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San Pietro Island
A small uninhabited Italian island in the Ionian Sea a short distance from Taranto.

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{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Leuca
This large town on the south-eastern rocky tip of Italy's Salento Peninsula and home to a large marina protected by a long break-water under the tall white lighthouse tower.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Otranto
Otranto is a busy town on the south-eastern tip of Italy, often used as a stop towards Corfu..
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Bari
Bari is a spectacular historic harbour city on the south-eastern coast of Italy. Home to a commercial port and ferry terminal to Durazzo, Bar, Corfu, Igoummenitsa, and Dubrovnik. The fascinating old town is on the Peninsula between the eastern harbour and the western commercial port.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Marina di Ginosa
A popular holiday resort on the south0western coast of Italy with a long sandy beach with several Lido's.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Taranto
A large historic city on the south-western coast (heel) of Italy. The city was built on a cape that separates an inner 'sea' from the Ionian Sea which is home to the Italian navy. The tip of the cape has become an island by a man-made channel which is home to a large marina. On the other-side of the island is large commercial port and petro-chemical plant.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Monti d'Arena-Bosco Caggione
A popular tourist town on the south-western coast of Italy with numerous busy small sandy beach coves.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Campomarino
A popular sea-side resort on the south-western tip (heel) of Italy. Home to a multitude of restaurants and a busy fishing harbour and marina.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Torre Lapillo
A small and popular Italian coastal town on the 'heel' of Italy with a sandy beach cove.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Porto Cesareo
An historic town set in a beautiful bay on the Salento peninsula (heel) in south-west Italy. Popular with tourists and sailors alike due to it's beautiful sandy beaches and sheltered mooring provided by the small islets scattered close to the shore. The first marina is near the main town while the second large marina is further south in the lagoon.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Santa Maria al Bagno
A small pretty town attracting tourists to visit the south-western Italian rocky and sandy shoreline.

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