A small town on the northern coast of Brittany with a beach to the eat and a natural shallow harbour to the west.

"Trégastel (Breton: Tregastell) is a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department of the region of Brittany in northwestern France.

Trégastel is situated between Perros-Guirec and Pleumeur-Bodou. Lannion, is 10 kilometres away." Wikipedia

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Diben River Harbour
1 . Diben River Harbour

A drying harbour behind a breakwater to the west of the approach. Boats arranged around the central rock and up the creek. A small collection of buoys near the end of the breakwater. The eastern vi...

River Morlaix
2 . River Morlaix

Several boats anchor in the centre of the tidal river between Locquenole and Le Dourduff en Mer near the mouth of the river some 7km north of Morlaix. A small jetty is found just south of Locquenol...

Roscoff Marina
3 . Roscoff Marina

A large busy marina south of the ferry terminal with a north and shallow southern entrance. A 15 minute walk from the old harbour and restaurants.

Roscoff Harbour
4 . Roscoff Harbour

An old drying harbour extended with a new breakwater on the north of the headland overlooking the island of Batz. Many restaurants around the harbour promenade.

Locquirec Bay
5 . Locquirec Bay

A wide sandy drying bay at the mouth of the river Douron south-east of the Locquirec headland which holds a collection of restaurant and a supermarket.

Penze River Marina
6 . Penze River Marina

A river based marina in the heart of Morlaix next to a tobacco factory fond behind a tidal lock some 7km from Locquenole at the coast. Not many restaurants near the marina, but many in the city cen...

Locquemeau Harbour
7 . Locquemeau Harbour

The zig-zag approach between the rocks, quay and breakwater leads to a drying harbour with a rocky bottom and so most boats moor 200m to the east on the sandy beach. A couple of restaurants near th...

Trebeurden Marina
8 . Trebeurden Marina

A large tidal marina with six long pontoons behind a sill and sturdy breakwater. A couple of mooring fields outside the marina. Several restaurants nearby and a 15min walk to the nearest supermarke...

Leguer River
9 . Leguer River

The tidal river winds its' way up to Lannion and is a sandy anchorage about a kilometre inland with several boats tucked in behind the first silted corner. Few facilities, but one pancake house jus...

Plomanach Harbour
10 . Plomanach Harbour

A natural drying harbour behind a shallow tidal sill with some visitor buoys in the first row. Take a short walk north-east into town to discover a pancake house and a couple of restaurants near th...

Perros Guirec Marina
11 . Perros Guirec Marina

A large marina with 8 pontoons behind a tidal sill close to a supermarket and a series of restaurants along the harbour side. Popular drying anchorage outside the marina.

Moines Island
12 . Moines Island

A collection of small island that are a protected bird sanctuary. Anchorage only permitted south and between Moines and Bono island.

Port Blanc Bay
13 . Port Blanc Bay

A collection of buoys in a protected sandy natural harbour set back from the rocky coast. Anchorage also popular further inland in a drying bay. Very few facilities in the village: one pancake hous...

Marina Treguier
14 . Marina Treguier

A marina with five pontoons on the tidal river Jaudy some 15km from the coast. A short walk north-west to a small collection of restaurants, leading to a further walk west into the main Cathedral s...

Pontrieux Quay
15 . Pontrieux Quay

An inland quayside along the eastern bank of the tidal river Trieux some 20km from the coast past Lezardrieux marina. Access up the river is height restricted by some bridges. Supermarket and resta...

Lezardrieux Marina
16 . Lezardrieux Marina

A busy marina up the Trieux river with three tidal pontoons and four pontoons behind a tidal sill retaining 2m depth. The centre of the river has a visitor pontoon and several visitor buoys. A supe...

Paluden Anchorage
17 . Paluden Anchorage

A anchorage in the tidal river Aber Wrach near the village of Paluden with a collection of buoys in the centre of the river. Two restaurants along the road from the bridge.

L'Aber Wrach Marina
18 . L'Aber Wrach Marina

Three crowded long pontoons inside a modest breakwater in a remote area near the mouth of the tidal river Aber Wrach. Some anchorage to the east of the marina. Three restaurants close by.

Marina Moulin Blanc
19 . Marina Moulin Blanc

A large double marina in a large sandy bay on the eastern side of the city. Hosting a total of 11 pontoons and over a 1000 berths the marina has many facilities, albeit a small number of restaurant...

Paimpol Marina
20 . Paimpol Marina

Two basins with pontoons behind a tidal lock: the second basin holds smaller vessels. Several restaurants found on Quai Morand at the far end of the marina. Supermarket and laundrette in town.

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Nearby Towns

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1 . Roscoff
(Bretagne )

Roscoff (also known as Rosko) is a beautiful small town in Brittany overlooks the small island of Batz and is home to a deep water port which is now home to a ferry to Cork, Rosslare and Portsmouth...

2 . Morlaix
(Bretagne )

The historic winding town of Morlaix is found up a tidal river that dries out at low tide where a marina is hidden behind a tidal gate.

3 . Trebeurden
(Bretagne )

Trebeurden has a long sandy beach behind the Miliau islet which also provides shelter for the marina.

4 . Lannion
(Bretagne )

The large town of Lannion is found a couple of kilometres down the winding river Legeur which offers some anchorage.

5 . Ploumanach
(Bretagne )

Th town is on a northern outcrop of Brittany and was proud to win an award of the most liked village by France. It is surrounded by pink granite and sands. It hosts a natural lagoon harbour.

6 . Perros-Guirec
(Bretagne )

A classy seaside resort with fabulous beaches and water sports overlooking the islet of Tome and home to a wet basin.

7 . Treguier
(Bretagne )

A very pretty old town found up a long channel with a marina and small supermarket.

8 . Lezardrieux
(Bretagne )

The village is found on the entrance of the river Trieux with a marina, moorings and a variety of small shops.

L'Aber Vrac'h
9 . L'Aber Vrac'h
(Bretagne )

A small port village on the northern coast of Brittany to the east of Roscoff and near Lannilis, found on the southern approach of the river a d=short distance past a cluster of small isles and hom...

10 . Paimpol
(Bretagne )

An attractive tourist destination with cobbled streets full of restaurants and bars. An interesting place to visit with much rich history. Two basins behind gated locks.

11 . Saint-Pabu
(Bretagne )

A small village close to the mouth of the Aber Benoit which is host to a series of tidal moorings.

12 . Brest
(Bretagne )

A sheltered military port and harbour on the western coast of France. This historic university city has architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. It is home to a large sheltered marina.

Port Clos
13 . Port Clos
(Brehat Island )

A small port on the southern side of Brehat island.

14 . Saint-Quay-Portrieux
(Bretagne )

An east facing town on the channel with a large drying sandy beach-bay home to local boats, and a larger marina behind substantial harbour walls.

15 . Lanildut
(Bretagne )

A small village on the mouth of the Aber Ildut and home to a small pontoon and a series of tidal moorings.

16 . Binic
(Bretagne )

A marina is found behind a gated base with an an approach allegedly clogged with sea lettuce.

17 . Morgat
(Bretagne )

A short distance from Crozon and home to a sweeping sandy beach and a marina behind a sturdy breakwater.

18 . Camaret-sur-Mer
(Bretagne )

Found on the inside of a bay on the end of a peninsula. Camaret is home to a marina, the Golden Towers (Tour Doree - World Heritage Site) and a couple of sandy beaches.

19 . Douarnenez
(Bretagne )

A fishing port on the river Pouldavid on the north western side of France near Brest.

20 . Saint-Brieuc
(Bretagne )

The town built on the river Gouet was named after a Welsh Monk is home to a marina found a short distance up the river mouth behind a lock and wing bridge.

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