"Split (, as the English word split; Croatian pronunciation: [splît] (listen); see other names) is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia, with about 250,000 people living in its urban area. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is spread over a central peninsula and its surroundings. An intraregional transport hub and popular tourist destination, the city is linked to the Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula.

Home to Diocletian's Palace, built for the Roman emperor in AD 305, the city was founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos (Aσπάλαθος) in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. It became a prominent settlement around 650 when it succeeded the ancient capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, Salona. After the sack of Salona by the Avars and Slavs, the fortified Palace of Diocletian was settled by Roman refugees. Split became a Byzantine city. Later it drifted into the sphere of the Republic of Venice and the Kingdom of Croatia, with the Byzantines retaining nominal suzerainty. For much of the High and Late Middle Ages, Split enjoyed autonomy as a free city of the Dalmatian city-states, caught in the middle of a struggle between Venice and Croatia (in union with Hungary) for control over the Dalmatian cities.

Venice eventually prevailed and during the early modern period Split remained a Venetian city, a heavily fortified outpost surrounded by Ottoman territory. Its hinterland was won from the Ottomans in the Morean War of 1699, and in 1797, as Venice fell to Napoleon, the Treaty of Campo Formio rendered the city to the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1805, the Peace of Pressburg added it to the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy and in 1806 it was included in the French Empire, becoming part of the Illyrian Provinces in 1809. After being occupied in 1813, it was eventually granted to the Austrian Empire following the Congress of Vienna, where the city remained a part of the Austrian Kingdom of Dalmatia until the fall of Austria-Hungary in 1918 and the formation of Yugoslavia. In World War II, the city was annexed by Italy, then liberated by the Partisans after the Italian capitulation in 1943. It was then re-occupied by Germany, which granted it to its puppet Independent State of Croatia. The city was liberated again by the Partisans in 1944, and was included in the post-war Socialist Yugoslavia, as part of its republic of Croatia. In 1991, Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia amid the Croatian War of Independence." Wikipedia

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Sunlife Charter (Split)

I have just booked our second sailing holidays with them. Excellent service, good boat, and perfect sailing area.

Fortunal Charter (Split)

Disgraceful and not a serious company. The same issues as the other people. Complete disregard for you as people, as a customer. Not asking for anything special, just what's been agreed. From the other reviews, our boat was ready at least by 8.30pm but we were waiting for stand up paddleboards for 4 hours. After a pre-agreed 2pm early checkin. Cleanliness is a problem, and no curtains in the cabins. Unbelievable. Dave, New Zealand

Fortunal Charter (Split)

Ugly and disgusting service. I rented Lagun 400 for myself, a child (12 years old) and a wife from July 21 to 28 in Split. The boat was dirty, with a broken fence, without pillows in the cockpit. There are all photos. Boorish attitude of staff. We arrived to take the boat at 14 o'clock, could only get off at 22. Horror. Never again with Fortunal Charter I will not have a charter of affairs and would not recommend it. Sergey.

Nautika Centar Nava (Split)

Worst yacht chartering experience ever and we sail regularly every year. The vessel was in poor condition to start with, a smell of sewage throughout. The staff invents damage on the ship at checkout only to bill as much as possible from the deposit. Nava boats is a recipe to ruin your vacation

Fortunal Charter (Split)

They don t care about you . poor services and yachts maintenance.


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Fortunal Charter (Split)
1 . Fortunal Charter (Split)

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Nautika Kufner (Split)
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9 . Astarea Yachting (Split)

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Sailing Forever (Kastela)
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A one design fleet of Beneteau First (45' and 35') boats available for complete regatta organisation, flotilla sailing, corporate events, team building and charter.

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Matejuska Harbour
1 . Matejuska Harbour

A harbour right in the heart of the bay full of local power boats.

ACI Marina Split
2 . ACI Marina Split

A large sophisticated and very busy marina in the heart of Split near the touristic old town.

Sports Marina
3 . Sports Marina

A large marina next to Split stadium with restaurants and bars. The marina has three sections: Poljud, Mornar, and Marjan.

Marina Spinut
4 . Marina Spinut

A private members only marina on the north-western side of the Split peninsula.

Marina Zenta
5 . Marina Zenta

A private yacht club with limited space for visiting yachts.

Marina Kastela
6 . Marina Kastela

A large marina near to the West of Split, and East of Trogir close to the Airport. - 420 wet berths with electricity and water connection - 400 dry berthsApartments, travel lift, sailing school, gr...

Castle Luksic Harbour
7 . Castle Luksic Harbour

A local harbour with limited space for visiting yachts.

Strozanac Harbour
8 . Strozanac Harbour

A crowded large harbour with little room for visiting vessels.

Slatine Harbour
9 . Slatine Harbour

A moderately sized harbour on the eastern side of the Ciovo island with a long outer breakwater. The inner harbour is home to many local boats.

Hotel Lav Harbour
10 . Hotel Lav Harbour

A small harbour offering mooring for visiting craft, describes itself as a marina.

Castel Stari Harbour
11 . Castel Stari Harbour

A small open harbour with a short break-water.

Castel Novi Harbour
12 . Castel Novi Harbour

A small and simple harbour next to the Castle Novi half way between Split and Trogir.

Castle Stafilic Harbour
13 . Castle Stafilic Harbour

A tiny harbour neat the Stafilic Castle, West of Castle Novi

Arbanija Harbour
14 . Arbanija Harbour

A small harbour on the north western side of Arbanija full of small local power boats.

15 . Divulje

A small harbour just south of the airport and to the East of Trogir.

Sveti Kriz Harbour
16 . Sveti Kriz Harbour

A tiny harbour behind a strong breakwater for local boats.

Gornji Liveli Harbour
17 . Gornji Liveli Harbour

A small harbour (the only on the southern coast of the island) in the base of a natural bay offering little shelter for visiting yachts.

Krilo Jesenice
18 . Krilo Jesenice

A large well protected harbour surrounded by apartments, restaurants and shops. Despite the size it provides limited space for visitors.

Sutivan Harbour
19 . Sutivan Harbour

A small harbour offering limited fixed mooring for visiting yachts. Hosts several restaurants and facilities.

Okrug Gornji Marina
20 . Okrug Gornji Marina

A small local marina hosting local boats.

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