Fira Harbour


A basic and small harbour for local boats with a small winding road up to the main town.

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Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Exo Gialos Harbour
1 . Exo Gialos Harbour

A sturdy local harbour that may have enough depth on the inside of the breakwater.

Vourvoulos Harbour
2 . Vourvoulos Harbour

An unusual horse-shoe shaped harbour in a remote location on the eastern side of Santorini island.

Santorini Port
3 . Santorini Port

A main commercial ferry port for the island. On the eastern end there is a smaller quay that may offer some shore side mooring.

Monolithos Harbour
4 . Monolithos Harbour

A small harbour filled with local boats but may offer a limited number of options for shelter in bad weather.

Armeni Jetty
5 . Armeni Jetty

This small cluster of buildings below Oia is home to a single jetty and a single taverna. Several yachts and cats can often be seen anchored nearby.

Ammoudia Bay
6 . Ammoudia Bay

A small bay to the west of Oia is home to a ferry terminal and a small number of taverna's below the main town on the cliff tops.

Asterias Bay
7 . Asterias Bay

A small bay close to the akrotiri ruins with a few taverna's and private jetties.

Vlychada Harbour
8 . Vlychada Harbour

The harbour is on the southern tip of the volcanic island and offers some shelter behind the sturdy breakwater but has few provisions and facilities. The odd semi-circular jetties provide some moor...

Nearby Towns

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1 . Fira

The town of Fira (also known as Thira) is perched on top of the cliff overlooking the inner volcanic bay on Santorini island and offers spectacular views at sunset.

2 . Kamari

Kamari is a popular and vibrant beach town on the outer eastern side of Santorini island a short distance south of the airport.

3 . Oia

A spectacular village on the northern side of the Santorini volcanic island.

4 . Akrotiri

Akrotiri is a small village on the south-western side of the Santorini island. A winding path leads up to the town from Caldera beach past a small market and onto the main road which has a couple o...

5 . Manolas
(Thirasia Island )

Manolas sits on the ridge overlooking the spectacular bay of korfu and the volcanic crater of Santorini island. A steep winding footpath leads down to the waters edge where there are a series of sm...

Saint Eirini
6 . Saint Eirini
(Thirasia Island )

A small cliff-side town on the northern tip of the island and home to a ferry to Sikinos, Anafi, and Ios.

7 . Vlychada

A village on the southern coast of the island and home to a marina.

8 . Manganari
(Ios Island )

A village on the southern tip of the island.

9 . Anafi
(Anafi Island )

A hill-top town set back a short way from the southern coast of the island.

10 . Ios
(Ios Island )

A small secluded resort town on the western coast of the island in a sandy beach cove with a ferry to Naxos, Sikinos, Paros, Thira and Thirasia.

11 . Alopronia
(Sikinos Island )

A secluded resort village on the south-eastern coast of the island around a small sandy beach cove with a small ferry terminal to Ios, Thirasia, and Folegandos.

12 . Karavostasis
(Folegandros Island )

A resort village on the south-eastern coast of the island with a ferry terminal to Milos, Kimolos, Sifnos, Naxos, Sikinos, and Santorini.

Agios Georgios
13 . Agios Georgios
(Irakleia Island )

A village at the head of a sandy beach cove on the northern tip of the island and home to a ferry terminal to Naxos, Mesaria, and Amorgos

14 . Schoinoussa
(Schoinoussa Island )

A small town in the centre of the island.

15 . Folegandros
(Folegandros Island )

A small hill-top town set back from the coast.

16 . Koufonisi
(Ano Koufonision Island )

A small secluded holiday resort on the south of the island.

17 . Chora
(Amorgos Island )

A remote and small village set back a short way up the steep western coast, and a 45 min walk from neighbouring coastal town Katapola on the western coast.

18 . Alyki
(Paros Island )

A popular small town on the south-western coast of the island home around a blue water bay overlooking Antiparos.

Piso Livadi
19 . Piso Livadi
(Paros Island )

A small popular town with a sturdy breakwater on the eastern coast of the island a short distance from inland neighbour Marpissa.

Saint Prokopios
20 . Saint Prokopios
(Naxos Island )

A small popular town on the western coast of the island with a long busy sandy blue water beach.

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