This is less than the tip of Mljet which is double this price.

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Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Mali Lago Quay
1 . Mali Lago Quay

The long quay on the eastern side of the bay provides some shore-side mooring but there is no break-water or shelter from certain winds.

Jurjeva Cove
2 . Jurjeva Cove

This cove is well sheltered and has a jetty and two small old quays. Anchoring is also possible.

Makarac Cove
3 . Makarac Cove

This cove on the west side of the bay provides some options for anchoring up.

Uble Harbour
4 . Uble Harbour

While no man-made break-water the narrow cove and quays provide good shelter and firm mooring.

Pasadur Northern Bay
5 . Pasadur Northern Bay

The bay north of Pasadur has moorings to the north-western coast for local boats. Yachts may be able to moor here, or further south near as the bay narrows.

Borova Cove
6 . Borova Cove

This cove is on Lastovo island (not be confused with the cove with the same name on Hvar island). It has good shelter from the surrounding land and nearby islets.

Kopiste Cove
7 . Kopiste Cove

This cove on the south side of the island is rocky and weather beaten.

Kopiste Cove North
8 . Kopiste Cove North

The northern side of Kopiste island can be more sheltered than the south, but the cove and the island is generally very exposed on all sides.

Susac Island Bay
9 . Susac Island Bay

The island and southern bay are very exposed and offer little shelter for visiting yachts.

Krucica Cove
10 . Krucica Cove

A pretty cove on the norther coast of Lastovo island, to the east of Pasadur.

Korito Cove
11 . Korito Cove

This pretty cove is to the west of Zaklopatica has little shelter from northern winds.

Zaklopatica Harbour
12 . Zaklopatica Harbour

This natural harbour is protected by a islet serving as a break-water. Shore-side mooring is possible around the bay.

Lastovo Harbour
13 . Lastovo Harbour

This tiny harbour provides access to nearby Lastovo town.

Lucica Quay
14 . Lucica Quay

This tiny cove with many apartments has a small quay on the eastern side of the approach.

Uska Cove
15 . Uska Cove

This cove to the west of Skrivena on the south of Lastovo island has a beach head and offers some shelter for anchoring.

Cesvinica Cove
16 . Cesvinica Cove

This isolated cove on the southern side of Cesvinica islet offers some good shelter and picturesque anchoring.

Saplun Cove
17 . Saplun Cove

This, the most northern of the five islets, provides natural shelter on three sides and beautiful location.

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Top Towns

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1 . Pasadur
(South Dalmatia )

A small village nestled in and around the neck of two bays on Lastovo island.

2 . Zaklopatica
(South Dalmatia )

A small village scattered around the pretty bay on the north of Lastovo island.

3 . Lastovo
(South Dalmatia )

This town is close to the northern coast of Lastovo island.

Skrivena Luka
4 . Skrivena Luka
(South Dalmatia )

This small village is on the southern side of Lastovo island hidden within a cove behind a small outcrop.

5 . Ubli
(South Dalmatia )

Ubli or Uble is a small church based village on the west of Lastovo island, it is is also home to the main ferry link to Split.

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