A small pretty town with limited shelter and mooring.

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Nearby Charter companies

Koro Charter (Punat)
1 . Koro Charter (Punat)

Korocharter is a family company that is successfully dealing with a motor boat rentals for many years (since 1996). Korocharter deals with only top quality motor boats of the best-known manufacture...

Wimmer Yachting (Punat)
2 . Wimmer Yachting (Punat)

Enjoy your sailing trip on beautiful yachts or catamarans along the Croatian coast.Even with children you don't have to miss this experience. Children and parents become sea dogs and learn how to h...

Garant Charter (Punat)
3 . Garant Charter (Punat)

Garant Charter is a family run multi-lingual company and the direct charter operator for North Adriatic. We will personally work with you to ensure you have the best charter vacation possible. We a...

MCP Charter (Punat)
4 . MCP Charter (Punat)

We at MCP Yacht Charter rent a boat, are a team of young people, who made the chartering of motor boats, to their profession. Recently we also started selling Motor boats. The company MCP was esta...

Jadranka Yachting (Losinj)
5 . Jadranka Yachting (Losinj)

Jadranka Yachting is a limited liability company that belongs to the Jadranka Group, the largest tourism and trade joint stock company on the islands of Cres and Losinj comprising 10 hotels, 4 camp...

Adriatic Yacht Charter (Pomer)
6 . Adriatic Yacht Charter (Pomer)

Adriatic Yacht Charter is a leading charter company with over 70 sailing yachts and catamarans located in 4 bases along the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea. With our bases in Pomer, Murter, Kaste...

Lerta Yachtcharter (Veruda)
7 . Lerta Yachtcharter (Veruda)

For many years we have been operating a professional and modern charter company with Lerta Yachtcharter. We charter year-round comfortable sport boats and yachts from Bavaria in long-term cooperati...

Pitter Yachting (Veruda)
8 . Pitter Yachting (Veruda)

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Waypoint International (Veruda)
9 . Waypoint International (Veruda)

Since our foundation, we have been doing our best to satisfy all kind of charter clients, both the experienced ones and those discovering for the first time the pleasures of sailing and cruising. O...

Adriatic Yacht Charter (Veruda)
10 . Adriatic Yacht Charter (Veruda)

Adriatic Yacht Charter is a leading charter company with over 70 sailing yachts and catamarans located in 4 bases along the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea. With our bases in Pomer, Murter, Kaste...

Vito Natika (Veruda)
11 . Vito Natika (Veruda)

The Vito Nautica agency of the Legovic family has been in business since 1993. Our regular customers appreciate our service and personal touch. Choose from motor or sailboat or enjoy the Adriatic o...

Trend Travel Yachting (Pula)
12 . Trend Travel Yachting (Pula)

Welcome to Trend Travel & Yachting! As a family-run company, we have been in the yachting business for the past 30 years and are happy to fulfill any needs you might have regarding yacht charter or...

Euromarine (Pula)
13 . Euromarine (Pula)

Operating a fleet of 100 boats from 3 starting bases (Pula, Split and Dubrovnik), next season we will offer one-way charters between any of above mentioned bases, mini-bus transfers from airport to...

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

1 . Voscice

A small bay to the east of the industrial village overlooking the large quarry.

Tunarica Bay
2 . Tunarica Bay

This busy bay is near the entrance to the Target channel and provides good natural shelter and a restaurant.

Luka Vinjole
3 . Luka Vinjole

A small bay that provides little shelter for anchoring, but offers nearby beach bar.

Saint Marina
4 . Saint Marina

A small busy village north of Drenje offering basic facilities.

Krk Harbour
5 . Krk Harbour

An old harbour with facilities for visiting yachts.

6 . Krnica

A local harbour offering some natural shelter.

7 . Levan

A small island with a couple of restaurants and a bar.

Porto Liznjan
8 . Porto Liznjan

A sheltered natural but rocky cove offering little mooring.

Luka Budava
9 . Luka Budava

A small natural narrow cove with two coves at the end.

10 . Prklog

A long natural bay near Duga Luka providing basic shelter.

11 . Remec

A small cove south of Rabac offers little shelter.

Marina Losinj
12 . Marina Losinj

Mali Losinj's location, natural beauty and cultural heritage are the key ingredients of the Marina Losinj mosaic. A Flagship Marina with spectacular views on the Mali Losinj bay and the old town ce...

Marina Punat
13 . Marina Punat

One of the oldest marina's in the area in a sheltered bay offering facilities for visiting yachts.

Trget Harbour
14 . Trget Harbour

A tiny village at the end of a long natural channel offers a local fish restaurant and a small jetty.

Rabac Harbour
15 . Rabac Harbour

A busy harbour with many local boats in the bay.

Kasteja bay
16 . Kasteja bay

A natural bay offering unsheltered anchorage.

17 . Ceja

Anchoring is exposed around this small island but there is a tiny jetty serving the restaurant.

Marina Puntica
18 . Marina Puntica

A small marina at the entrance to Medulin bay with basic facilities. Sheltered from all winds 96 berths on T jetties, 50 dry berths, crane, slipway, service centre, open all year round.

Mali Losinj Harbour
19 . Mali Losinj Harbour

This harbour is found in the town at the end of a long cove.

20 . Valmieja

A large cove west of Pomer bay home to small local craft.

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