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Otok Rab

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Croatia Kotar County Otok Rab (Island)

Rab is an island in Croatia and a town of the same name located just off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. The island is 22 km long, has an area of 93.6 km_ and 9,328 inhabitants. The highest peak is Kamenjak at 408 m. Wikipedia


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{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Potocnica
A small village on the eastern side of Pag island with two bays.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Rab
A historic pretty and large town on the west of Rab island.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Banjol
A small village south of Rab town with little shelter.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Barbat
A small town on the eastern side of Rab island in the Barbatski channel.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Kampor
A small town in the neck of a cove with a couple of jetties.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Supetarska Draga
A town in a natural bay with a marina and good facilities.
{"id":5,"name":"Town","remember_token":null,"created_at":null,"updated_at":null} Lopar
A town between two bays, San Marino and Lopar bay.

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