A stunning large town on the north-western coast of Sardinia with a backdrop of rolling hills. Home to a large marina that leads south to the old town and north to a popular white sandy beach and clear waters.

"Alghero (Italian pronunciation: [alˈɡɛːro]), also known in the local Algherese dialect as L'Alguer (Catalan pronunciation: [ləlˈɣe]; Sardinian: S'Alighèra; Sassarese: L'Aliera), is a town of about 45,000 inhabitants in the Italian insular province of Sassari in northwestern Sardinia, next to the Mediterranean Sea. Part of its population descends from Catalan conquerors from the end of the Middle Ages, when Sardinia was part of the Crown of Aragon. Hence, the Catalan language is co-official (a unique situation in Italy) and known as the Alguerès dialect. The name Alghero comes from Aleguerium, which is a mediaeval Latin word meaning "stagnation of algae" (Posidonia oceanica).Alghero is the third university center in the island, coming after Cagliari and Sassari. It hosts the headquarters of the Università degli Studi di Sassari’s Architecture and Design department. In 2012 it was the 10th most visited city by tourists in Italy." Wikipedia

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We explored the medieval city fondly known as 'Barceloneta' and then went to the Nuraghe Palmavera tower which had a dome shaped ceiling that dates back to 1100 years BC. A very interesting and pretty region of Italy.

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1 . Fertilia
(Sardegna )

A village north of Alghero on the north-western coast of Sardinia.

Maristella Porto Conte
2 . Maristella Porto Conte
(Sardegna )

A small holiday resort village on the north-western coast of Sardinia in a large shallow bay.

3 . Argentiera
(Sardegna )

A village on the north-western coast of Sardinia in a small sandy cove. Home to a small hotel and a local bar.

Porto Torres
4 . Porto Torres
(Sardegna )

A large flat town on the rocky northern coast of Sardinia. Adjacent to (east of) a large industrial zone and port. Home to a port, marina and ferry terminal to Barcelona, Genova, Marsiglia, Propria...

5 . Bosa
(Sardegna )

A large attractive town ups the river Temo inaccessible to yachts due to the bridge near the marina. The town is well worth a visit.

Bosa Marina
6 . Bosa Marina
(Sardegna )

This small offshoot of the larger town Bosa (up the river Temo) is a popular tourist location and home to a marina near the river mouth.

Porto Alabe
7 . Porto Alabe
(Sardegna )

A quiet sea-side resort on the western coast of Sardinia.

Eden Beach
8 . Eden Beach
(Sardegna )

A holiday resort on the northern coast of Sardinia with a long thin beach.

Punta de Su Turrione
9 . Punta de Su Turrione
(Sardegna )

A village on the rocky northwestern tip of Sardinia.

10 . Stintino
(Sardegna )

A town on the north-western tip of Sardinia with two natural thin long canals around the old part of the town. Home to a marina and ferry terminal to Asihara tucked in behind a breakwater.

La Pelosa
11 . La Pelosa
(Sardegna )

A small holiday village on the north-western tip of Sardinia overlooking the island of Piana.

Lu Bagnu
12 . Lu Bagnu
(Sardegna )

A popular holiday destination in northern Sardinia with a long thin beach.

13 . Castelsardo
(Sardegna )

A stunning cliff-sided town built around a headland on the northern coast of Sardinia and home to a marina to the west fed with fresh water from the river Frigiano.

Santa Caterina
14 . Santa Caterina
(Sardegna )

A village in a small natural cove on the western coast of Sardinia.

La Ciaccia
15 . La Ciaccia
(Sardegna )

A small coastal village on the north side of Sardinia.

Sa Rocca Tunda
16 . Sa Rocca Tunda
(Sardegna )

A village on the western coast of Sardinia. Close to neighbours Su Pallosu and Putzu Idu.

Rossa Island
17 . Rossa Island
(Sardegna )

A small pretty town on a low lying headland overlooking the island of Rossa. home to a small port and beach to the west and a further beach in a more sheltered cove to the west.

18 . Oristano
(Sardegna )

A large town set back a short way from the coastal industrial port and small beach of Torre Grande.

Costa Paradiso
19 . Costa Paradiso
(Sardegna )

A popular holiday destination despite the rocky shoreline in northern Sardinia.

Portobello di Gallura
20 . Portobello di Gallura
(Sardegna )

A holiday village on the rocky norther coastline of Sardinia.

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