The southern most village on the island of Corsica along with Sperono.

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1 . Sant'Amanza
(Corse )

A small village on the eastern coast of Corsica at the head of a wide natural bay.

2 . Bonifacio
(Corse )

A stunning town on the southern coast of Corsica with a long natural channel to the north creating a good natural harbour for centuries.

Santa Teresa Gallura
3 . Santa Teresa Gallura
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A hillside town on the northern tip of Sardinia overlooking Corsica. Home to a long natural rocky cove to the west leading to a marina, and a small sandy beach cove to the north.

4 . Caldarello
(Corse )

A small village on the south-western coast of Corsica at the end of a long rocky bay.

Santa Giulia
5 . Santa Giulia
(Corse )

A holiday resort in the hill-side of the eastern rocky coast of Corsica, home to a large sandy bay popular with mooring yachts.

Porto Pozzo
6 . Porto Pozzo
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A village towards the end of a long natural channel on the northern coast of Sardinia. Home to a number of pontoons at the local restaurant.

Porto Pollo
7 . Porto Pollo
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A village in the hills set back from the northern coast of Sardinia in a bay, allegedly, shaped like a chicken.

Rena Majore
8 . Rena Majore
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A town set back a short distance from the rocky northern shore of Sardinia.

Porto Rafael
9 . Porto Rafael
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A village on the headland overlooking the island of Maddalena.

La Maddalena
10 . La Maddalena
(Maddalena Island - Italy )

A popular large town on the southern coast of the island, sheltered by the nearby islets the local busy ports give direct access to the pretty old town.

11 . Porto-Vecchio
(Corse )

A small pretty and historic city at the foot of a large long bay surrounded by mountains. Home to a small marina and a ferry terminal to Civitavecchia, Napoli, Marseille, and Golio Aranci.

12 . Palau
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A pretty and popular town on the northern coast of Sardinia overlooking the island of Stefano and Maddalena.

Casetta Bianca
13 . Casetta Bianca
(Corse )

A small holiday resort on the south-eastern coast of Corsica close to Porto-Vecchio.

14 . Piccovaggia
(Corse )

A village on the headland set back from the coast.

15 . Stagnali
(Caprera Island - Italy )

A small village on the western side of the island in a large bay facing towards Maddalena.

Cala Rossa
16 . Cala Rossa
(Corse )

A beautiful residential village on the tip of a the Porto Vecchio bay on the south-eastern rocky coast of Corsica.

Portobello di Gallura
17 . Portobello di Gallura
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A holiday village on the rocky norther coastline of Sardinia.

San Ciprianu
18 . San Ciprianu
(Corse )

A village close to a shallow sandy bay. Also known as Saint Cyprien.

Baia Sardinia
19 . Baia Sardinia
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A small town around a hilly headland on the northern coast of Sardinia, and home to a small cove and beach.

20 . Cannigione
(Sardinia Island - Italy )

A town on the northern coast of Sardinia towards the head of a north facing bay. Home to a large marina and a large number of restaurants on the quayside.

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