A popular touristic attraction close to Vigo with long sandy white beaches and a cluster of three marinas soon the inner side of the castle founded headland.

"Baiona is a town and municipality in the province of Pontevedra, autonomous community of Galicia, Spain.

It's a tourist town with a medieval historical center situated by the outlet of the Vigo Bay. Its population of just over 11,000 rises to around 45,000 in the summer, if one includes tourists. Since it is on the Portuguese Way path of the Camino de Santiago 30,000 hikers also visit every year. Other than tourism the major economic activities revolve around fishing." Wikipedia

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A cool old fort to walk around and look out over the beautiful sandy bay views. Stopped off for some goose barnacles. Recommend a stroll around the coastal walks.

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1 . Vigo
(Galicia )

An affluent city on the southern bank of the river on the western coast of Spain a short distance from the Portuguese border. Home to a busy commercial port and shipyard as well as some interesting...

2 . Moana
(Galicia )

On the northern bank of the river Vigo. Moana retains a green and rural feel as it sprawls around the bay and into the hills. Home to a harbour and marina.

3 . Bueu
(Galicia )

Found behind the Isla de Ons on the southern bank of the river de Pontevedra. The town has a busy small harbour and an adjacent sandy beach joining the town with bars and restaurants.

A Guarda
4 . A Guarda
(Galicia )

A pretty Spanish town on the border with Portugal. Home to a strengthened natural tidal harbour.

5 . Redondela
(Galicia )

A small town on the southern side of San Simon's cove close to Portugal is famous for its viaducts.

6 . Sanxenxo
(Galicia )

A town on the western coast of Spain and once home to the Volvo Ocean Race. With two hustling sandy beaches, two marinas and a series of restaurants and hotels this is a popular destination.

7 . Marin
(Galicia )

A commercial port and naval academy on the western coast of Spain with the rolling hills as a scenic backdrop.

8 . Pontevedra
(Galicia )

A Spanish city on the western coast a short distance up the Lerez river in the basin of surrounding hills. The city is home to a set of three pontoons and is a popular pretty city to visit.

O Grove
9 . O Grove
(Galicia )

A town in the bay of Arousa on a hammer head shaped peninsula and home to a large number of restaurants and a small port. Adjacent to the Illa Da Toxa.

10 . Cambados
(Galicia )

A town in the Arousa bay a short distance south of the Arousa island in the bay. Home to a commercial port and a small harbour.

Viana do Castelo
11 . Viana do Castelo
(Distrito de Viana do Castelo - Portugal )

Built on the northern bank of the the river Lima this large port town is home to a shipyard for naval construction, car-parts and a green energy industry.

Vilanova de Arousa
12 . Vilanova de Arousa
(Galicia )

A small town up the bay of Arousa sheltered by the Arousa island.

13 . Ribeira
(Galicia )

Santa Uxia de Ribeira is on the western coast of Spain tucked inside the peninsula and Arosa bay. It is home to a sizeable fleet of tuna fishing vessels and a large number of restaurants a short di...

A Pobra do Caraminal
14 . A Pobra do Caraminal
(Galicia )

Similar to neighbouring Ribeira this town is home to a large fleet of tuna fishing vessels. and a series of restaurants a short distance from the port and marina.

15 . Rianxo
(Galicia )

A small town a long way up the Arousa bay with a sandy beach on one corner and an harbour on the other.

16 . Esposende
(Distrito de Braga - Portugal )

A small city on the western coast of Portugal sheltered behind a rocky bank between which the river Cavado runs and up which a couple of marinas can be found.

Porto do Son
17 . Porto do Son
(Galicia )

A small pretty town on the western coast of Spain with a small harbour for local boats.

18 . Portosin
(Galicia )

A fishing village on the north-western coast of Spain a short distance from Noia. The town has several fishing vessels along the inner quayside and a series of pontoons.

19 . Noia
(Galicia )

A large town on the north-western coast of Spain a distance inside the Ria de Muros y Noya. The town is in accessible by yacht due to the bridge that spans the entrance to the bay, and as a result...

20 . Muros
(Galicia )

Tucked in around the headland Muros is found east facing away from the Atlantic sea. The towns pretty buildings are built in the hillside above the harbour and marina.

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