An historic and pretty town on the northern coast of Corsica home to a busy beach a small busy harbour and a busy ferry terminal to Toulon, Marseille, Nice and Vado Ligure.

"L'Île-Rousse (French pronunciation: ​[l‿il.ʁus]; Corsican: L'Ìsula, Lisula, Italian: Isola Rossa) is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica.

It was founded in 1758 by Pasquale Paoli to create a port that would not be in the hands of the Genoese (such as Calvi.) As Italian was until 1848 the administrative language of Corsica, the town was originally named Isola Rossa (Red Island) from the eponymous reddish color of a rocky islet that served as a natural harbor.

Along with Saint-Florent, it is one of only two communes in the département to have a French name — all the others have kept their Italian names despite the repeated demands of Corsican nationalists." Wikipedia

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We arrived in the morning on a glorious sunny day and later took a tour to Calvi where our guide led us through the alleyways and cobbled streets before arriving at the Citadel. We then went on to see the Caserne Sampiero. We enjoyed our visit and were very impressed with Rousse.

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1 . Algajola
(Corse )

A small town on the norther coast of Corsica with a sandy beach to the east and a small shallow bay and breakwater to the west.

2 . Calvi
(Corse )

A large pretty sea-side town on a headland creating shelter for the large sandy bay and home to a large palm-tree lined marina and small port under the Citadel.

3 . Saint-Florent
(Corse )

A popular pretty and historic town on the northern coast of Corsica located at the foot of a large bay created by the long northern peninsula. Home to a large marina overlooked by the Citadel.

4 . Farinole
(Corse )

A small village on the northern coast of Corsica.

Marine d'Albo
5 . Marine d'Albo
(Corse )

A small village on the eastern coast of the northern peninsula with a wide grey beach on what is otherwise a rocky coastline.

6 . Girolata
(Corse )

A secluded small village popular with mooring yachts who frequent the handful of restaurants on the beach.

7 . Bastia
(Corse )

A pretty historic city on the north-eastern coast of Corsica at the neck of a long peninsula and opposite the Toscano Archipelago. Home to a busy old port overlooked by the Citadel and marina to th...

8 . Pineto
(Corse )

A long sand bank between the lagoon and the eastern coast of Corsica home to several hotels and private residences.

9 . Miomo
(Corse )

A town north of Bastia on the north-eastern rocky coast of Corsica.

10 . Porto
(Corse )

A popular collection of small villages at the base of this large rocky bay. Home to a large beach that gives way to the north to a small natural harbour.

11 . Erbalunga
(Corse )

A popular village on the north-eastern coast of Corsica and home to a small shallow harbour for local boats.

Marine de Pietracorbara
12 . Marine de Pietracorbara
(Corse )

A small village on a sandy beach bay. Home to several restaurants.

13 . Centuri
(Corse )

A village on the eastern side of the northern peninsula. Situated in a rocky shallow bay home to an old harbour surrounded by several restaurants.

Camp du Cap Sud
14 . Camp du Cap Sud
(Corse )

A small campsite on the eastern coast of Corsica.

15 . Macinaggio
(Corse )

A popular town on the north-eastern side of the peninsula at the north of Corsica. Home to a large busy marina and many restaurants.

16 . Lavilanella
(Corse )

A holiday resort on the eastern coast of Corsica overlooked by the lush mountain range.

17 . Barcaggio
(Corse )

A small village on the northern tip of Corsica on the west of a large shallow unsheltered bay.

18 . Esigna
(Corse )

A village on the eastern coast of Corsica in a large bay that shallows to a sandy beach.

19 . Cargese
(Corse )

One of few towns on the eastern coast of Corsica. Located on the hill of the headland and home to a small busy port with several restaurants within walking distance.

20 . Tiuccia
(Corse )

A small town on the eastern coast of Corsica at the north of the unsheltered bay of Liscia.

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