Baska Voda


A busy mainland town overlooking Brac island with facilities.

"Baška Voda (pronounced [bâʃkaː vɔ̌da]) is a municipality in Croatia in the Split-Dalmatia County. It has a population of 2,775 (2011 census), 96.2% of which are Croats. It is located on the Adriatic coastline of Dalmatia 10 km northwest of Makarska." Wikipedia

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Nearby facilities

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Astarea Yachting
1 . Astarea Yachting

Astarea LTD is a tourist agency and yacht centre registered for the chartering, charter managament and sale of vessels. We have started our business venture in 1999. as Adria Coral Charter, and by ...

Nautika Kufner
2 . Nautika Kufner

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

Bobovisce Market
3 . Bobovisce Market

This friendly but tiny market has a small selection of most produce including home made olive oil.

Navis Yacht Charter
4 . Navis Yacht Charter

Navis Yacht Charter (NYC) is ISO Certified an innovative company specialized in virtually all aspects of yacht charter and yacht management. First and foremost, NYC offers a unique service organisi...

Pitter Yachting
5 . Pitter Yachting

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Adriatic Challenge
6 . Adriatic Challenge

There is no better way to experience the natural wonders of the Adriatic than from the deck of one of our sailing yachts. Adriatic Challenge, your choice for yacht charter in Croatia, will take you...

Ultra Sailing
7 . Ultra Sailing

Charter fleet made from Beneteau boats and extra cruiser racers. Main headoffice in Split but bases in Trogir, Dubrovnik, and Ka

Fortunal Charter
8 . Fortunal Charter

The Fortunal Ltd. company was founded in 2002. with the goal of providing charter management services. The company aims towards offering the highest quality of service to all sea pleasure lovers as...

Bomi Ship
9 . Bomi Ship

Bomi Ship d.o.o. is certified yachting company, specialising for yacht charter in Croatia, yacht management and brokerage. Our mission is to combine extensive local knowledge with global business s...

Nautika Kufner
10 . Nautika Kufner

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Baska Voda Marina
1 . Baska Voda Marina

A large popular well sheltered marina surrounded by plenty of shops and restaurants.

Brela Harbour
2 . Brela Harbour

A sheltered harbour offering good facilities for a limited number of visiting yachts.

Promajna Harbour
3 . Promajna Harbour

A large but simple shelter offering almost no facilities.

Ramova Harbour
4 . Ramova Harbour

A sturdy and relatively large harbour offering a mixture of basic facilities at the foot of Krvavica village.

Rasotica Bay
5 . Rasotica Bay

A small bay situated between Povlja and Sumartin on the eastern coast of Brac Island offering limited anchoring.

Dalmacija Hotel Harbour
6 . Dalmacija Hotel Harbour

A small harbour to the north west of Makarska next to the beach and a few restaurants.

Makarska Harbour
7 . Makarska Harbour

A large pontoon with long shore-side mooring in the western side of a natural bay protected by a break-water.

Povlja Bay
8 . Povlja Bay

A forked bay tucked in around the headland providing fixed shore-side mooring and a collection of shops and restaurants.

Povlja Cove
9 . Povlja Cove

A small narrow cove on the alternative fork of Povlja Bay offering anchoring near the swimming area.

Sumartin Harbour
10 . Sumartin Harbour

A ferry harbour with a large breakwater cutting the mooring into two sections, one providing good shelter for small vessels. A good number of bars, restaurants and facilities.

Radonja Bay
11 . Radonja Bay

A bay to the east of Sumartin Harbour offering refuelling and mooring for small vessels.

Pisak Harbour
12 . Pisak Harbour

A small open-sided harbour 5km to the east of Mimice towards Brela.

Mimice Harbour
13 . Mimice Harbour

A simple open-sided small harbour surrounded by apartments and hotels.

Luka Bay
14 . Luka Bay

A pretty area at the end of a long bay, offering anchorage and limited restaurant provided fixed mooring on the south side.

Studena Bay
15 . Studena Bay

A large bay south of Sumartin on the south-east of Brac Island offering exposed anchoring.

Lozna Cove
16 . Lozna Cove

A small narrow cove offering limited anchoring situated between Pucisca and Povlja.

Tucepi Harbour
17 . Tucepi Harbour

A local harbour with 30 berths for visiting yachts with good facilities.

Podgora Harbour
18 . Podgora Harbour

A large harbour with a series of pontoons with limited vacancy for visiting yachts.

Pucisca Port
19 . Pucisca Port

A historic large port with fixed mooring but no break-water and therefore exposed to sea swell and gusts. Provides a range of restaurants and facilities.

Lucica Caklje Harbour
20 . Lucica Caklje Harbour

A small local harbour with limited space for visiting yachts.

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Nearby Towns

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Donja Brela
1 . Donja Brela
(Central Dalmatia )

A mainland resort over-looking Brac island with a harbour.

2 . Makarska
(Central Dalmatia )

Makarska is medium size town on the Croatian mainland.

3 . Povlja
(Brac Island )

Povlja is a village on the island of Bracin Croatia. The village itself is located in a deep natural harbour surrounded by many other deep natural harbours, bays. Wikipedia

4 . Sumartin
(Brac Island )

Sumartin is a port village in Croatia on the island of Brac. It is connected by the D113 highway and by ferry. Wikipedia

5 . Mimice
(Central Dalmatia )

A small coastal mainland village with a single jetty.

6 . Tucepi
(Central Dalmatia )

A coastal town on the mainland overlooking Brac and Hvar islands.

7 . Podgora
(Central Dalmatia )

A small local village with limited mooring.

8 . Pucisca
(Brac Island )

Pucics┴a is a municipality in Croatia on the island of Bracin the Split-Dalmatia County. It has a population of 2,224, 99% which are Croats. The municipality consists of three settlements: Gornji...

9 . Drasnice
(Central Dalmatia )

A small village with little chance of mooring in the harbour.

10 . Omis
(Central Dalmatia )

A town on the mouth of the river Cetina offering little shelter.

11 . Igrane
(Central Dalmatia )

A small busy coastal mainland town over-looking Hvar island with limited mooring.

12 . Pokrivenik
(Hvar Island )

Pokrivenik is a small village on the island of Havr

13 . Zivogosce
(Central Dalmatia )

A coastal mainland village with limited mooring.

14 . Postira
(Brac Island )

Postira is a village and a municipality in Croatia in the Split-Dalmatia County on the island of Brac. Wikipedia

15 . Bol
(Brac Island )

Bol is a town on the south of the island of Bracin the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia, population 1,661. Bol is renowned for its most popular beach, the Zlatni Rat. Wikipedia

Dugi Rat
16 . Dugi Rat
(Central Dalmatia )

A small local village harbour on the mainland south of Split.

17 . Splitska
(Brac Island )

Splitska is an ancient village on the island of Bracin Croatia. The population is 381. The village got its name from a derivative of Split. Wikipedia

18 . Blato
(Central Dalmatia )

A small village on the mainland with a tiny harbour.

19 . Vrboska
(Hvar Island )

Vrboska is a settlement on the north coast of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia, in the Municipality of Jelsa. Founded in the 15th century as a fishing harbour, Vrboska is best known for the ...

20 . Jelsa
(Hvar Island )

Jelsa is a town in Croatia, on the island of Hvar, the seat of the eponymous municipality within the county of Split-Dalmatia. Wikipedia

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