Noirmoutier harbour


A drying harbour on the Moulin tidal river with vessel rafted alongside the quay. Restaurants and supermarket north of river.

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Le plus beau de Noirmoutier
Le plus beau de Noirmoutier

Voici une vidéo de l'île de Noirmoutier, qui se situe en Vendée, pays de la Loire, France métropolitaine. L'île de Noirmoutier est reliée par un pont à la côte, mais on peut aussi passer pa...

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Port de Morin
1 . Port de Morin

A drying harbour with marina with 8 long pontoons and 6 short pontoons on the western coast of Noirmoutier island. Limited facilities. A couple of restaurants within a short walk.

Herbaudiere Marina
2 . Herbaudiere Marina

A large marina inside the harbour on the north-western tip of the Noirmoutier island. The pontoons on the sea-side of the harbour are for fishing vessels. Many restaurants close by and the supermar...

Fromentine Jetty
3 . Fromentine Jetty

Two small jetties in strong tidal current at the southern end of Noirmoutier island approached under bridge from west.

Gildas Harbour
4 . Gildas Harbour

A field of buoys behind a breakwater on a naturally rocky seabed.

Pornic Marina
5 . Pornic Marina

A large busy marina with 10 pontoons on the coast within a harbour enclosure. Supermarket north of marina 5 minute walk, and two restaurants close by. Town centre is 20 minute walk.

Gourmalon Buoys
6 . Gourmalon Buoys

A large field of buoys on the south-eastern bank of the river mouth, with a jetty and ramp to the southern end. No nearby restaurants or facilities.

Quay Leray Harbour
7 . Quay Leray Harbour

The old harbour is in the centre of town with quayside moorings. No facilities. Restaurants mostly on the northern side of the harbour.

Gravette Harbour
8 . Gravette Harbour

An L-shaped breakwater creating a semi-enclosed harbour around a field of buoys. Supermarket to the south-west 15 minutes walk. A couple of restaurants on along the seafront.

Comberge Harbour
9 . Comberge Harbour

A harbour enclosing a small field of buoys in shallow water. A small collection of food outlets near the harbour.

Pornichet Marina
10 . Pornichet Marina

A large busy marina with 15 crowded pontoons within a sturdy man-made harbour on the coast in front of an inner old drying harbour. Supermarket a 10 minute walk. A few restaurants scattered along t...

Saint-Nazaire Quai du Commerce
11 . Saint-Nazaire Quai du Commerce

A small area in the south-western corner of the large basin behind a double lock. Limited facilities. Shops and restaurants close by including a sandy beach.

Joinville Marina
12 . Joinville Marina

Nine busy long pontoons inside the eastern side of the harbour also home to a ferry terminal and fishing port. Supermarket 10 minute walk south-west. Restaurants mostly on the western side of fishi...

Pouliguen Marina
13 . Pouliguen Marina

Twenty or so short pontoons long the river. The low bridge constrains yachts to the southern section. Supermarkets 15 minute walk west. Restaurants along the west bank of the river.

Vielles Cove
14 . Vielles Cove

A sandy beach on the rocky southern coastline of Yeu island near La Croix village.

Port de la Meule
15 . Port de la Meule

A small drying natural fishing harbour with a narrow rocky entrance on the southern side of Yeu island.

Marina Croisic
16 . Marina Croisic

A marina with six busy pontoons inside a drying harbour off the Chenal des Vaux. The wall of the harbour around the car-park is left for visitors. two supermarkets within 5 minutes walk and many re...

17 . Port-La-Vie

A busy marina tucked inside the second apex of the La Vie river. Seven packed long pontoons on the inner bank followed by a long visitor pontoon further round the corner. Two long pontoons and 3 sh...

Turballe Marina
18 . Turballe Marina

A large harbour with two basins. The north-western basin is home to a fleet of fishing boats, while the south-eastern basin is home to a marina with seven crowded pontoons, sharing some of them wit...

Piriac Marina
19 . Piriac Marina

A large marina with 8 large pontoons within a sturdy harbour behind a tidal sill. The outer bay has a rocky bed and dries. Many restaurants south-west of the marina. Supermarket a 15 minute walk.

Nantes Pontoon
20 . Nantes Pontoon

A single pontoon on the northern bank of the Madeleine arm of the river Loire in the heart of Nantes city. No facilities on the pontoon but supermarket close by and restaurants within a short walk.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile
(Pays de la Loire )

A small town on the north-east side the island.

2 . Pornic
(Pays de la Loire )

On the western coast of France a short distance south of the river Loire this town boats a large marina and a series of moorings near the pretty castle on the lead up to the Canal de Haute Perche.

3 . Pornichet
(Pays de la Loire )

A short distance from Nantes and found at the mouth of the river Loire. The port has a marina behind a large breakwater in-between two long beaches.

4 . Saint-Nazaire
(Pays de la Loire )

A large town on the mouth of the river Loire with a large commercial harbour and a history of shipbuilding and fishing. With it's history for building German U-Boats it was also badly damaged durin...

5 . Port-Joinville
(Yeu Island )

A small town on the eastern coast of the island.

Le Pouliguen
6 . Le Pouliguen
(Pays de la Loire )

An east facing town sheltered from the south-westerlies with a tidal creek providing sheltered mooring along the promenade.

Le Croisic
7 . Le Croisic
(Pays de la Loire )

Le Croisic is found at the end of an outcrop (tongue) sheltering an inner canal with tidal moorings.

8 . Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie
(Pays de la Loire )

A large town on the mouth of the river Vie and home to a large marina and a sardine fishing harbour. The quayside lined with restaurants and shops dries at low tide.

La Turballe
9 . La Turballe
(Pays de la Loire )

Turballe is home to a fishing port, large marina and seaside resort along a very long sandy beach.

10 . Piriac-sur-Mer
(Pays de la Loire )

A small coastal village west of Nantes and home to a large number of submerged rocks near the entrance to the large marina.

11 . Arzal
(Bretagne )

A small town a short distance up the river Vilaine.

Les Sables-d'Olonne
12 . Les Sables-d'Olonne
(Pays de la Loire )

Home to the Vendee Globe yacht race this large town hosts a sandy beach, a large marina, and is also famous for Cod fishing. It

13 . Arzon
(Bretagne )

A town on the end of Rhuys peninsula and home to a large marina. Oversees the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan which hosts a multitude of small islets (Moines, Arz) and a nature reserve.

14 . Vannes
(Bretagne )

A growing large town with millennia of rich marine history including Julius Caesar's Romans and the Gaul. Today a long thing marina is found at the centre of the town.

15 . Quiberon
(Bretagne )

A seaside resort on a small peninsula in Western France and an historic site for battles between French and the British fleets.

La Trinite-sur-Mer
16 . La Trinite-sur-Mer
(Bretagne )

A seaside town and port up the river Crac'h with many pleasant restaurants. Home to a large marina and many water sports.

17 . Etel
(Bretagne )

Etel is a town on the river d'Etel and home to a marina, several camp-sites and sandy beaches.

18 . L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer
(Pays de la Loire )

A large town on the western coast of France situated on one side of a long sandy estuary, neighbour to La Faute-sur-Mer located on the opposing bank hosting a long sandy beach.

19 . Ars-en-Re
(Re Island )

A pretty agricultural town a short distance from the western coast of the Re island but access via a long drying channel from the east.

20 . Saint-Martin-de-Re
(Re Island )

A town on the eastern side of the island with fortifications dating back to the 1620s.

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