Teignmouth Pontoons


Three floating pontoons on the eastern side of the River Teign provide some mooring options for visitors.

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Teignmounth Buoys
1 . Teignmounth Buoys

A large number of buoys in the river are reserved for small local boats.

Teignmouth Quays
2 . Teignmouth Quays

There are three quays on the eastern side of the river, the middle one (Eastern Quay) may offer some mooring for visitors.

Watcombe Cove
3 . Watcombe Cove

A small beachy cove may provide (very) limited opportunities for anchoring in the right conditions.

River Exe Buoys
4 . River Exe Buoys

This series of buoys are consumed by local boats and subject to strong tides.

Torquay Old Harbour
5 . Torquay Old Harbour

A shallow area behind a lifting footbridge is mostly full of smaller local boats.

Torquay Marina
6 . Torquay Marina

Torquay Marina is in the north-east corner of Torbay and sheltered from the prevailing south-westerly winds, so it's a safe haven for boats in all weathers. With modern facilities and superb bluewa...

Torquay Dock
7 . Torquay Dock

On the western side of the harbour behind the wave breaker are three pontoons. Visitors are welcome on the inside of the wave-break.

Exmouth Marina
8 . Exmouth Marina

The marina is set back and accessed through a small narrow channel on the eastern bank opposite the sandbank Warren point. Inside the marina behind the footbridge there are a small number of pontoo...

Starcross Jetty
9 . Starcross Jetty

The local yacht club at Starcross have a jetty (adjacent to ferry) that extends into the River Exe and may offer temporary mooring.

Paignton Harbour
10 . Paignton Harbour

A small busy, shallow harbour to the north of the cliff outcrop and south of the beach. May not offer much for visiting yachts.

Topsham Quay
11 . Topsham Quay

This quayside mooring drys in low tide along with the whole river.

Oxen Cove Moorings
12 . Oxen Cove Moorings

A scattering of swing mooring buoys for local vessels.

Brixham Marina
13 . Brixham Marina

Brixham Marina is in the heart of Brixham, a picturesque Devon town in the wider area of Torbay. Sheltered from the south-westerly winds and offering safe access in all weathers and at all states o...

Brixham Town Quay
14 . Brixham Town Quay

The inner harbour and town quay is well sheltered but shallows quickly.

St Mary's Bay
15 . St Mary's Bay

A large east facing bay south of Brixham with rocky outcrops in the bay.

Totnes Dock
16 . Totnes Dock

A large dry dock on the river side south of the town, further up the river splits around a large mound and offers a few buoys and a quayside.

Dittisham Buoys
17 . Dittisham Buoys

A small village up the river Dart 5 miles north of Dartmouth with a scattering of mooring buoys.

Exeter Basin
18 . Exeter Basin

The harbour is found a good way up the River Exe along the canal past Topsham. It offers some visitor moorings.

Noss Marina
19 . Noss Marina

Set on the sunny eastern bank of the River Dart, in a secluded area of outstanding natural beauty and just minutes from Dartmouth, Noss on Dart Marina offers easy access to some of the most beautif...

Dart Marina
20 . Dart Marina

A warm welcome to all boat owners and their crews. Our yacht harbour on the River Dart has a first class position within Dartmouth's spectacular deep-water estuary.Entering between two castles, you...

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