A large north-east facing town south of Xylokastro.

"Kiato (Greek: Κιάτο) is a town in the northern part of Corinthia in the Peloponnese, Greece. It is the seat of the municipality of Sikyona. Kiato is situated on the Gulf of Corinth, near the mouth of the river Asopos. It has much tourist activity mainly in the summer. The ancient city Sicyon was located 4 km southwest of present Kiato. Kiato is 4 km northwest of Velo, 13 km southeast of Xylokastro and 18 km northwest of Corinth. The Greek National Road 8A (Patras - Corinth - Athens) passes southwest of the town. It has a station on the railway from Patras to Corinth, and it is the western terminus of a Proastiakos (suburban railway) line to Athens." Wikipedia

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1 . Vrakhati
(Plateia Island )

Also known as Vrachati this large town is found to the west of Corinth.

2 . Xylokastro
(Plateia Island )

A large town on the Corinthian coastline with a beach and holiday resorts.

3 . Korinthos
(Peloponnese )

Korinthos (Corinth) is a large town and home to a man-made canal linking the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf.

4 . Loutraki
(Plateia Island )

A west facing town north of the Corinthian canal in the Gulf of Corinth.

5 . Isthmia
(Peloponnese )

A small town at the north-western tip of the Saronic Gulf, home to one end of the Corinth canal leading to the Gulf of Corinth.

Agia Sotira
6 . Agia Sotira
(Peloponnese )

A small pretty village at the head of a sandy bay.

Loutra Oraias Elenis
7 . Loutra Oraias Elenis
(Peloponnese )

A town around the bay of Almyri and small Kechries cape following the western coast of the Saronic Gulf south of Isthmia.

8 . Revithaiika
(Central Greece )

A small village on the northern shore of the Gulf of Corinth.

9 . Alyki
(Central Greece )

An historic village on the north-eastern coast of the Corinthian Gulf.

Agioi Theodoroi
10 . Agioi Theodoroi
(Peloponnese )

This town follows the coastline the west of Isthmia but has little to offer visiting yachts.

11 . Aiyira
(West Greece )

Also known as Aigeria, this town follows the east facing coastline within the Gulf of Corinth.

12 . Pefkali
(Peloponnese )

A small sparse village built into the beautiful hillside above three bays on the western coast of the Saronic Gulf.

13 . Krathion
(West Greece )

Krathio is a small coastal village north of Aigeria.

Kato Alepokhorion
14 . Kato Alepokhorion
(Attica )

A busy town on the west of the Corinthian Gulf.

Ayios Vasilios
15 . Ayios Vasilios
(Central Greece )

A town found towards the eastern end of the Gulf of Corinth.

Agios Isidoros
16 . Agios Isidoros
(Central Greece )

A small village in the head of a bay a short distance overland to neighbour Antikyra.

17 . Kineta
(Attica )

Kineta follows the coastline further west of Agioi Theodoroi and similarly has little to offer visiting yachts.

18 . Antikyra
(Central Greece )

A small village on the northern coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

Aspra Spitia
19 . Aspra Spitia
(Central Greece )

A village in the valley on the northern shore of the Corinthian Gulf.

20 . Korfos
(Peloponnese )

A pretty little town on the western coast of the Saronic Gulf formed around the sheltered Sofikou bay.

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