Northern Ionian Neilson

A 7 day flotilla route used by Neilson.

Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, connected to the mainland by a causeway. West coast beaches like Porto Kats...
Day 1:   60.5 km  12:10 hours  310
Gaios Quay
The long quay follows the coastline around behind Nikolaos islet providing some natural shelter for shore-side mooring....
Day 2:   37.9 km  7:30 hours  320
Also known as Messonghi this beach town resort is south of Corfu on the eastern coast of the island....
Day 3:   45.5 km  9:10 hours  120
This pretty town on the western coast of Greece has a cluster of islets, beaches and coves and overlooks Paxos and Antip...

Note: Time is based on an average boat speed of 5 knots.