Mali Drvenik Island



Drvenik Mali is an island in Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. It is situated in middle-Dalmatian archipelago, west of Drvenik Veliki, 8 nautical miles from Trogir. Its area is 3.3 square kilometres. Wikipedia

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Sunsail Yacht Charter

A flawless service, especially given the current covid conditions and restrictions.

Marina Agana Marina

This is a pleasant marina and we would recommend it.

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Top facilities

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Sunsail Yacht Charter
1 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

Sunsail have been at the forefront of sailing vacations for over forty years. Since our very first Flotilla set sail from Aegina in the Saronic Gulf in 1974, we've expanded to destinations across t...

Top Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Marina Agana Marina
1 . Marina Agana Marina

A pleasant marina at the end of a long natural bay providing natural shelter in addition to a man-made breakwater at the entrance. Home to several yacht rental agencies. Visiting boats are very wel...

Stari Trogir
2 . Stari Trogir

A small bay midway between Vinisce and Razanj near the small Arkandel island.

Borak Harbour
3 . Borak Harbour

A local harbour with little space for visiting vessels. The island offers very little in the way of mooring.

Rina Bay
4 . Rina Bay

A shallow bay on the west of the island with limited anchoring.

Top Towns

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1 . Marina
(Central Dalmatia )

Marina is a medium sized town in Croatia just north of Trogir up the Adriatic Highway. It is a tourist village with a good sized popular yacht harbour and sandy beach shaded by olive and pine trees.

2 . Vinisce
(Central Dalmatia )

Vinics┴e is a village and small harbour 12 km southwest of Trogir, Croatia; population 774. Main occupations are fishing and tourism. Wikipedia

Mali Drvenik
3 . Mali Drvenik
(Central Dalmatia )

Drvenik Mali is a town on a small island in Croatia.

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