Olipa Islet


Olipa is an uninhabited islet in Croatia, part of the Elaphiti Islands archipelago off the coast of southern Dalmatia. It is the westernmost isle in the Elaphites. Olipa is mostly rocky and partially covered in forest. Wikipedia

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Olipa island bay
1 . Olipa island bay

This pretty little bay between the tip of the peninsula and Olipa island provides natural shelter for anchoring.

Prizina Bay
2 . Prizina Bay

This bay on the tip of the peninsula provides some basic shelter for anchoring.

Doli Jetty
3 . Doli Jetty

A tiny harbour for local boats with a jetty for a single visiting yacht.

Kobas Cove
4 . Kobas Cove

This cove on the western edge of the channel is home to three taverna's each providing some basic form of shore-side mooring.

Jakljan Cove
5 . Jakljan Cove

This pretty cove on the northern shore of the Jakljan island offers some shelter and anchorage.

Podskolj Buoys
6 . Podskolj Buoys

The narrow channel behind the islet may provide good shelter. Buoys are provided by the restaurants.

Budima Cove
7 . Budima Cove

A large cove on the mainland just north of Krucica.

Janska Cove
8 . Janska Cove

This odd shaped cove has a scattering of local small boats secured to tiny jetties. To the north and north-eastern side of the cove there is are small quays.

Saplunara Cove
9 . Saplunara Cove

This pretty bay with a beach head offers some sheltered anchorage and a few local restaurants.

Broce Jetty
10 . Broce Jetty

A small jetty may provide an opportunity to visit the local taverna.

Sipanska Quay
11 . Sipanska Quay

The pretty village on the south-western side of Sipan island offers a couple of options for limited shore-side mooring.

Nono Jetty
12 . Nono Jetty

This jetty on the western side of the bay is provided for restaurant guests.

Okuklje Quay
13 . Okuklje Quay

This village is hidden behind the land from sea and offers a picturesque setting with a number of restaurants quays.

Slano Marina
14 . Slano Marina

A new marina in this historical town on the mainland.

Slano Quay
15 . Slano Quay

The quay in the north-western side of the bay offers shore-side moorings.

Ston Stagno
16 . Ston Stagno

Mooring on the western bank of the channel is possible. Many local boats use the tiny jetties on the western bank.

Planjak Bay
17 . Planjak Bay

This beautiful bay enclosed by the Planjak islets against the larger Mljet island offer a natural harbour for anchoring.

Marijina Quay
18 . Marijina Quay

This tiny quay in shallow water offers limited shore-side mooring for restaurant guests.

Prozurska Quays
19 . Prozurska Quays

This beautiful bay offers a couple of tiny quays at the restaurants. The bay provides good shelter due to the tiny island and land formation.

Mali Ston Harbour
20 . Mali Ston Harbour

A historic pretty town with limited options for shore-side mooring for yachts with shallow draft.

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