Mrcara Islet


Mrcara is a small uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, located west of the islands of PreS_ba and Lastovo in southern Dalmatia. Its highest peak is 123 m above sea level and its coastline is 7.8 km long. Wikipedia

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Mrcara Jetty
1 . Mrcara Jetty

This tiny jetty is found on the eastern side of Mrcara island overlooking a tiny islet.

Mrcara Cove
2 . Mrcara Cove

This pretty cove is on the southern coast of the remote island of Mrcara.

Jurjeva Cove
3 . Jurjeva Cove

This cove is well sheltered and has a jetty and two small old quays. Anchoring is also possible.

Makarac Cove
4 . Makarac Cove

This cove on the west side of the bay provides some options for anchoring up.

Borova Cove
5 . Borova Cove

This cove is on Lastovo island (not be confused with the cove with the same name on Hvar island). It has good shelter from the surrounding land and nearby islets.

Mali Lago Quay
6 . Mali Lago Quay

The long quay on the eastern side of the bay provides some shore-side mooring but there is no break-water or shelter from certain winds.

Pasadur Northern Bay
7 . Pasadur Northern Bay

The bay north of Pasadur has moorings to the north-western coast for local boats. Yachts may be able to moor here, or further south near as the bay narrows.

Uble Harbour
8 . Uble Harbour

While no man-made break-water the narrow cove and quays provide good shelter and firm mooring.

Krucica Cove
9 . Krucica Cove

A pretty cove on the norther coast of Lastovo island, to the east of Pasadur.

Kopiste Cove
10 . Kopiste Cove

This cove on the south side of the island is rocky and weather beaten.

Korito Cove
11 . Korito Cove

This pretty cove is to the west of Zaklopatica has little shelter from northern winds.

Kopiste Cove North
12 . Kopiste Cove North

The northern side of Kopiste island can be more sheltered than the south, but the cove and the island is generally very exposed on all sides.

Zaklopatica Harbour
13 . Zaklopatica Harbour

This natural harbour is protected by a islet serving as a break-water. Shore-side mooring is possible around the bay.

Uska Cove
14 . Uska Cove

This cove to the west of Skrivena on the south of Lastovo island has a beach head and offers some shelter for anchoring.

Lastovo Harbour
15 . Lastovo Harbour

This tiny harbour provides access to nearby Lastovo town.

Lucica Quay
16 . Lucica Quay

This tiny cove with many apartments has a small quay on the eastern side of the approach.

Skrivena Jetty
17 . Skrivena Jetty

The taverna to the western approach has a jetty offering basic facilities including a laundrette.

Cesvinica Cove
18 . Cesvinica Cove

This isolated cove on the southern side of Cesvinica islet offers some good shelter and picturesque anchoring.

Prizba Bay
19 . Prizba Bay

The eastern side of the outcrop is home to a tiny harbour for local fishing boats, while the bay provides some opportunity for anchoring.

Grscica Cove
20 . Grscica Cove

This pretty cove has a series of tiny harbours for local boats. The quay to the southern side may be too shallow for yachts, while the quay to the northern shore near the restaurant is slightly dee...

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