This beachy town is on the southern tip of Kefalonia.

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Nearby Charter companies

Kefalonia Sailing
1 . Kefalonia Sailing

We are a family business which consists of my husband, Dionisis, and me, Evgenia. Dionisis is responsible for the vessel maintenance and I help him with the rest. We run this business since 2004. E...

Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Katelios Harbour
1 . Katelios Harbour

A small harbour surrounded by rocks in shallow water. Depth of harbour not known but may not be suitable for keel boats.

Poros Harbour
2 . Poros Harbour

The inner harbour may be too shallow for yachts. The quayside and breakwater may provide better options.

Loudata Harbour
3 . Loudata Harbour

A tiny battered harbour on the western coast of Kefalonia providing some limited shelter for local boats.

Trapezaki Harbour
4 . Trapezaki Harbour

A tiny harbour for local boats near a taverna.

Pessada Harbour
5 . Pessada Harbour

A tiny harbour provides some shelter for local boats on this rugged coastline.

Agios Nikolaos Harbour
6 . Agios Nikolaos Harbour

A small breakwater provides some shelter in the northern part of the bay for smaller vessels.

Sami Harbour
7 . Sami Harbour

The harbour is found behind the ferry terminal and quay and jetty provide good options for mooring and easy access to the local town.

Sami Harbour West
8 . Sami Harbour West

This harbour to the west of the town provides some shoreside mooring for visiting yachts and is sheltered behind a long breakwater.

Agia Pelagia Harbour
9 . Agia Pelagia Harbour

A large harbour (in relative terms for this side of the island) provides shelter behind a breakwater and the natural Pelegias Cape. Inside the harbour there is a single pontoon and quayside mooring.

Alykanas Harbour
10 . Alykanas Harbour

A horseshoe shaped breakwater creates shelter for moored boats and access to some shops and beach.

Kavos Harbour
11 . Kavos Harbour

An established and solid set of breakwaters create an unattractive safe harbour for local boats and visiting yachts.

Arkadii Harbour
12 . Arkadii Harbour

A south facing harbour on this small peninsula in a shallow silted area.

Argostoli Marina
13 . Argostoli Marina

An abandoned marina started many years ago.

Ayios Eufimia Quay
14 . Ayios Eufimia Quay

The long quay on the northern shore is sheltered by the large break-water and provides good access to nearby shops and taverna's.

Zante Harbour
15 . Zante Harbour

A large silted harbour split into two sections by a large commercial loading jetty. The north side of the northern harbour wall and quay offer shore-side mooring for visiting yachts, while the sout...

Lixouri Marina
16 . Lixouri Marina

A basic marina north of the main harbour has four pontoons and may provide some shelter for visiting yachts.

Kounopetra Harbour
17 . Kounopetra Harbour

A tiny jetty hidden behind a battered breakwater my provide some rare shelter and shore-side mooring in this area.

Kiryaki Harbour
18 . Kiryaki Harbour

The two rocky breakwaters provide shelter inside the harbour, some space may be available for visiting yachts.

Keri Harbour
19 . Keri Harbour

A busy cove with a small breakwater provides some rare shelter on this side of Zakythos island. Yachts are often moored outside the breakwater or anchored in the cove outside.

Frikes Harbour
20 . Frikes Harbour

The harbour benefits from a ferry breakwater providing additional shelter for boats moored up inside the bay.

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