ACI Umag


A large marina on the northern side of Umag harbour with good shelter and facilities.

495 berths. Visitors are welcome. Electric. Water. Showers. Toilets. Laundry facilities. Supermarket within 5min walk. Chandlery close by. Diesel and petrol available. VHF: 17. eMail: View or edit details in

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Nearby facilities

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Umag Marina Fuel
1 . Umag Marina Fuel

The fuel station is found outside to the west of the marina pontoons.

AMS Yachting
2 . AMS Yachting

Sailing and Charter in Croatia from Vrsar or Trogir. Yachts in extremely well condition and with very good equipment. You can make an arrangement about the beginning and the ending of your trip. Re...

Waypoint International
3 . Waypoint International

Since our foundation, we have been doing our best to satisfy all kind of charter clients, both the experienced ones and those discovering for the first time the pleasures of sailing and cruising. O...

Lerta Yachtcharter
4 . Lerta Yachtcharter

For many years we have been operating a professional and modern charter company with Lerta Yachtcharter. We charter year-round comfortable sport boats and yachts from Bavaria in long-term cooperati...

Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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1 . Spina

A small natural bay south of Umag near Duba with possible anchorage, no shelter.

2 . Potocina

A small bay with possible anchorage with no facilities.

Lovrecica Bay
3 . Lovrecica Bay

A natural bay just south of Lovrecica that offers unsheltered anchorage.

4 . Dajla

A large natural bay shared with Karigador with no shelter other than a jetty to the north and a small breakwater to the south. Shallow ground on the approach is marked with a cardinal.

5 . Portoroz

6 . Piran

Mareda Bay
7 . Mareda Bay

A natural bay just north of Novigrad with some unsheltered anchorage.

8 . Nautica

A newish marina with a modest number of berths based around the large hotel complex. Some additional bouys on the outer break-water near the bathing area.

9 . Novigrad

An exposed harbour with some limited mooring along the breakwater and a dozen or so bouys.

10 . Novigrad

The harbour to the right of the approach is shallow, the channel to the left leads to the marina which is also shallow in places.

11 . Izola

Luka Mirna
12 . Luka Mirna

An unsheltered small anchorage in shallow water south of Novigrad serving a lone restaurant.

Lanterna Bay
13 . Lanterna Bay

A natural bay with unsheltered anchorage south of Novigrad.

14 . Saint

A shallow natural narrow bay with a couple of restaurants and an unsheltered quay.

Cevar Porat
15 . Cevar Porat

A medium sized marina south of the bay with sheltered pontoons and good facilities. Entrance to the bay is shallow and marked with cardinals.

Port Bossolo
16 . Port Bossolo

A natural bay with poor anchorage north of Porec.

17 . Semedelska

18 . Koper

Saint Martin's Bay
19 . Saint Martin's Bay

A natural bay north of Porec with poor anchorage.

Valle Servolo Bay
20 . Valle Servolo Bay

A small unsheltered bay north of Porec with shallows nearby.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Umag
(Istarska )

A medium sized town in the north of Croatia, with a decent sized Marina.

2 . Krizine
(Istarska )

A large village south of Umag set back from the coastline.

3 . Lovrecica
(Istarska )

A small village with some basic facilities north of Novigrad, south of Umag.

4 . Dajla
(Istarska )

Dalja is a medium sized village north of Novigrad with a couple of restaurants and two small jetty's.

5 . Portoroz

The Monaco of Slovenia on the eastern coast in the bay of Piran. Home to luxury hotels and casinos and a popular beach resort.

6 . Lucija

A large tree-lined town on the eastern coast of Slovenia in the bay of Piran, neighbour of Portoroz, and home to a large marina, close to the Croatian border.

7 . Piran

An attractive town on a the tip if a Peninsula on the eastern coast of Slovenia. Home to an old busy harbour on the south-side that used to extend into the centre of the town (now covered over as t...

8 . Novigrad
(Istarska )

A small pretty town with a 5 star hotel and surrounding restaurants.

9 . Izola
(Izola - Slovenia )

A pretty town (also known as Isola) at the north of the Adriatic on the eastern coast of Slovenia. The town is built on headland that protrudes from the mainland which has a protected busy marina t...

10 . Zusterna
(Koper - Slovenia )

The green residential town is on the western coast of Slovenia. the main road runs along the coast where there is no beach.

11 . Cervar-Porat
(Istarska )

An old medium sized village south of Novigrad with two marinas.

12 . Koper
(Koper - Slovenia )

The historic and popular city of Koper close to the Italian border was originally an island before the vast land reclamation to the north for the large commercial port. Today it has a small coastli...

13 . Ankaran

A small green hillside town on the western coast of Slovenia close to the Italian border.

14 . Porec
(Istarska )

A historic but lively town overlooking a small island Saint Nikola.

San Rocco
15 . San Rocco
(Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy )

A small green village on the extreme north-east of Italy close to Slovenia with a large marina.

16 . Muggia
(Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy )

A pretty hillside coastal town on the far north-east of Italy close to the Slovian border. Home to a busy small marina extending an old port. Too the east of the town there is a large concrete hard...

17 . Grado
(Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy )

A popular northern Italian town on the Western side of the Marano lagoon and home to two large marinas as well as a canal leading to an inner harbour and a further canal around a large inner island.

18 . Funtana
(Istarska )

A medium size village with a reasonable marina.

19 . Trieste
(Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy )

The most western and northern city in Italy and north of Croatia. Home to a large commercial port with a marina close to the old town.

20 . Vrsar
(Istarska )

A fun, attractive and popular village overlooking a natural island Saint Juraj that provides natural shelter to the bay and marina.

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