Naples / Napoli


Naples is a large city to the west of Mount Vesuvius on the west coast of Italy. It is home to a large harbour and port for day trips to nearby islands and towns.

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Naples / Napoli

We moored up at the marina in the evening and spent the next day exploring the city including a tour of Herculaneum.

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Torre del Greco
1 . Torre del Greco
(Campania )

A town at the foot of mount vesuvio near Naples and known for its coral jewellery and home to a marina behind a solid breakwater.

2 . Pozzuoli
(Campania )

Located a short distance west of Naples in a bay and on a cratered land formed by old volcanos

Torre Annunziata
3 . Torre Annunziata
(Campania )

A densely populated busy town in the bay of Naples overlooking Sorrento on the western coast of Italy.

Castellammare di Stabia
4 . Castellammare di Stabia
(Eparchia Lefkosias )

At the most inner southern point of the bay of Naples and home to two marinas behind a long breakwater.

Vico Equense
5 . Vico Equense
(Eparchia Lefkosias )

Vico Equense has a few coastal buildings but is mostly set back from the coast a short distance up the road from Sorrento and offers a marina and a harbour.

6 . Sorrento
(Eparchia Lefkosias )

Sorrento is a large north facing coastal town built along the cliff edges of the peninsula overlooking Mount Vesuvius.

7 . Positano
(Eparchia Lefkosias )

Positano is a beautiful hillside town close to Sorrento. It has a series of small bays but no marina or harbour.

Castel Volturno
8 . Castel Volturno
(Campania )

A local town set back a short distance from the coast and mouth of the river Volturno.

9 . Capri
(Capri Island )

Capri is a very popular tourist island town that sits across the saddle of the island between the two marinas. The steep access is eased by the funicular from Marina Grande.

10 . Praiano
(Campania )

A small town built into the spectacular green and rocky mountainous hillside.

11 . Amalfi
(Campania )

A small stunning and colourful town built into the mountain under which it is dwarfed. Home to a small harbour and a ferry to Capri.

12 . Mondragone
(Campania )

A town in agricultural surroundings on a long sandy coastline in western Italy.

13 . Salerno
(Campania )

A popular historic city in the northern corner of a large bay and set in the valley with a mountainous backdrop. The city has a tree lined promenade with some colonial buildings, but is dominated t...

14 . Scauri
(Lazio )

A small town originally around a bay east of a wooded sea mount and near Minturno (home to roman ruins) that has grown to attract many tourists along its sandy beaches and high street.

15 . Gaeta
(Lazio )

A picturesque and historic military town built around the mount on a small peninsula with a popular sandy beach to the south and a constellation of marinas and naval ports to the north.

16 . Formia
(Lazio )

A small town neighbouring Vendicio and San Pietro in the middle of a wide bay at the foot of the Aurunci mountains on the western coast of Italy home to a series harbours with old castles and towers.

17 . Sperlonga
(Lazio )

A small town on the western coast of Italy built initially on a ridge extending into the sea. Home to a large sandy beach and small harbour on one side, and a long sandy beach on the other.

18 . Agropoli
(Campania )

A popular and historic town built around rocky sea-cliffs on the western coast of Italy on the edge of the Diano National Park. Home to a long sandy beach to the north and a marina overlooked by th...

19 . Terracina
(Lazio )

An old roman town with plenty of ruins to visit on the western coast of Italy. A popular beach under the Anxur temple on the Pisco Mountain next to a small local harbour.

20 . Acciaroli
(Campania )

A popular village on the western coast of Italy on the seaward side of the Vallo della Lucania with a sandy beach to the north and a marina to the south conjoined with a promenade scattered with go...

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