A Coruna


A densely populated historical and pretty city is constrained within a hammer head shaped outcrop and home to a busy port and three marinas. The city spreads inland westward into the hills.

"A Coruña (Galician: [ɐ koˈɾuɲɐ]; Spanish: La Coruña [la koˈɾuɲa]; historical English: Corunna) is a city and municipality of Galicia, Spain. It is the most populated city and the second most populated municipality in the autonomous community and seventeenth overall in the country. The city is the provincial capital of the province of the same name, having also served as political capital of the Kingdom of Galicia from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and as a regional administrative centre between 1833 and 1982, before being replaced by Santiago de Compostela.

A Coruña is a busy port located on a promontory in the Golfo Ártabro, a large gulf on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the main industrial and financial centre of northern Galicia, and holds the headquarters of the Universidade da Coruña." Wikipedia

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A Coruna

Busy with many boats stopping over before heading off to The Canaries via Maderia. Nice place to be for a couple of days. Lots of expensive boats and lots of activity.

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Videos on A Coruna

Anchoring Next to a Scallop Bed in the Spanish Rias - Ep 8
Anchoring Next to a Scallop Bed in the Spanish Rias - Ep 8

Ares has been our top anchorage to date, in this episode we dive for scallops, take our dinghy Pīwakawaka sailing and visit the world's oldest lighthouse still in use. #sailingbacchushome Music...

Walking Tour of A Coruña - Port of Call
Walking Tour of A Coruña - Port of Call

Hello Hoppers! If you are ever on a cruise and your ship stops in A Coruña, here is a 2-hour walking tour of the city. I was born in A Coruña, so I’ve picked 15 places I like to visit, and prep...

Coast of death - Ep. 9 RAN Sailing
Coast of death - Ep. 9 RAN Sailing

In this episode we are in La Coruña, Spain. During our two week stay we get to explore the city. We also get our gennaker sail set up on our new furler and hoist it for the first time. We then co...

Nearby Towns

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1 . Sada
(Galicia )

On the western bank of the river Betanzos home to a coupe of sandy beaches and a large marina.

2 . Ares
(Galicia )

The town follows the east facing beach cove and is set on the soft sloping hills. The marina is at the southern end of the bay.

3 . Ferrol
(Galicia )

A busy city on the western end of Spains' northern coast. The city is found on the northern bank of the river Ferrol and is home to the navy and shipbuilding. Further inland beyond the industrial p...

4 . Ponteceso
(Galicia )

A village on the north-west coast of Spain up the river Anllons.

5 . Cedeira
(Galicia )

A tuna fishing town in the valley and tucked in behind the natural harbour. The sandy beach along the town extends out into the shallow bay overlooking the port.

6 . Laxe
(Galicia )

A village on the north-west cast of Spain tucked inside a sandy bay with a breakwater providing some shelter and access to the village.

7 . Carino
(Galicia )

Tucked in from the Atlantic facing south east this small town is home to a sandy beach bay with a breakwater providing further shelter. A single pontoon runs into the middle of the bay and provides...

8 . Espasante
(Galicia )

On the eastern side of the bay toward the mouth of the river Ortigueira the small village hosts a wide sandy beach and a small harbour being a strong breakwater.

9 . Camarinas
(Galicia )

A small town on the north-west coast of Spain tucked inside of the cape. Home to a fishing harbour and a small number of pontoon moorings.

10 . Mugia
(Galicia )

Also known as Muxia the town is on a rugged outcrop of land between by the North Atlantic. Meanwhile nearby are several popular small sandy beaches. The town itself is home to a port and marina on ...

O Vicedo
11 . O Vicedo
(Galicia )

The village is on the eastern bank of the wide bay fed by the river Barquero and hosts a small shallow port a shrt walk around the beach from the village.

12 . Viveiro
(Galicia )

A popular destination in the summer due to the beach and historic attractions of this small town at the foot of a natural harbour fed from the river Viveiro. A marina is found tucked up on the east...

13 . Noia
(Galicia )

A large town on the north-western coast of Spain a distance inside the Ria de Muros y Noya. The town is in accessible by yacht due to the bridge that spans the entrance to the bay, and as a result...

14 . Cee
(Galicia )

Found at the end of a deep bay in the valley of the hills beyond the large harbour and industrial iron factory. See has an unusual circular wall lined sandy beach, gardens and a hospital. Plenty of...

15 . Portosin
(Galicia )

A fishing village on the north-western coast of Spain a short distance from Noia. The town has several fishing vessels along the inner quayside and a series of pontoons.

16 . Muros
(Galicia )

Tucked in around the headland Muros is found east facing away from the Atlantic sea. The towns pretty buildings are built in the hillside above the harbour and marina.

Porto do Son
17 . Porto do Son
(Galicia )

A small pretty town on the western coast of Spain with a small harbour for local boats.

18 . Rianxo
(Galicia )

A small town a long way up the Arousa bay with a sandy beach on one corner and an harbour on the other.

19 . Fisterra
(Galicia )

A small fishing town on the 'Coast of Death' on the north-western coast of Spain. The harbour has a small number of pontoons and a collection of colourful fishing boats dry-docked behind the breakw...

San Ciprian
20 . San Ciprian
(Galicia )

A small village next to an industrial harbour and mine.

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Journeys from A Coruna

(Distrito de Faro - Portugal )

Judy and Steve sail with the sun down the Atlantic coast of Portugal to Lagos with the ARC Portugal.

(Galicia )

Dani and Asher leave A Coruna and head south across the border and around the cape of Fisterra to Baiona in Spain.

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