Your company?

Sailsecrets™ is a community sailing site ranking countries, islands, towns, marinas, bays and yacht charter agencies based on reviews left by sailors and yachtsmen.

Sailsecrets™ is more than advertising, it is a knowledge base of places to visit providing a rich collection of information for the avid sailor: historical weather and forecast, distances to the next stop, the nearest airport, details about the marina including which agencies are based there.

Sign your business up and create your page on Sailsecrets™ to get included in search results and collect feedback from your customers to build your reputation. It's free to register and there's no membership fee.

How do I get a window sticker?

If you did not receive a window sticker when you registered we send one out to you, just send an email to info@sailsecrets.com asking for a window sticker.

Link back to to us?

Help your customers find your Sailsecrets™ business page by adding a link the link: https://www.sailsecrets.com/place/id to your weboste where 'id' is your numeric id, for example: Trogir is 174. You find this number in the address bar of your page, or in the email confirmation.

How much does it cost?

Sailsecrets™ is free for both trade and the public. We do not charge for basic membership or usage and have no plans to introduce fees. We may introduce premium chargeable services and will of course let you know so you can take advantage of them.

What if my business doesn't have a website?

This is unusual but we can verify you a different way. Please email info@sailsecrets.com as above and we will tell you how to verify a different way.

How do I change details about my business?

We create page profiles for many businesses based on public information to help our sailing community so your business may already have it's own page, so please search for it first, if you can't find it see below.

Register as a user using your work email (so the email @domain.com matches your website www.domain.com). After you have logged in you will then be able to edit the details on your page, respond to reviews and see additional information. We will send you a 'Review Us' window sticker through the post.

What if you cannot find your business page?

Register as a user using your work email (so the email @domain.com matches your website www.domain.com). Then send us an email to info@sailsecrets.com with details of:
  • your business name.
  • where you are located: the marina(s) or town(s).
  • your website link.
  • your type of business (charter, marina, etc).
We will set you up and send you an email confirmation. You will receive a 'Review Us' window sticker through the post. And you can then add/change your details (see below).