Galatas is on the mainland overlooking Poros island and the town of Poros.

"Galata is a district of Istanbul, Turkey.

Galata may also refer to:

Also in Turkey

Galata Tower

Galata Bridge, the first bascule bridge in the worldIn Greece

Galatas, Aetolia-Acarnania, a village in the municipality Nafpaktia, Aetolia-Acarnania

Galatas, Chania, a village in the municipality Chania, Crete

Galatas, Corinthia, a village in Corinthia

Galatas, Heraklion, a village in the municipality Minoa Pediada, Heraklion regional unit

Galatas Palace, a Minoan archaeological site

Galatas, Preveza, a village in the municipality Ziros, Preveza regional unit

Galatas, Troizina, a town in the northeastern part of the PeloponneseIn Romania

Galata, Iasi, a neighbourhood of Iasi, Romania

Galata MonasteryIn Bulgaria

Galata, Lovech Province, a village in Lovech Province, Bulgaria

Galata, Varna, a neighbourhood of Varna, Bulgaria

Galata (headland), a rocky headland of the Black Sea at Varna, BulgariaIn the USA

Galata, Montana, a prairie town in north central MontanaIn Cyprus

Galata, Cyprus, a village in the Troodos mountains" Wikipedia

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1 . Greek Sails

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Galatas Quay
1 . Galatas Quay

Poros Quay
2 . Poros Quay

3 . Poros

The marina of Poros follows both the southern and western coastlines of the island.

4 . Methana

Methana Quay
5 . Methana Quay

Akti Idras
6 . Akti Idras

7 . Hyrda

Agio Georgios
8 . Agio Georgios

9 . Ermioni

Perdika Quay
10 . Perdika Quay

11 . Skala

12 . Megalochori

13 . Aigina

Agia Marina Quay
14 . Agia Marina Quay

Kilada Bay
15 . Kilada Bay

Epidavros Quay
16 . Epidavros Quay

17 . Kounoupi

18 . Souvalas

Porto Cheli Quay
19 . Porto Cheli Quay

Baltiza Creek
20 . Baltiza Creek

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1 . Poros
(Attica )

Poros is a small town on the Poros island in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf overlooking the mainland town of Galatas.

Kyani Akti
2 . Kyani Akti
(Poros Island )

A small town neighbouring Poros on the southern side of the beautiful Poros island.

3 . Bisiaiika
(Attica )

A tiny village on the west coast of the Saronic Gulf towards the south east of the Peloponnese.

4 . Taktikoupoli
(Attica )

Taktikoupoli is a small village set back from the coast at the foot of the link onto the Methanon peninsula.

5 . Methana
(Attica )

A small (and only) town on the Methanon peninsula with a ferry link to Poros and a long pretty tree lined quayside.

6 . Pigadhia
(Peloponnese )

A tiny cluster of houses along the shore in the Idras Gulf.

Akti Ydras
7 . Akti Ydras
(Peloponnese )

Also known as Porto Idra. A set of beach based holiday resorts and hotels along the south facing coastline with an internal 'canal like' waterway within the resort.

8 . Vathy
(Attica )

A tiny village on the western side of the Menthanon peninsula with a tiny natural bay behind a breakwater.

9 . Kalloni
(Attica )

This inland village is a short distance from a series of scattered dwelling on the coastline.

10 . Ydra
(Hydra Island )

Ydra or Hydra is a pretty town on the northern side of the Hydra island built around a natural cove providing some shelter for mooring.

Ayios Georgios Methanon
11 . Ayios Georgios Methanon
(Attica )

Saint George is a tiny village on the northern coat of the Menthanon peninsula in the Saronic Gulf.

12 . Ermioni
(Peloponnese )

Ermioni is pretty town to the west of the Achladitsas bay built on the Kastri Cape and home to the ferry to Pireas.

13 . Perdhika
(Aegina Island )

Also known as Perdika. A town overlooking the barren Moni island on the south western tip of the island of Aegina.

14 . Kouverta
(Peloponnese )

A small group of dwellings in the Kouverta bay.

15 . Skala
(Agkistri Island )

A small town on the north east of Agkistri island built around a beach outcrop.

16 . Portes
(Aegina Island )

A village on the western coast of Aegina island with a tiny harbour unsuitable for visiting yachts.

17 . Megalochori
(Agkistri Island )

A small town with a sturdy harbour on the north of the Agkistri island surrounded by crystal blue water.

Agioi Anargyroi
18 . Agioi Anargyroi
(Peloponnese )

A small group of dwellings and a holiday resort on the south facing coastline in the Kranidiou bay.

19 . Aegina
(Aegina Island )

Also known as Egina. A large bustling town on the western side of the island home to a large ferry port and a marina.

Ayia Marina
20 . Ayia Marina
(Aegina Island )

Also known as Agia Marina. This pretty little town is on the western coast of Aegina island.

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