Sailsecrets™ is a community sailing site ranking countries, islands, towns, marinas, bays and yacht charter agencies around Europe based on reviews left by other sailors and yachtsmen. Plan your next stop from where you are based on the reviews of other sailors, check the weather ahead and leave feedback on where you've just been. Share your experience of local marina services, yacht rental agencies, or read what other visitors have written before you set off. Please contact us via email: info@sailsecrets.com. Sail Secrets Limited is registered in England & Wales. Company number: 10670367

Our Story

We started this site in 2016 when we wanted a sailing holiday in Croatia with family but didn't know which marinas to use, the airport distance, or if there were any pretty towns to explore or beautiful bays to anchor in overnight, or even what type of winds we could expect. Like most people we scouted the internet and asked our sailing friends to share their advice... and so the idea for sailsecrets begun!

We opted for the historic Trogir as our charter base and sailed out to the pretty Stormoska and haggled for a mooring due to an inbound flotilla! While on that wonderful trip from Trogir, to Brac, Hvar, and Solta we agreed that by following year we'd help other sailors like you find great places to go, avoid flotilla congestion, and share local weather! On that trip we also had issues with the return of our boat and saw an opportunity to improve the quality of the charter indusrty by rating them.

We went back to Croatia in 2017 and returned to one of most favourite quite bays and Brendan proposed to Janine, who cried with joy and accepted, a year later we got married in our beautiful small church in Send, Surrey, England. A year later we returned to the southern coast of Croatia for our honeymoon, and found some beuatiful remote anchorages.

We had been talking about doing a six month sailing trip around the Med, but in 2019 we decided to make it a year and include the Carribean, and then after watching many youtube video blogs (La vagabond, Delos, Ran, and RubyRose) it became a two year trip perhaps popping out the otherside of Panama canal. We initially were looking at monohull yachts, especially the Moody 45 deck saloon, but noticed that many of our youtube heros were moving to catamarans, so since then we've been exploring catamarans at boat shows.

We plan to set off in 2023 when our youngest turns 18 and heads off to university, we have some time to prepare, we've had a lot of fun starting a youtube channel and we are learning the basics. Our kids think we're nuts, and our friends are really supportive.

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